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It was the perfect time to discuss that.

Since he had already invited outsiders and the private room was still empty, Wang Wen naturally did not stand on ceremony.

However, it was a venue that the couple had paid for, so they still needed to greet each other.

He said to Zhang Wei and Zhang Lanlan, “Well, a friend wants to talk to me about something.

Dont worry; you dont have to worry about us.

They must have already eaten.”

Even though Zhang Wei was still in a daze, he said, “Its okay, Captain Wang.

We can get to know your friend.”

Get to know his friend

Wang Wen shrugged noncommittally.

With Mo Rans personality, it would be difficult for ordinary people to get to know him.

They were busy making arrangements.

Captain He and the other two looked at each other coldly.

They had a vague feeling that something was not right.

Why did it look like a storm was coming

Why did it feel like they were in the way if they stayed

Captain He, who was in the middle, was very unhappy.

In the past, he was the center of attention, no matter where he went.

Some people did not know what was good for them and wanted to steal the limelight.

More importantly, it seemed like they had really stolen a lot of the limelight.

It was intolerable!

He instantly forgot that he had wanted to eavesdrop on the information about the points.

He opened his mouth and said, “Xiao Zhang, this is your treat.

How can you let someone else casually invite other people Dont they know how to be polite ”

Zhang Wei did not know what to say.

Ren Ruoruo used a small spoon to dig the crab meat.

She casually said, “If you dont want to eat, then get lost.

Only reached the 300th floor Whats there to brag about”

As soon as she finished speaking, Captain Hes face turned green.

Zhang Wei and Zhang Lanlan were stunned.

Then, Ren Ruoruo finally reacted.

She turned around and said to Wang Wen, “Im sorry, Captain Wang.

I forgot my rank again.

I shouldnt have spoken my mind.”

Wang Wen glared at her.

“If you admit that youre wrong, shouldnt you at least put the crab down first Youve been showing off since we left the tower.

What 300th-floor big boss”

The two subordinates finally realized that their boss was called a rookie.

They immediately stood up, furious.

They threw their chopsticks down and were about to say something.

The private rooms door opened.

Mo Ran was the first to enter.

With a cold expression, he swept his gaze across the room, finally landing on Wang Wen.

Ignoring the others, he approached Wang Wen and said, “I cant help you with that, but the intelligence department has some information you might want to look at.”

The two subordinates shouted angrily, “How can anyone just barge in Do you know what this place was Waiter!”

Outside, the waiter responded and entered.

It was the manager on duty.

Mo Ran glanced at the other people in the private room and said to the manager, “Clear the room.”

The manager nodded repeatedly.

There was nothing he could do.

The hotel was only a subsidiary of the group.

Since the groups head of the intelligence department had appeared, he would have to listen to him.

He walked toward Zhang Wei and the others and lowered his head.

“Im sorry.

This is a special circumstance.

We will comp your meal.

Can you leave with your guests, please”

The subordinate was furious.

“Bull**! Why should we leave If they want to leave, they should leave.

Were still eating, and you dont need to tell us to go.”

At that time, Captain He was calm.

He quietly pulled his men to stop him from continuing.

He finally realized that the person who could make the Season Hotels manager waive over 100,000 points with just two words was not an ordinary person.

A real big shot had appeared!

His heart felt an inexplicable pain.

He rubbed it in confusion.

It seemed like something was not right.

The opposite sides lineup appeared to be a little intimidating.

Captain He looked at Zhang Wei in puzzlement.

Zhang Wei looked at Wang Wen in puzzlement.

Wang Wen shook his head at Mo Ran and said, “Its okay.

They are still eating.

We can talk.” After saying that, he stood up and looked at Luo Shan and Tong Xiaolei in surprise.

“Team Leader Luo, Miss Tong, why are the two of you here”

Luo Shan was no longer laughing and giggling like he used to.

His expression was solemn.

He did not say anything but just nodded.

Tong Xiaolei touched the optical computer and said, “Chief Gu already knows about you, but he cant come personally.

However, he said you could look at any information you want besides the top-secret files in the intelligence department.

Wang Wen was a little stunned.

He thought he had guessed what those people wanted to talk about, but he was a little shaken.

What was going on Why did they put up such a big show

Was it not about the Tiansheng Group

Was the sky falling

Or was the World Tower falling

His mind was filled with wild guesses.

The two subordinates who had stood up and acted cocky sat back down.

They had never met before, but Luo Shan from the First Consortiums intelligence department looked very familiar.

He had a lot of dealings with the team leader, who collected information in the square daily.

The other party was able to summon the well-known Team Leader Luo all the way there.

His hands and eyes were the size of the entire sky!

He was definitely not an ordinary person!

So the two subordinates sat quietly and ate the dishes, afraid others would see how helpless they were.

The two of them sat down, but Captain He, who was in the center, stood up again.

Another group of people had surged through the door, and the leader was Chen Hansheng.

The young man knew the head of the intelligence department, and he had also reached the 300th floor.

His horizons were definitely different.

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