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Chapter 127: Might Die

The villages livelihood depended on the mountains and water.

The flood-stricken village would no longer experience any floods.

The villagers took salted fish from their homes and gave them to Wang Wen.

Wang Wen politely refused the offers.

He only accepted a jar of wine that the village chief had carefully selected from his extensive collection.

He got on the airship and left with grace after asking the village chief to sign the flood control document to show his approval.

The water stone giant could not follow him around to conquer the world for the time being because of its limited mobility.

Wang Wen endured the pain and put it away.

With that, he would have to wait 24 hours before summoning it again.

He should have been able to return and hand in his assignment after completing the Grade B job.

A reward of 100 gold coins should suffice.

However, Wang Wen looked at the details of the reward for the mining cave fire lizard and frowned.

The mine was described as a private workshop.

It was not large, but it provided a living for a large family.

Suddenly, a magical beast, the fire lizard, occupied the mine as its nest.

Coincidentally, it destroyed the whole family.

That was not a significant matter.

It was only a few lives.

In any world, the lives of ordinary people were the most worthless things.

The key was that some capitalists took a fancy to that ownerless mine and wanted to take it for themselves, so they hired some people to go in and destroy the beasts.

There were a few high-level mages in the group of mercenaries who did not know what was good for them.

That fire lizard did not hand over its head, and it also used the complicated terrain in the mine as a basis to kill all the mercenaries, including those overconfident mages.

The matter instantly became big.

Mages were not ordinary people.

They were the most precious strategic resource on the continent.

The Mage Association was furious.

They sent a large force to annihilate the beast.

Unfortunately, as previously stated, the mine was not large, and the number of people who could enter simultaneously was extremely limited.

The majority of people could only stand there and watch.

As the fire lizard stayed in the mine longer and longer, it became more acquainted with the terrain.

It killed them and then vanished without a trace.

Batches after batches of lives were thrown away.

However, the fire lizard in the mine was still standing.

The fire lizard might not have been able to finish all of the human meat, so it decided to gather its companions for a meal.

As time passed, the mine had officially become the fire lizards territory.

The fire lizard had used its food to breed and have many offspring.

It seemed like it would have a large family.

The Mage Association had lost a lot of manpower, and the compensation for casualties had also consumed a lot of money.

After the management calmed down, they decided not to add fuel to the fire.

They simply placed a Grade C bounty on the fire lizard and ignored the situation.

Because of the low bounty, no one was willing to go to the mine to clear out the magical beasts.

It was hard work and unrewarding, and they could easily become food for others.

It was not worth it.

The mine, which was once humming with activity, gradually came to a halt.

If a true top-tier mage happened to pass by one day and was interested in the bounty, there might be a chance to finish it.

Only a few capitalists persisted.

They would occasionally send ordinary people into the mine to die.

They did not send those ordinary people to kill the fire lizard; they sent them into the mine!

Ordinary peoples lives did not mean anything to them.

Their lives would be worth it if they were lucky enough to mine it one day.

Wang Wen had finished reading the bounty details.

The airship flew close to the target mine.

The glory of the mine could still be seen from the air.

Everything was a mess.

Someone must have intended to demolish the entire mine.

Perhaps they gave up because it was difficult to operate deep underground.

They found a safe and flat landing spot.

Wang Wen leaped from the airship.

Slowly, the female mage trailed behind him.

Wang Wen turned around and said that it was dangerous, and that she might die if she followed him.

He was giving her sound advice.

He was unsure about fighting a local snake in unfamiliar territory, let alone carrying a burden.

The best way to persuade her to leave early was to tell her the truth.

Surprisingly, the female mage exuded confidence.

“Even though I cant beat those magical beasts, it is not that easy for them to hurt me,” she said indifferently.

Wang Wens footsteps paused briefly before continuing forward.

They were just strangers who met by chance.

It was already a rare act of kindness to give her some advice.

If she did not want to listen to him, then forget it.

He walked to the front of the mine.

There was a fishy smell before he entered.

Wang Wen paused for a moment, then took out a small bag of powder, mixed it with the Body Body Health Water, and swallowed it.

Then, he entered the mine.

He completely ignored the female mage who was frowning at him.

The female mage noticed that he said nothing else.

He had entered the cave after taking in some unknown thing.

She stomped her feet and followed him after a few moments of hesitation.

However, before entering the cave, she drew a short staff from her robe and placed something on her body.

Inside the mine.

The light was very dim.

The broken ceiling let out a few wisps of broken light.

Even the wisps of broken light vanished as they went deeper.

The ground was covered in foul mucus or excrement.

However, it was rare to see human bones.

They were most likely stored as food by the diligent fire lizard.

There were numerous winding passages in every direction.

Some were short, and the end could be seen at a glance.

Some were deep, and when they looked up after a while, they saw that it was still dark.

The caves walls were adorned with numerous wall lamps.

Most of them were turned off.

The low number of lights was most likely due to the heartless capitalists sending people in there to die.

Wang Wen walked along the path in the light.

There were many fresh marks on the road.

For example, broken stones or blood that had not completely solidified.

Wang Wen stopped.

He stood at a fork in the road in the middle of an empty space.

He felt a little disgusted with the mine.

It wasnt the mine itself but the effect it had.

Why would a capitalist use human lives as shovels and picks when they knew there were ferocious beasts in the cave if it was not profitable

Everyone wanted competition.

That was reality.

Wang Wen could not solve reality, but it did not stop him from feeling disgusted with that place.

He crouched down.

He built a small time-delay mechanism in the middle of the road.

During the mechanisms construction, a long-tailed lizard the size of an arm leaped from the shadow in the corner and charged the female mages calf.

A transparent rhombus-shaped icicle pierced through the lizard and nailed it to the ground as the female mage waved her short staff lightly.

“These fire lizards rumored to have killed countless people and difficult to deal with are just average.” The female mage kicked the dead lizard proudly and smiled casually.

Before she could laugh for more than half a second.

A shadow above her head shifted.

Then more shadows began to move.

Wang Wen, who was squatting on the ground and fiddling with the mechanism, also moved his ears and casually reminded the cannon fodder, “Pay attention to your head.”

The female mages smile became frozen.

A swarm of lizards fell from the sky and landed on her feet, body, head, and face.

Furthermore, they just opened their mouths to eat.

The female mage exploded.

To be more specific, a layer of light around her body exploded.

Thousands of fine ice crystals exploded.

They were like needles that went right through the bodies of the lizards around them when they were running fast.

Even Wang Wen, who was not far away, was included in that indiscriminate attack.

It rained hail on the transparent semi-circle that appeared out of thin air behind him.

Wang Wen turned his head in dissatisfaction and said, “Dont disturb me, okay Im doing my job.”

The female mage was panting, and her clothes were tattered.

The hand holding the short staff shook uncontrollably.

She could only roll her eyes because she lacked the strength to respond.


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