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Chapter 128: The Dung-digging Boy

The time-delay mechanism was a type that Wang Wen rarely used.

He was used to exacting vengeance on the spot, without regard for the future.

However, he became interested in that and wanted to do more mundane things.

He added another layer of trigger mechanism outside the time-delay mechanism, then punched a brick from his backpack.

His fist was immediately ripped and bleeding.

He took a Shear Water Bead and smeared his wound on it.

The bead was then carefully placed on the trigger mechanism so that it would be torn in half when the mechanism was activated.

After doing all of that.

Wang Wen rose to his feet and clapped his hands in delight.

He turned around and walked out of the mine, washing the wounds on his hands several times with the Body Health Water.

The female mage, who looked like a beggar in rags, did not understand, but she did not have the strength to ask any more questions.

She could only follow him and leave quickly.

Before they got to the mines entrance, there was an earth-shaking rumble behind them.

The entire mine shook.

The mines support beams and stone walls shook violently.

The mechanism was activated in advance.

Wang Wen smiled faintly.

Then he confronted the female mage, who was staring at him in fear.

He only said one word, “Run!”

He took the lead and began running with his head down.

He ran faster than the speed trap, desperately rushing toward the caves entrance.

The female mage was so terrified that she also peed her pants and fled.

Unfortunately, she appeared to have depleted a large portion of her stamina during the previous wave of attacks.

She was running unsteadily at the time and fell.

Wang Wen, who was charging forward, did not know if he heard a grunt.

He did not turn back.

In an impossible situation, his feet actually increased in speed.

He bolted out of the mine like lightning.

The female mage was dumbfounded.

She clenched her teeth and waved her short staff in front of her broken knee to pour some water on it.

The pain turned her face pale.

She then stood up straight and continued running toward the mines entrance.

Behind her, a flood that had covered the sky and the earth instantly covered her weak body.


Wang Wen noticed a huge spray of water coming out of the caves entrance shortly after he ran out.

The violent impact reduced the entire cave to ruins.

All of the supports disintegrated and floated to the surface of the water.

Even the caves entrance appeared to be a few strands lower.

A large amount of water flushed out the filth buried for many years in the mine.

There were corpses, bones, and many strange-looking pieces of meat.

Not long after.

The large amount of water washed out a naked figure in a pile of filth.

Wang Wen was unconcerned about the filth.

He jumped into the water and dashed forward, grabbing the figure and dragging them to safety.

The female mage rolled her eyes and coughed again.

“Let me die,” she said, her face filled with pain.

Wang Wen nodded and tossed her into the filthy water.

He then turned and jumped into the airship.

The person in charge of the airship was stunned.

He pointed at the naked female mage and asked Wang Wen, “Isnt that your companion”

Wang Wen was stunned.

“That woman She never was.”

The airship pilot kept shouting.

He quickly took a piece of hemp cloth from the airship and ran over to the female mage, wrapping it around her.

Then he helped her up and walked back to the airship slowly.

Wang Wen asked him in confusion, “What are you doing She was begging for death.

Dont delay her!”

The person said, “At such a young age Isnt it good to marry such a beautiful woman”

Wang Wen was even more confused.

“How do you know that shes young”

The man continued to mumble.

The corner of his eyes kept looking at the side.

He asked in puzzlement, “Cant you see that”

“Its up to you.” Wang Wen shrugged helplessly.

He felt very sorry for the person in charge as he watched him move the woman into the airship with great effort.

The airship took off.

The female mage curled up in a corner, dazed, and said nothing.

The person in charge of the airship was afraid she would be frozen to her death, so he drove the airship slowly.

Wang Wen looked up at the setting sun and patted the cabin wall, urging, “It is no problem if you want to save the damsel in distress.

But can you go faster I am in a rush.”

Only then did the person in charge helplessly speed up.

Fortunately, the distance they flew was not too far.

They were greeted by a wave of cheers from the villagers on the ground as they passed the flood-stricken village.

They dashed forth and eventually made it back to the Mage Association in the small town in time for dinner.

Mo Ran and the others were already waiting in the hall.

When they saw Wang Wen, they were all confused.

He was in a mess, his pants were wet, and there were many wet stains on his clothes.

Mo Ran approached him and was about to speak, but he suddenly sniffed and retreated with a retch.

He retreated a few meters before he covered his nose and stared at Wang Wen in horror.

“Did you roll around in feces This is not worth 30 gold coins, right You cant earn that!”

When Wang Wen saw the four of them, he felt as if they had met again after a long time.

It was only an afternoon, but it felt like a long time before he saw someone familiar.

If he had not seen them, he would have almost forgotten that he was climbing the tower.

Too many things had happened during that half-day.

He wanted to hug everyone.

He wanted to reminisce about his lost youth.

Chen Hansheng did not know what to do and pretended to escape with a stomach ache.

Ren Ruoruo covered her nose as if she had met a gangster in the night.

She shook her head and stepped back.

Mo Ran took out the Dharma Hands and put them on.

He looked as if he would fight for his life if he dared to come over.

In the end, only Zhu Xingguo was left.

Although he looked like he wanted to resist, he closed his eyes and opened his hands.

His expression was as if he was going to die.

Wang Wen stopped teasing them and asked them about their gains for the whole afternoon.

Zhu Xingguo heaved a sigh of relief and quickly took out a money bag.

There seemed to be countless coins scattered inside.

He said, “Little Ren and I finished 18 missions and earned 106 silver coins and 300 copper coins.”

Wang Wen nodded and said, “Thats alright.

Theres more or less one gold coin now.”

Mo Ran took out a money bag and poured it into his palm.

It was filled with gold.

He said proudly, “More than ten silver coins, seven gold coins.

We sold a big box of Body Health Water!”

“Wait a minute.” Wang Wen looked at the money with a livid face.

“A bottle of Body Health Water is worth two thousand points.

I wont ask you how many bottles you have in a box.

A big box of water, and you only got these few gold coins Why are you so proud”

“F*ck!” Mo Ran immediately jumped and shouted, “Do you know how difficult it is to get gold coins here They wont even look at me if I bring other things that they dont know! Only that Body Health Water is worth something.

In the beginning, they wanted to give me copper coins! They reluctantly raised the unit to silver coins only after I gave numerous demonstrations and introductions!”

He yelled until his voice was hoarse, and the tone of his voice was angry.

Ultimately, Mo Ran noticed that Wang Wen was still pouting, no matter what he said.

That person immediately exploded.

He did not care if he was dirty or not.

He snatched Wang Wens arm and yelled, “How much did you earn then Less than me I will die of laughter if thats the case!”

Mo Ran gritted his teeth.

“Its fine, its fine.” Wang Wen called for a staff member to get Ma Changsi.

When the old man saw him, he covered his nose and asked curiously, “My child, did you play with feces”


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