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Chapter 183: Saw The Fool Again

The Quick-acting Antidote and Elixir of Life were not hard to sell.

At least there was a place to sell them.

Large consortiums would purchase goods worth tens of millions of points in bulk.

If the top two consortiums knew they would be working with Wang Wen, they would probably try harder.

It was difficult to expect them to do business normally.

As for the Boai Group, they were considered as part of his clique.

Chen Hansheng was definitely willing to do business with Wang Wen.

He would not tamper with the price.

It always seemed like he owed Wang Wen a favor.

Wang Wen did not want any other kind of relationship with his partners.

The Boai Group even provided resource teams for Wang Wen to hunt for relics.

It would be better to find someone else for the subsequent business of selling the relics.

Other consortia might recognize him if he were in his previous life, but he was not familiar with them in that new life.

If he were to discuss possible cooperation with them so rashly, there was a high probability that he would be rejected.

At the moment, that kind of small stall in the market was suitable for his needs.

There was a large flow of people there, so the speed of delivery would not be slow.

The goods were sold separately, and the buyers and sellers only relied on supply and demand transactions.

It was very suitable for Wang Wen because he did not want to interact with others.

It was as if it was tailor-made for him.

He had planned to buy things in the market, but unexpectedly, there was a pleasant surprise.

When the stall owner heard that, his expression became subtle.

He carefully said, “The academy The one in District 5 What kind of goods How many”

Wang Wen pointed at the stall.

“Can we talk here This stall is the Tiansheng Groups, right Do you have a private space”

“Yes, wait for me.” After the stall owner said that, he started to close the stall!

Wang Wens widened.

The stall owner said helplessly, “It doesnt matter if I stay open or not.

The group doesnt care anyway.”

He closed the stall and led Wang Wen through the rows of stalls like a slippery loach.

Finally, they arrived at a small stall in the depths of the market.

It was less crowded than the entrance, but it could only withstand part of the markets traffic.

Many customers were coming and going.

The stall owner proudly pointed at the number A266 hanging on the stall and said, “What do you think Area A is lucky, right”

Wang Wens understanding of the relic market was not less than his.

When he heard that, he gave a thumbs up to express his admiration.

Area A was thought to be the first area near the main entrance to the market, and it was largely divided among the large consortiums.

It was amazing to be able to have a private stall there.

The stall owner led Wang Wen into the stall, and the two sat on small stools to discuss business.

The owner learned that Wang Wen had a batch of Quick-acting Antidote.

The eyes of the stall owner, who called himself Ma Dong, clearly lit up.

He asked excitedly, “How much do you have How are you planning to sell it ”

It was not Ma Dongs fault for losing his composure.

His stall had already been in a state of shortage for several weeks.

He did not know why the Tiansheng Group had given him so few low-level relics recently.

The low-level items previously dependent on the number of items were removed, and the amount of money earned each day could be counted on ones fingers.

And what was the Quick-acting Antidote

It was also a low-level item.

But it was rare!


There was no need to worry about selling rare items!

Ma Dong also knew that a few rare items had appeared on the market.

Probably ten.

One would rush to buy it from a stall as soon as it was displayed.

Was that how they were supposed to sell those relics

They were nothing more than point-based porters!

If the other party could take out that kind of merchandise, no matter what group it belonged to, everything would be negotiable!

Ma Dongs eyes sparkled as he looked at Wang Wen.

It was as if he was looking at a big meat bun with thin skin and a lot of stuffing.

Wang Wen thought for a moment; he said, “Well, I probably have around a thousand bottles.

The price will depend on you.

If its an order-based commission model, then itll be 50,000 points a bottle.

The price will be even lower if you can be a distributor.”

The second half of his words became softer.

The listener was clearly distracted.

When Ma Dong heard that there were 1,000 bottles, his eyes became dazed.

Then he heard the price of 50,000 points per bottle.

It was as if thunder had exploded in his ears, causing his head to spin and his ears to ring incessantly.

There was no need to worry about selling the Quick-acting Antidote!

He had 1,000 bottles!

Even if he earned 1 point per bottle, he could earn 1,000 points.

Not to mention that there were too few goods appearing on the market!

It was 50,000 points per bottle

Some foolish retail investors might think it was some kind of joke.

Anyway, it was no longer the usual market price.

It would usually cost 55,000 or 60,000 points.

A buyer had made a large purchase the previous day, and he paid 70,000 points per bottle.

People also said that it was limitless!

That was obviously the focus of a large consortium.

They were either planning to monopolize the goods or save useful and rare items for the groups tower climbers.

If that fool was in front of him…

At that moment, Ma Dong was willing to pay for the goods at 50,000 a bottle.

That was the day when he would rise to the top!

He would have 1,000 bottles!

His bank accounts balance would be in the eight digits soon!

That was something he should be considering.

However, Ma Dong was a little absent-minded.

He was worried that he would run into a swindler.

Thus, he asked, “There are many buyers outside.

Why dont you sell the items to them instead of looking for a small seller like me to sell them ”

Wang Wen asked strangely, “Dont you know what happened to the Academy We managed to find so many Quick-acting Antidotes in such a short time.

Why would the Academy work with the Tiansheng Group At the same time, I also advise you to try your best to sell them in bulk.

Dont go to the Tiansheng Group to buy in bulk.

Be careful they dont scam you!”

Ma Dong believed Wang Wens words.

Businessmen only cared about profit.

If they could sell well, how could they benefit others

Ma Dong nodded in agreement.

He knew it was not a good time for the Academy to make its presence known.

He appeared to be very confident in his own professional field.

He patted his chest and smiled.

“Youre underestimating the market.

Even if they come to me wanting to buy from me, I wont sell to them.

So, I just have to keep the items and sell them myself!”

Wang Wen shook his head.

“I have conditions for giving such a price.

Im in a hurry.”

Ma Dong carefully asked, “How long can the academy wait”

Wang Wen stretched out a finger.

“Itll be sold out within a week.”

Ma Dong heard that.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

He rubbed his chest and sighed with a smile.

“You scared me to death.

I thought you said you needed the money in an hour.

Dont worry; itll sell out in less than two days.

He quickly set up the stall and did something to the plate.

A list appeared at the top of the big screen in the market.

Something was written on it.

[Stall no.

A266 will sell an item soon—the Quick-acting Antidote.]

The information on the big data screen was scrolled very quickly.

That row of messages quickly reached the bottom and then disappeared.

However, the people around the big screen quickly became chaotic in less than a second.

That kind of chaos was like a pebble thrown into a calm lake.

Circle after circle of ripples spread out.

Gradually, shouts floated over from afar.

They entered Wang Wens ears.

Some of the keywords were very exciting.

Where was A266

“Hurry up and grab it!”

“Its another idiot!”

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