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Chapter 190: Returning To The Tower (Part 1)

Wang Wen was ecstatic when he could return to the World Tower.

Zhu Xingguo asked him hesitantly, “Master, whats wrong”

Wang Wen asked in confusion, “What”

Zhu Xingguo asked in confusion, “Are you nervous”

Wang Wen smiled calmly.

“Whats there to be nervous about climbing a tower Its not my first time.”

“If you are not nervous, can you not squeeze my hand” Zhu Xingguo asked.

“Its been a while, and the lack of blood might cause me to lose my arm.”

Wang Wen wiped the corners of his eyes and turned to face Zhou Shengsheng, who had been silent for the entire time, with a blank expression.

“Can you tell me how many floors youve been to”

“Dont worry; I wont hold you back,” Zhou Shengsheng assured him.

Wang Wen nodded.

“Lets get started,” he said to the drone.

The drone chatted with him privately.

“Are you using your privilege”

Wang Wen looked at Zhou Sheng, who was standing beside him, and said quietly to the drone, “No.”

The drone lowered its mechanical voice.

“The World Towers first floor begins now.”

A white light flashed on everyones body.

The weeks tower-charging segment began.

Wang Wen used his three breakthroughs.

He used brute force to break through all the skill levels.

He used his spiritual power to break through all the dangerous traps.

When he encountered illusions, he would smash them with one punch.

He completed the first ten levels in less than 30 minutes.

The entire team was whole.

So, it was unnecessary to wait during the extreme levels.

They immediately went to the entrances.

Wang Wen did not slog through the process looking for opportunities or tools.

He discovered the progress and used his spiritual power to punch through from start to finish.

He passed at a faster rate than he passed through the scattered levels.

At that rate…

Everyone reached the 100th floor in less than half of the first day.

Zhou Shengshengs heart skipped a few beats as he looked at Wang Wen and the others who did not change their expressions.

He had already reached the 300th floor.

To keep a low profile, he stated modestly that he would not be a burden.

Finally, after spending half a day in the tower…

He realized he was nothing more than a hindrance!

He could not stop himself from racing to the tower!

That group did not appear to be there to climb the tower.

They appeared to be here to demolish the tower.

In retrospect, the sight of them walking was simply too horrific to bear.

Zhou Shengsheng felt sorrow for the World Tower for the first time.

They climbed to the 100th floor in half a day.

That speed might not even be possible for the First Consortiums elite team, right

Even if they could, it would not be so simple.

‘The terrifying Wang Wen! he cried out in his heart.

He was debating whether he should see his father after leaving the tower.

Such a strange person could not possibly be a friend or enemy!

Zhou Shengsheng stood there silently watching Wang Wen and the other three eat hotpot in the forest, surrounded by poisonous snakes and sweating profusely.

His thoughts continued to race through his mind.

“Young Master, the conditions are not ideal,” Wang Wen said as he turned around.

“Lets eat.

Otherwise, you will blame me later if you starve to death.”

Zhou Shengsheng came to a halt.

He smiled and took a step forward.

“Dont be concerned.

I might die from poisoning, illness, or serious injuries.

But I wont starve to death.”

“That will not do.” Wang Wen bit into the chicken wing.

He sucked in a breath of cold air because it was so hot.

“Before leaving the tower, any death will not do!”

Zhou Shengsheng accepted the cup and chopsticks from Ren Ruoruo and thanked her politely.

He smiled at Wang Wen as he turned his head.

“I will have to bother you then, Captain Wang.”

Wang Wen looked at Zhou Shengsheng with interest.

“Why did Old Mo hire someone to assist him instead of bringing you along With his strength, getting you to the 400th floor should not be too difficult, right”

Zhou Shengsheng shrugged.

“Perhaps my father hurt his pride,” he sighed.

The atmosphere in the group has shifted since the incident with the man in green.

The tower climbers were no longer held in high regard.

“My father even has the best teams as bodyguards.

Mo Ran is obstinate and unwilling to yield.

He even left with Grandpa Gu.”

Wang Wen understood and agreed with a nod.

“His temper is indeed obstinate.”

As they conversed…

The temperature in the surrounding area rose steadily.

Wang Wen lifted his head and gazed up into the sky.

He quickly gathered everyones belongings and entered the hidden corner of the teleportation portal to proceed to the next level.

It was the 110th Floor.

The square array he had not seen in a long time appeared before his eyes.

Wang Wen inhaled deeply.

He turned to face Zhou Shengsheng, who was standing beside him.

He was a little unsure.

He required funds.

That was an undeniable fact.

However, he had gone into the tower with a person he had not decided whether he was an enemy or a friend.

The Square Formations fighting style was equivalent to an exclusive secret manual.

If it was revealed to Zhou Shengsheng and the First Consortium discovered it…

It would be excruciating.

The rich would become richer, while the poor would become poorer.

It was not a promising sign.

Wang Wen took another deep breath and asked Zhou Shengsheng, “What do you think of the Square Formation Do you want to go or not”

Zhou Shengsheng looked at him, perplexed.

“What is the significance of the Square Formation Dont you know how to pass it”

Wang Wen looked at Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo puzzledly.

That was the best time to amass wealth.

Chen Hansheng arrived to settle things for them.

“This is normal.

The bats might be unpredictable.

We dont know if theres a self-destruction chain or anything similar.

You can leave if things go south.”

Zhou Shengsheng shrugged.

“You are in charge of attracting the little bats, then.

I am going to kill the giant cockroach.

Are you trying to get me to leave This is an opportunity to make money.

We cant afford to miss it.”

Zhu Xingguo, Ren Ruoruo, and Wang Wen remained silent.

They turned to face Wang Wen, who nodded silently in agreement with Zhou Shengshengs suggestion.

Nobody else knew.

But they were well aware.

Thanks to their captains ability, they would have no problem with the little bats.

In any case, he would not be able to make any waves with the poison.

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