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Chapter 131: Spares Us

The sky gradually turned dark.

Mo Ran and the other three successfully bought three magic crystals and strolled out of the auction house.

They spent 33 gold coins because they bought them all at once, so the price was slightly higher than expected.

Fortunately, Wang Wen had amassed sufficient bounty funds.

When Mo Ran took out his money, a flash of golden light caught the attention of the onlookers.

However, a few small tails appeared behind them when they walked out of the auction house.

“Im so hungry.” Ren Ruoruo looked at Mo Rans cold face and looked at Zhu Xingguo as if she was asking for help.

Zhu Xingguo shook his head.

“Master told us to go back to the association after buying the crystals.”

Seeing Ren Ruoruos pitiful look, he took a piece of bread from his bag and handed it to her.

“Eat this.”

“Oh.” She took the bread and chewed it, bit by bit.

Mo Ran suddenly looked up at the sky and sighed.

He looked at the people following him and found no one could make eye contact with him.

He felt cold, and he missed Wang Wen a little.

He had already noticed the little tail following behind them.

He directed them to a small cabin that was remote and uninhabited.

Zhu Xingguo asked, “Team Leader Mo, this doesnt seem to be the way to the Mage Association”

Mo Ran sighed and stopped walking.

He turned around and shouted at the dark corner, “Hey! If you dont come out now, well have to return to the Mage Association.”

Zhu Xingguo and the other two were startled.

They turned around and looked at the corner vigilantly.

They saw a few people slowly walking out from the shadow.

The leader had a strong aura.

He was wearing a fur-collared jacket and carrying a wide-blade battle axe.

He took two steps forward and said, “Ive already tested that youre not mages.

Are you trying to scare me”

Mo Ran snorted and did not want to waste any more time.

“If you want to kill me, come at me.

Dont waste time!”

The battle-axe man was stunned.

He could not quite catch up with that kind of routine.

He asked, “Why are you so irritable Arent you going to ask us what we want”

Mo Rans heart suddenly jumped.

Could he have misunderstood the other party

Was the other party just out for a walk

He paused briefly before asking, “What do you want”

With a bang, the battle-axe man laughed and threw the weapon onto the ground.

Stepping on it, he leaned forward and said, “Hand over all yourgold coins, and Ill spare your lives.”

“What the f*ck!”

Mo Ran was furious.

“Are we going to fight We wasted so much time!”

His Dharma Hand exploded with light.

Mo Ran did not want to waste any more time and immediately rushed forward.

The battle-axe man sneered, “Youre courting death!”

Just as he raised the battle axe, a punch smashed his head into pieces.

Mo Ran looked at the progress of the checkpoint and found that it had only increased by 0.0001.

He was even angrier.

Gritting his teeth, he continued to bombard the mans headless body.

He stood up, covered in blood, and looked at the mans remaining lackeys with murderous intent until he was blown into a pile of minced meat.

The lackeys were so scared that they wet their pants and fell to the ground.

They rummaged around, found all the coins on their bodies, held them up high, and cried, “Spare our lives.”

Mo Ran checked the drone and found that the progress of those followers was even less than that of the battle-axe man.

Thousands of kills only added a few points.

He immediately lost all interest.

He waved his hand in boredom.

The followers were overjoyed.

They put away the coins, held up their pants, and ran away.

Zhu Xingguo, who was nearby, was ecstatic as well.

He understood what Mo Ran mean.

Everyone had already agreed that the target that Mo Ran was not interested in would be assigned to him for practice.

As a result, he raised the crossbow in his hand, aimed at the fastest runner, and pulled the trigger.

An unassuming arrow was launched and precisely drilled into the back of the target.

The arrow then exploded in a ring shape without waiting for the other party to scream.

A circle of thin needles scattered horizontally pierced the chest and abdomen of the surrounding followers in the blink of an eye.

At that moment.

One by one, the cries of pain rose.

The followers had no idea how effective the traps were.

They pulled out the thin needles pierced into their body.

That pull.

The cries of pain turned into screams, which became even more intense.

All of the thin needles had umbrella-shaped barbs.

It was not obvious when the needles pierced them.

They immediately dug out a large piece of flesh after being pulled out.

Some unfortunate individuals who were deeply pierced might have had their internal organs or intestines exposed.

Two of them passed out on the spot.

Mo Ran returned to the tower climbers and noticed that Zhu Xingguo had stopped shooting after only one shot.

“You have finished already” he asked.

Zhu Xingguo stroked his chin, observing the situation on the other side.

When he heard that, he nodded truthfully and replied, “Master said it is best to stop when you are just learning the mechanism technique.”

Mo Ran turned around to face the tragic scene behind him.

“That is also good,” he said, nodding.

“I believe they have already learned their lesson and will not do evil in the future.”

As he spoke.

The progress of the checkpoint increased by 0.0000037.

On the other side, one of them died.

Mo Ran turned around and took the initiative to walk toward the Mage Association.

“I cant even stay here for a second if I hurry up,” he grumbled.

“Theyre too weak.”

Back at the Mage Association.

Wang Wen was sitting at a table, eating meat and drinking wine, when they noticed him.

He waved and said, “Come on, come on.

You have not eaten yet, have you This is specially prepared for you.”

Mo Ran dashed to the table and grabbed a piece of roasted meat that had been dripping with oil.

He shoved it into his mouth and asked, “Where did the food and wine come from Were you already acquainted with the association”

Wang Wen invited Zhu Xingguo and the others to eat and drink with him.

While pouring the wine the flood-stricken villages chief had given him, he explained, “A friend got married, so I just ate a little.

When I noticed how many dishes remained, I decided to pack them up.”

Zhu Xingguo took a big bite of the roasted meat and chewed it.

His face was full of happiness as he exclaimed, “Master, youre too good! You already made a friend in such a short time!”

Mo Ran frowned and thought about it in confusion.

He had a feeling that he had never heard of that before.

However, his mind was completely jumbled with the delectable food and wine in front of him.

He could not give a damn about it.

He would eat first and then talk.

Everyone in the room had not eaten in a long time.

Ren Ruoruo, too, was chowing down until the corner of her mouth was dripping with oil.

Only Chen Hansheng was overly conceited.

He took a small alcohol stove and a small soup pot from his belongings.

He took a business card from his pocket, lit it with a lighter, and tossed it into the stove.

He then poured more than half of the pot of drinking water into the small soup pot and placed it on the stoves rack to boil.

Wang Wen thought he was going to boil some hot water to drink.

Before he could complain about the man being pretentious.

He saw Chen Hansheng take out a bunch of dried vegetables from his bag and put them into boiling water to boil.

Finally, he tore a small piece of roasted meat and rolled it with the vegetables that had been soaked before he ate it.

He closed his eyes and revealed a satisfied smile.

Before he could roll the second piece of roasted meat.

Mo Ran beat him up.

Fatty was not upset.

He gladly offered the vegetable leaves and distributed them to everyone to replenish vitamins, chlorophyll, cellulose, and a variety of other nutrients.

They quickly finished the meal.

Ma Changsi also led the mages who controlled the teleportation array there.

Even though it was late, he had to bother others to come over from afar.

Wang Wen felt a little sorry for him and said, “Have you eaten”

Ma Changsi noticed the dining table was as clean as a dogs lick.

He politely declined the invitation and said to Wang Wen, “Business took precedence.

I will send you to the front lines first.”

Wang Wen could only nod in agreement when he heard what Ma Changsi said.

Just as everyone was ready to set off.

A figure walked in through the associations door.


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