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Chapter 175: What Was That

“Lets not talk about the wine first.” Wang Wen came to his senses and asked the old man, “You said there was a memory you think was a dream.

Was there a person named Li He in that memory”

Gu Jianbing gave him a strange expression.

“No, I do not remember such a person.

Li He Was he the one in the academy”

Wang Wen frowned and thought deeply.

He had never heard of someone like Li He in his previous life.

Then how did that person improve so dramatically in such a short period after his reincarnation

If such a person existed, he would not be unknown.

The only other option was…

Sweat beads formed on Wang Wens brow.

He felt a chill all over his body, his scalp went numb, and the world in front of him appeared distorted and strange.

Even though he had already made a guess, the more he realized his guess was likely to be correct, the more fear, rejection, and rejection he felt in his heart.

“Whats the problem

Gu Jianbings voice brought him back to reality.

“Are you okay Why are you sweating”

Wang Wen wiped his brow.

He forced a smile to show that he was fine, but then he picked up the old mans wine bottle and took a big gulp before fleeing without looking back.

The old man looked at the half-finished wine with sadness, but he did not stop Wang Wen.

He knew that something horrible must have happened.

He could not do much because the other party did not say anything, so he just let him drink that little bit of wine.

Gu Jianbing took the bottle and poured some wine into the cup.

He pondered for a while.

Then, he drank from his cup happily.

He smacked his lips and leaned over the table to write and draw.

Anyone close enough could see the old man filling out an extensive form.

There were words on the form—the total mechanism budget for the academy.

Then he wrote another line.

[Wang Wen must purchase ten bottles of Snow Saber Essence which cost 3 million points.]

He knew that Wang Wen would not argue with an old man over the cost of a drink.

The old man was not greedy enough to use Wang Wens money to buy himself a drink.

In that case, why did he do it

Perhaps that was what would happen since they had interacted for two lifetimes.

Wang Wen stood by the window of the dormitory, looking inside.

The wind carried the smell of alcohol to him, and he became much more sober.

He panted heavily as he leaned against the wall.

He entered the tower in his previous life because his parents dying wish was to reach the 1000th floor.

He had not wanted to enter the tower again in his new life because he had given up on his previous efforts and was disheartened.

He was exhausted both physically and mentally.

Even though he took the initiative to enter the tower, it was not until he realized that fate was playing tricks on him in that broken world.

He realized he had to live a mediocre life.

It was only then that he took a reluctant step toward the entrance.

It was difficult to tell how enthusiastic he was about climbing the tower.

However, at that time, Wang Wens heart was racing with the desire to storm the tower.

Those thousand floors could erase all of his assumptions and doubts, revealing the truth to the rest of the world.

He needed to get to the 1000th floor right away!

Wang Wen slowly pushed himself up against the wall.

His eyes glowed with an unprecedented fighting spirit as he gazed at the distant sky.

At the academys training grounds.

The resource team members left in groups of twos and threes, each with their own papers.

The World Tower would not reset for another half-day.

Everyone needed to eat and rest.

Those who wanted to have fun could also go and play.

Even with only the resource team, there were numerous dangers in the World Tower.

Everyone was dancing while holding their heads high.

There was no guarantee that they would return safely every week.

As a result, some tower climbers who believed in carpe diem felt compelled to spend all of their money in a short amount of time.

In case it was already too late.

The majority of the tools in the World Tower had a fixed location where they could be found.

There was also evidence of rare tools.

Only the one-of-a-kind treasure lacked a pattern.

It was entirely dependent on chance and fate.

The climbers would need to improvise with their imagination and execution.

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