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Chapter 185: Whos The Fool

That persons strength did not appear to be weak.

His voice was as loud as thunder, and it reverberated as soon as it came out.

The roar stunned the originally righteous old man.

The crowd knew they had met a buyer who really needed it when the person bought it on the spot and used it.

They became resentful as well.

They muttered things like, “So what if I dont want to buy it Why were you in such a hurry” or “We told you for your sake,” and so on.

That person put away the relics in front of everyone.

He slipped into the crowd and left without even looking at the old man.

When the brown-robed old man came to, he was so enraged that his face turned green.

The other party was in urgent need, so he had no choice.

He could only direct his rage at Ma Dong.

Pointing at Ma Dong and scolding him, he said, “You increased the price and sold them to people in urgent need.

Arent you a bully Its okay to love money, but this practice is too disappointing.

I will tell all passersby not to buy your things.”

Ma Dong did not know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at the angry old man.

“Whats the point I did not provoke you.

Im selling my goods, and you came over to cut off my source of income.

Whos the bully”

The old man revealed a look of disdain as he looked at him angrily.

The people around them also watched the commotion and clapped their hands in approval.

“Good job, Old Man!

“Dont worry.

We will support you.”

“Justice may be late, but it will never be absent!

“Down with the black-hearted businessmen! Maintain the order of the market! ”

For the next period,

A large group of people appeared to have transformed into messengers of justice, making every effort to persuade every customer who had heard the news to come over and buy to suppress the black-hearted businessman Ma Dongs business.

It had to be said.

The power of the numbers was undeniable.

Two customers intended to buy but were talked out of it.

The righteous words of the old man dissuaded one.

After learning that the stall owner had raised the price at will, the other option was to stand aside and observe.

The old man and the onlookers saw they had successfully dealt Ma Dongs business a double blow.

It was as if they had won a massive victory.

They were all flushed with excitement.

Just when they thought nobody would come to buy it…

A person suddenly walked out of the crowd.

He walked silently up to Ma Dong and said, “Give me 30 bottles.”

“Alright, 30 bottles of Quick-acting Antidote, a total of 2,310,000 points.

Thanks for your patronage.” Ma Dong grinned and intentionally shouted at the crowd.

Sure enough, the crowd immediately erupted.

One after another, they said, “Stop, stop, stop! What are you doing Dont you know this is a black shop”

“The random price increase here just went from 71,000 to 77,000 points in front of us.

Everyone here can bear witness.

“Hurry up and leave.

Every time I see someone fall for it, I get a headache.

The old man also stood up in time and said, “Please come with us to uphold justice, maintain the order of the market, and resolutely resist the bad behavior of the random price increase!”

The man acted as if he had not heard it.

He paid for the items.

Then, he took 30 bottles of Quick-acting Antidote from the scanning light of the drone.

He turned around to look at the old man and said to the crowd, “Everyone, do your best.

Im an idiot.

Dont copy me.

You must defeat this kind of black-hearted businessman.

I support you! Hold on! Do your best! ”

After saying that, he pushed into the crowd and left without turning back.

Everyone was stunned by his words.

Why was that person scolding himself

Was his brain playing tricks on him

The crowd was shocked by that strange phenomenon as they discussed it non-stop.

Ma Dongs heart stirred as he picked up his phone and sent a message.

Not long after.

He received a reply.

“Thats right.

The price has increased.

Now, its 80,000 points per bottle.”

Ma Dong quickly typed and then did some other actions that no one saw.

Soon after, a person walked in from outside.

Regardless of what anyone said, he said to Ma Dong, “How many of your 77,000 points worth of goods do you have left I want all of them.”

Ma Dong looked at the person who came and nodded.

He smiled and said, “I have another 50 tubes for a total of 3.85 million points.

Thank you for your patronage!”

The person scanned the code and paid.

He picked up the 50 tubes and turned around to leave.

No matter how the onlookers and the old man tried to persuade him, he did not say a word.

The crowd was curious.

Someone secretly followed the other party and left in an attempt to gather information.

In the end, the person who left did not return.

The strange person who had told him he was a fool before and bought 30 bottles suddenly showed up again.

They saw him scolding everyone as he hurriedly said to Ma Dong, “Boss, Im here again.

Give me another 32 bottles! A total of 2,464,000 points right Ill pay immediately! ”

Ma Dong smiled as he covered the number and said loudly, “The second batch of 100 bottles is sold out.

The third batch will be sold out soon! Ill take 81,000 points for each bottle! Be quick!”

Everyone was dumbstruck.

That brother who cursed at him was slightly stunned before he wailed out, “F*ck! Im an idiot.

Im really an idiot! If I had known earlier, I would have bought it even if I had borrowed money!”

The expressions on everyones faces were extremely interesting.

It was as if 10,000 wild horses were galloping wildly in their hearts.

Not to mention that the second batch of goods was sold out.

The black-hearted merchant on that side quickly put out the third batch of goods to sell.

The same method, the same shamelessness, the same fearlessness!

Before anyone could say anything.

“Im so stupid for not buying the second batch! I have suffered a huge loss!”

The angels of justice must have been confused.

Some quick-witted people realized that something was wrong and were just ready to ask for explanations.

A shout came from outside.

“Its now 80,000 points per bottle.”

The voice spread.

The crowd was shocked.

They finally understood why there was such a strange scene.

They scolded the seller for raising the price.

They did not know that the prices outside were still higher than his price.

Who was the idiot

Someone did the math and said, “F*ck, I lost 300,000 points while walking!”

“Im a fool! This is ridiculous!”

He only needed 7.7 million points for 100 bottles, and he could earn 300,000 points just by selling them to a rich merchant.

Some of the crowd felt a little disappointed.

The old man who insisted on standing at the front was even more confused.

He thought,How did the show become like this

It was the black-hearted merchant who had set the price without conscience.

Why was it that, in the end, even after becoming a conscientious merchant and raising the price several times, it was still lower than other peoples prices

He was very puzzled.

His slow-moving brain seemed unable to keep up with the changes in the world.

Especially for the two customers who had been stopped earlier, they even scolded him softly, “Mind your own business! Thats great; now we cant even buy cheap goods! ”

The old man felt his heart clench, and a faint fishy smell rose from his throat.

At that moment, a group of people walked in from outside, breaking through the crowd and heading straight for stall A266.

The leader looked at Ma Dong and said, “Youre the one selling the Quick-acting Antidote, right”

The old man who was closest to him hurriedly stopped him.

“Dont be rash.

He has raised the price again.

Now its at 81,000 points!”

The leader glanced at the old man indifferently before turning to Ma Dong and saying, “Well, 81,000 points, was it I want as many as you have.”

He waved his hand.

The people beside him immediately began to scan the code and prepare to pay.

Ma Dong smiled and said, “Yes, its 81,000 points per bottle.

I have 100 bottles for sale.”

The leaders tone was resolute.

“I want all 100 bottles.”

The old man rolled his eyes and fell to the ground.

When the crowd saw that, they scattered in all directions, allowing the old man to fall without anyone daring to touch him.

They were afraid to get into trouble that they could not explain.

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