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Chapter 186: Big Brother, Were On The Same Side


Wang Wen checked his phone and noticed the notification.

He had received 8.1 million points.

As a result, he instructed the drone to drop 100 bottles of Quick-acting Antidote.

He had not expected things to go so well that day.

He had sold 300 bottles in less than an hour.

He did not seem to need to wait until the next day.

It looked like the 1000 bottles would sell out that day.

Wang Wen narrowed his eyes as he observed the frantic Ma Dong.

People had taken a second look at the other party because of his ability and speed in making money.

Even though Ma Dong had raised the price, Wang Wens position remained unchanged.

They had decided on 50,000 points per bottle.

In other words, without counting the first two batches, Ma Dong could earn 3.1 million from the third batch of 8.1 million points!

That was much easier than Wang Wen wasting time and effort negotiating with the resources team before entering the tower to retrieve the relics!

On the other hand…

Wang Wen had no regrets about the low offer.

There would only be helpers if there were cake.

He would have to find someone to collaborate with if he wanted to avoid sticking his head out and wanted to sell the goods smoothly.

Ma Dongs ability determined how much manpower he earned.

It was enough for him to consume 1,000 bottles consistently.

In any case, his original plan remained the same.

The 1,000 bottles equaled 50 million.

He did not lose sight of his original goal.

It did not matter if the other party earned more money, whether it was 60 million, 100 million, or 200 million points.

Wang Wen would not retract his words; he would even give him a thumbs up and praise him.

He lowered his head and went about his business, transferring the 3.1 million points from that batch to Ma Dongs account.

He had already sold 300 bottles for 15 million points.

Ma Dong, on the other hand, should have earned at least seven or eight million points.

The price of the fourth batch would rise if nothing unexpected happened.

The person who arrived at that time obviously had a strong background.

He had no idea how Ma Dong would deal with the situation after that.

Wang Wen excitedly stepped forward.

As expected, the person who had just purchased the third batch of goods became enraged when Ma Dong announced the price of the fourth batch.

The person frowned and looked at Ma Dong.

“I asked how much you want for it.

If you dont want to sell the goods, why dont you just sit there and raise the price in front of me”

“Boss, do not misunderstand.

I am not targeting you.

Everyone here can vouch for me that each price increase was only for 100 bottles.

There is no cheating!” Ma Dong said.

The man nearly vomited blood.

“You have the fortitude to let others testify for you”

“Why would you raise the price for every 100 bottles”

The man nodded.

“The price for the fourth batch is 87,000 points, right I want to see how many people other than our Tiansheng Group will buy it!” he sneered as he walked to the side.

When Ma Dong heard that, he was overjoyed.

“Big Brother, we are on the same side! Ive also helped the Tiansheng Group sell goods before! But recently, the supply has been too low, and I cant make a living out of it.

It is not easy for anyone.”

The leaders face softened as he heard those words.

He took a close look at Ma Dongs appearance.

He asked, “How many more do you have I am here under the orders of the group to purchase the Quick-acting Antidote without any restrictions.

Since we are on the same side, give them to me.”

Ma Dong did not even have time to speak at the end.

“Why should you lower the price You are too arrogant! You said 87,000 points, so you should sell it for 87,000 points! You have to keep your word, right” the crowd said to Ma Dong.

Ma Dong still did not have time to say anything.

“He can sell as much as he wants.

What the f*ck is the matter with you guys” the man said.

It was his mission to obtain the Quick-acting Antidotes.

It was apparent that those peoples words had already piqued his interest.

That man represented the Tiansheng Group in the relic market to complete the acquisition.

His social standing would not be low.

The crowd had the audacity to mock Ma Dong but not mock the Tiansheng Groups higher-ups.

One or two of them obediently closed their mouths and made no sound.

When the leader saw that his words had silenced those troublemakers, he could not help but feel pleased.

He turned to Ma Dong and said, “What do you think A fixed price of 81,000 points.

You can go home and rest today.”

Ma Dongs eyes glowed with a rare hint of trepidation.

He wanted to avoid irritating the Tiansheng Group.

However, the price was still far from his ideal value.

Was he forced to package it and sell it to the Tiansheng Group

Or would he pretend to sell it short that day and return the next day to assess the situation

His gaze was drawn to the people around him.

He had already paid the advertising fee for that stall that day, and there had been quite a commotion.

It should have been a great business environment.

It was the Tiansheng Groups fault! Capitalists who used their position to oppress people deserved to die!

Ma Dongs heart was heavy with resentment, and his eyes rolled quickly before he took out his phone and began to type something.

He then pretended to be conversing with members of the Tiansheng Group.

“Are you really going to accept everything, Boss”

The leader snorted and exclaimed, “Are you concerned about the Tiansheng Group or me”

Ma Dong inquired hesitantly, “Right, one hand for the money and one hand for the goods”

He put on a hesitant but concerned expression.

The leader saw that, so he simply waved his hand and said, “You can give me the number, and I will pay you.”

Before he could finish speaking.

Someone was dragged in from the crowd.

He stepped in between them and asked Ma Dong, “How much does the antidote cost”

Ma Dong was taken aback and looked at him, then at the Tiansheng Group, his face troubled.

“Its 81,000 points for a bottle.

“Hey, hey, hold on a second,” the leader said coldly as he patted the newcomers shoulder.

“What is the meaning of this The Tiansheng Group is in the process of purchasing it.

Even if you dont want to give us face, you should queue, right ”

The newcomer turned to face him.

“What is the Tiansheng Group Are you interested then”

The leader sneered, “Of course, I am going to buy all of it.

And I will pay now.”

The newcomer shook his head.

“Calm down.

I heard that the seller has 100 bottles, and the price will keep rising.

I need them urgently, so I cant wait.

I will buy it all if you dont want them.”

The newcomer smiled, shook his head, then turned to Ma Dong and said, “Give me the number, please.

I will pay you now.”

“A hundred bottles, a total of 8.1 million,” Ma Dong said carefully.

The leaders eyes widened as he frowned and grumbled, “What Didnt you just give me a hundred bottles Are you going to take on the Tiansheng Group ”

Before he could respond, the newcomer said, “Thats not correct.

Why are a hundred bottles worth only 8.1 million points Isnt it supposed to be 8.7 million points”

“What the f*ck is wrong with you”

The man was furious, and he immediately roared.

That newcomer was not angry either, and he said calmly to Ma Dong, “I dont care how you and the Tiansheng Group deal with each other.

Allow me to speak with you about something.

Can you sell some to me at a normal price before selling them Isnt this a reasonable request I really need it right now!”

“You mean, for 87,000 points a tube How many do you want” Ma Dong inquired cautiously.

That newcomer said, “Sell me 100 bottles, no more, no less.”

Ma Dong carefully turned to ask the leader of the Tiansheng Group, “Can I conduct normal business first, boss When I am done, I will give you the price of 81,000 points.

After all, that person will pay $87,000 for them.”

The leaders face was ashen.

He had no idea that someone would cut the queue.

He intended to use the Tiansheng Groups identity to obstruct it.

He was also concerned that it would negatively impact the group, which would, in turn, negatively impact the future acquisition.

It was undeniable that the group desperately needed low-level tools, and if progress were slow, the higher-ups would blame him, which he could not afford.

The leader clenched his teeth and paused.

The few people in the back seemed dissatisfied, and they hid in the crowd, saying quietly, “The Tiansheng Group is incredible.

They do not allow the relics market vendors to conduct normal business.

They insist on forcing them to sell at half the price.”

“Who said that Come out!” the leader yelled at the crowd.

The crowd was very astute.

They immediately quieted down and looked at each other innocently after saying that.

It appeared that no one had said anything.

Perhaps they had just farted accidentally.

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