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Chapter 166: Cant Possibly Be That Strong

Gu Jianbing remained silent after seeing the other partys appearance.

He stood up and looked around the office filled with gloating and cold people.

He let out a long sigh, and his eyes were gloomy.

He pushed his chair away and walked out of the office door.

A young man of about 18 or 19 years old stood in the corridor outside the door.

He quickly reached out to assist the old man as he walked out of the office.

“Grandpa Gu, no matter what my father said, he said it in anger,” he explained.

“Please dont take it to heart!”

Gu Jianbing puzzledly turned his head and looked at the young man.

He finally remembered the person in front of him after a long thought period.

He patted his head lovingly and sighed.

“Good boy.


The young man was shocked and quickly asked, “Goodbye Grandpa Gu, where are you going”

The old man did not answer him.

He returned his gaze to the tightly closed office door and moved slowly forward along the corridor.

His hand seemed to be touching the wall with great reluctance.

It was as if he was touching the back of his childs shoulder.

With a sad expression, the young man looked at the old man walking further away.

Captain He cursed.

He must have eaten sh*t that day when he agreed to go there.

Otherwise, how could he have fallen into such a terrifying whirlpool


It was a missile!

Who launched the missile

Who did they want to kill

Did they want to kill the leader of the Third Consortium

The world was going to be in chaos!

All the personal experiences he had seen and heard that day left Captain He in a half-crazy state.

The missiles appearance was exaggerated enough, but someone stopped it.

Captain He looked at Zhang Wei and asked, “How many floors did you say Captain Wang had reached”

Zhang Wei looked up at him in a daze.

“We last saw them on the 100th floor.”

Captain He asked again, “Then how many floors did they say they were on”

Zhang Wei shook his head as he tried to recall it.

“I think they said they were on the 300th floor.”

“Liar!” Captain He shouted crazily.

“He was definitely lying to you!”

“What” Zhang Wei looked at him in a daze.

His face was red, and he panted heavily.

He clenched his teeth.

He looked at Wang Wen, carried off in the distance.

Suddenly, he burst into tears.

He turned his head to Zhang Wei and sobbed.

“Hes lying… 300th floor… He cant be that strong.”

Zhang Wei asked in confusion, “Then how many floors do you think he should be on”

Captain Hes body trembled.

His heart was in turmoil.


If it were not the 300th floor, then which floor should that person be on

Captain Hes knowledge was far superior to that of ordinary low-level tower climbers because he was a member of an elite team of a medium-sized consortium.

He knew that the 499th floor was not the actual limit of the human race.

He also knew that a few large consortia had already reached the 500th and 60oth floors.

How many floors

How many floors should a person have reached to be able to withstand a missile head-on

An almost-immortal on the 400th floor could stop a bullet.

However, one could not say the same for a rocket launcher.

Those immortals on the 500th might not fear rocket launchers, but they had not heard of anyone with the ability to withstand a missile.

The 600th floor.

He could not achieve it.

There were few specific records in the intelligence reports of the group.

That meant that the man had the strength of at least 600th floor!

The 600th floor!

Captain He wanted to use all his strength to curse.

He had only been on the 300th floor, but he had already experienced countless beautiful things in the world.

What would the scenery on the 600th floor look like

Would the scenery be even more beautiful

Even if he tried his hardest, he could not picture it.

Would he get to play hide-and-seek in bed with many beautiful girls

That was a game he could play then.

It was just a matter of quantity.

What could be more fun

He could not think of anything.

So he was very curious.

So curious.

He was freaking out!

So he gritted his teeth and stomped his feet.

He left his subordinate and Zhang Wei behind.

He made his way past the layers of human walls to Wang Wens side.

With a face full of grief, he shouted, “Dad, whats wrong Dad! Open your eyes and look at your son, Dad!”

Wang Wen looked at him in puzzlement, as if thinking when he had such a big son in his life.

He looked a little familiar.

What should he do

He had forgotten who the childs mother was.

Was it about to be revealed

Wang Wens gaze softened as if he were really looking at his own son, Captain He.

However, his heart said no way! There were still many people who could not win, and there was also that b*stard who bombarded him with a missile.

His identity as someone who had been to the 900th floor must not be revealed.

He must stay silent.

He felt exhausted as he closed his eyes and began gathering his spiritual power quietly.

There was a sharp pain in his brain as he used his spiritual power, and blood flowed out of his nostrils and eyes.

The people around him were terrified, and they wiped away the blood and ice on their faces in a flurry.

Mi Lailai saw the situation and said, “His spiritual power is depleted after taking on the missile head-on, so he needs to rest well.

Try not to let anyone disturb him.”

Mo Ran stood up.

The veins on his forehead bulged.

He casually grabbed Captain Hes neck and asked the surrounding people, “Who knows this person If no one claims him, then I will kill him.”

Captain He almost peed again.

He begged for mercy.

“Boss, I am one of us.

We ate together in the private room today! Seeing Captain Wangs heroic posture, I was deeply impressed.

I want to be by his side for the rest of my life.

I could be his son or his disciple.

I just want a chance, Boss! ”

Mo Ran remained deafeningly silent.

Captain Hes hands began to tighten as he realized no one recognized him.

Zhu Xingguo was slightly stunned when he heard the word disciple.

Then, he stood up and said to Mo Ran, “Team Leader Mo, I remember this person.

Hes not a friend.

Previously, when we were having dinner together, he kept taunting me.

Furthermore, when you hung up the phone and came over here, he said you didnt know how to be polite.

When you entered the door, the two people who shouted for you to get out were his subordinates.”

Zhu Xingguo spoke in a long paragraph like an honest old ox.

Captain Hes face became paler with each additional sentence.

His face was completely drained of blood by the time Zhu Xingguo finished speaking, and his crotch was wet.

However, after Mo Ran had finished listening, he let go of his neck.

Everyones eyes were wide with confusion.

Mo Ran took a pair of black boxing gloves from his bag and slowly put them on.

His murderous intent was visible in his eyes.

Captain He was so scared that his hair stood on end.

In fear, he sat on the ground and rubbed his back.

“Grandpa, I was mistaken.

Is it too late to apologize at this point I know it very well.

No matter what method you want me to use to apologize, its not a problem.

Im proficient in many martial art skills!”

Mo Ran did not give him a chance.

He was already filled with rage after witnessing the missiles explosion, and he had nowhere to express it.

It would be best if someone came to him for him to vent his anger.

The Thunder Fury Tiger released blue and white electric arcs, reflecting Captain Hes face, alternating between blue and white, light and dark.

In short, there was no color of his own.

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