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Chapter 16: The Most Beautiful


A young man with a deep scar on his forehead stopped training on the Tiansheng Groups private training ground.

“Fifteen people, but they cant beat a student” he said, taking the clean white towel handed to him to wipe his sweat.

The person who handed the towel bowed his head humbly.

“Yes, Young Master.

They only heard a muffled sound.

Before the opposing party could make a move, they were thrown into the wall.

The other party asked who sent them, but their leader did not respond and was killed.

His bones shattered, and his internal organs ruptured.

He appeared to have been crushed to death by a massive force.”

“Hes a tower climber How many floors” The scarred youth turned around; his expression was somewhat surprised.

The person who handed the towel bowed even lower.

“Ive checked, but he hasnt entered the tower.”

The young man pondered.

“Is it accurate Some people might hide it better.”

The man bowed and nodded.

“Its accurate.

Unless the First Consortium tries to protect them, they wont be able to hide.”

“Very good.” The young man frowned and sneered.

“He ruined my chances with Cheng Qiaoyi.

I just wanted to warn him, and I didnt expect to catch such a big fish.”

He threw the towel away and turned around to start training again.

“Those people werent exposed, right”

“Well, theres a problem.” The man picked up the towel and put it into the bucket.

He said hesitantly, “They thought they were smart, but they screamed a few times when their leader died.”

“What a waste!” The young man increased the treadmill speed and started to run faster.

“It doesnt matter if theyre exposed.

Just put the leaders death on him.” I want to know his secret, a non-tower climber fighting 15 people at once!”

The person who handed the towel bowed and left the training field.

The thin boys injury was much lighter than Wang Wens.


Tower injuries were so common that medical standards had to evolve rapidly.

As long as treatment was received on time, there was no danger to ones life.

However, they could only rely on Gods will when they had to deal with injuries like Wang Wen.

It was as if he had overused his brains capacities.

Wang Wen was relieved to see the skinny boy come to the hospital to see him.

The boy approached Cheng Qiaoyi, who was peeling an apple, quietly and pouted.

He winked at Wang Wen and mouthed, “Three days.”

Wang Wen frowned, turned his head to Cheng Qiaoyi, and sighed deeply.

“Why are you peeling the skin Dont you know that the nutrition of an apple is all in the skin ”

Cheng Qiaoyi smiled at him and continued peeling the apple.

“Can one of you please take her away” Wang Wen moaned weakly.

“Im afraid that I wont be able to recover if she stays here.”

The boy left.

After all, he had just recovered from his serious injury, so he needed to rest more.

The man on the sofa also left, leaving behind a batch of the latest lessons.

The person by the door also left, leaving behind a pass to the intelligence department.

Wang Wen tilted his head and looked at Cheng Qiaoyi.

“You should go too.

Its been hard on you these few days.

Cheng Qiaoyi picked up the apple and asked, “Senior, do I need to feed you”

“No.” Wang Wen stood up.

“Can you tell me what youre thinking now Why are you so good to me I told you I only mentioned it casually.”

Cheng Qiaoyi set the apple down, and the smile on her face faded.

“Didnt you also save my life casually for no reason” She sighed.

“Why were you so good to me”

“How strange.” Wang Wen snorted and pretended to be dismissive.

“Dont you know Since youve looked like that since you were a child A hero saved the damsel in distress, a common problem for men.

Why do you need a reason”

“Senior, do you think Im beautiful” Cheng Qiaoyi held her chin with one hand, and her fingers played with her hair as she stared at Wang Wens eyes.

Wang Wen looked at Cheng Qiaoyi, and her appearance gradually overlapped with the face of the woman he had known in his previous life.

Cheng Qiaoyi, who was in so much pain and had no self-confidence then, often asked him the same question.

Every time, he would answer seriously.

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

She asked the same question until the day she ended her life in pain, and he found her on the verge of death.

“Captain, am I beautiful”

Wang Wens heart throbbed as violently as he had previously heard the question.

Like a conditioned reflex of battle nerves, he said firmly, “You are the most beautiful woman in the world! No one can compare to you!”


Cheng Qiaoyi was stunned.

She reached out her hand and gently wiped the tears that welled in Wang Wens eyes.

The most powerful words were spoken with the calmest expression, but the tears did not stop flowing as if they were not his own.

What on earth had that boy been through

She had heard countless compliments since she was young.

She had never felt such a heart-wrenching pain.


Why was it like that

Cheng Qiaoyis eyes were also red.

Her nose felt sour.

It was unbearable.

“Alright, alright.

I wont disturb you anymore.

Dont cry.

Cheng Qiaoyi panicked when she noticed Wang Wen wiping his tears.

That young man had recently awoken from a coma and had not consumed much food or water for several days.

He would have to be dragged to the doctor for emergency treatment if he kept crying like that!

Wang Wen kept his hand away from his face, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

He let out a long sigh and shook her head in self-mockery.

“Im old and sentimental now.”

Cheng Qiaoyis eyes were red as she wiped them with the back of her hand.

She smiled.

“A little boy pretending to be mature.”

Wang Wen tucked away all the frivolity and unruliness he had displayed to disguise his age.

“Xiao Yi, protect yourself well and live happily for the rest of your life,” he said softly as he looked at her.

Cheng Qiaoyi stared at him in a daze as she listened to the words she did not understand.

“May all the scheming have nothing to do with you.”

“May all the malicious thoughts leave you.”

“May all your encounters be kind and simple.”

“May all your decisions be right and easy.”

“May every harvest be a sincere expectation.”

“May every yield be a deep love.”

“May beautiful scenery always be there at every street corner.”

“May every dream let you wake up with a smile.”

“May you taste delicious food and not worry about getting fat.”


“May you only cry for touching moments.”

“May you not have separation every time you meet someone.”

“May you meet them again if you are separated.”

“May you receive all the blessings that I can think of.”

“May you live a life of peace, happiness, health, and worry-free and always be as beautiful as the rainbow.”


Cheng Qiaoyi left.

She was afraid that her heart would break if she did not leave.

No boy had ever treated her like that.

No boy had ever looked at her like that.

It was not love, nor was it lust for beauty.

That kind of gentle gaze, like the warm winter sun, was a deep love for a family member.

She was fine, so why did he look at her like that

Cheng Qiaoyi did not know the answer to that question.

When she heard that he seemed to have given all his good fortune to her, she panicked.

Even her closest relatives would not do that.

He did not owe her anything.

Instead, she owed him a great favor that she could never repay.

Why did he do that for her

What did he want

What did he want Just tell her!

Why did he do that

Why did he only give and never take

What did he want

Cheng Qiaoyi left.

She left the hospital crying.

No one understood why she was crying.

Just like how she did not understand why Wang Wen was crying.

In the hospital.

Wang Wen was physically and mentally exhausted.

He felt he needed a quiet rest to make up for losing his mind.


So he covered himself with the quilt and prepared to sleep well.

Unfortunately, things in the world would never always go as one wished.

There was a knock on the door.

Yu Zhi walked in hesitantly.

Wang Wen said, somewhat helplessly, “I dont have the energy to entertain you now.”

Yu Zhis expression darkened.

She hesitated momentarily and mustered enough courage to say, “I didnt know it would turn out like this.

I thought he would just bring some people to scare you.”


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