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Chapter 122: The Demon-like Man

“What lady” The top apprentice was in a half-crazy state.

He could not think straight and asked in a silly manner.

Wang Wen remained silent.

He drew Ma Changsi and negotiated with him according to his plan.

“I noticed the support-the-front-line job in the Grade C reward.

How will that reward be deemed finished”

Ma Changsi smiled at him and said, “As long as we confirm that you are going to the front line to kill the enemy, it will be considered completed.”

“Then, the mage who received the reward will have to come back from the front line to receive the reward” Wang Wen asked curiously.

Ma Changsi chuckled.

“Of course, you can also receive it from the nearest place.

The Mage Association is interconnected.”

Wang Wen shook his head sincerely and said, “That process is too inefficient.

The troublesome reward rules will dissuade those who pursue the reward.

Those who sincerely went to the front line will be too lazy to go back and forth.

The meaning of the reward itself is very good but unfortunately ruined by the rules.”

“Then what rules do you think are appropriate” Ma Changsi looked at him with a smile.

Wang Wen coughed.

He said calmly, “Im just making a simple suggestion.

I think the reward can be given to the other party at the next opportunity.

When the person goes to the battlefield, the reward will be completed.

This avoids delays while also increasing the incentive of the reward.”

The old man was not muddle-headed.

He keenly grasped the critical point.

“How can we be sure that the person who received the reward will go to the front lines After all, giving the reward in advance would lose the most basic binding force.”

Wang Wen secretly laughed.

He knew that he had succeeded in part.

He was not afraid that there would be a problem, but he was worried that the old man would not be curious.

As long as the old man asked a question, that matter could be discussed.

Furthermore, that problem was not difficult to solve.

It could be easily solved with the modernized Spirit of Contract.

He said, “We can add a form of penalty fee to that reward.

For example, if the reward is not completed within the time limit, you can revoke the qualifications, and the mage will have to pay some gold coins.

That will force the recipient to abide by the rules.”

Sure enough, Ma Changsis eyes lit up when he heard that.

After thinking for a while, he was a little hesitant.

“Doesnt that mean we have to arrange additional manpower to recover the gold coins that the other party needs to compensate”

Wang Wen smiled.

His voice seemed to carry some sort of bewitching tone.

“You were going to chase after people to give them gold coins anyway.

But now you were chasing them back to get some gold coins.

One of you is giving money, and the other will be receiving money.

Which is more pleasant Moreover, why do you need the association to arrange manpower Isnt there a better and more convenient way”

Ma Changsi followed Wang Wens line of sight and saw the notice board.

He asked doubtfully, “You mean a reward”

“Of course, if someone takes the reward and doesnt do anything, the association can issue a new reward at any time to capture them.” Wang Wen played with his fingers.

He said casually, “Its nothing more than giving others a portion of the benefits.

As long as the penalty money was appropriate, the association will not have to worry about the missing reward money.

On the contrary, they can earn some extra money.

Why not”

Ma Changsis eyes moved slightly.

He asked anxiously, “What if the violator could not compensate”

“That was the supplementary clause of the penalty money.” Wang Wen almost entirely used the modern Spirit of Contract.

He said, “You can explicitly add it to the rules.

If the violator had no money to pay, they had to sell their services.

As previously stated, it is a personal choice.

As long as they dont breach the contract, there wont be any trouble.

And once they breach the contract, the association will get the service of a mage.

Its a huge profit!”

The chief of an association was not stupid.

Wang Wen only needed to guide a part of his train of thought.

Ma Changsi would naturally be able to handle the details.

The woman next to them listened to their conversation with her mouth agape.

When she saw the friendly chief go into deep thought, she thought she saw the start of a plot that would last for hundreds of years.

Just imagining the fate of the violator in her mind made her heart skip a beat.

In her eyes, the man who described everything so casually was simply a demon!

He had led the kind chief to hell in just a few words!

The female mage anxiously held Ma Changsis arm.

She said softly, “Chief, the association doesnt have such a precedent.

That sounds too scary.

That man has ulterior motives.

You must not listen to him!”

Ma Changsi, who was deep in thought, paused for a moment.

Wang Wen immediately stood up straight and reprimanded the female mage.

“What nonsense are you talking about As a member of the association, you must do your best for the association.

I have come up with a plan to help the chief.

But what are you doing Sowing discord! Scaremongering! Maliciously attacking other association members to disrupt the associations stability! Do you have a better idea to deal with that problem”

The woman said, “I— You— ” However, she could not say a complete sentence after a long time.

In the end, she shouted, “Chief, I think the original form of the reward is pretty good.

There is no need to change it!”

As he heard that sentence, Wang Wen smiled calmly.

He did not need to say anything else.

Indeed, he needed a gods help.

In fact.

Ma Changsi, who was still thinking, immediately made up his mind after hearing the womans words.

He patted Wang Wens hand and said, “Your suggestion is very good.

From now on, the reward for supporting the front line will be done according to your plan.

“I want to see what kind of changes will happen!”

Just as Ma Changsi said—he wanted to see the change.

The association had issued a job, but no one had accepted it for a long time.

That was undoubtedly a slap to the chiefs face.

What other explanation could there be other than incompetence

Wang Wens suggestion was like scratching his itch because it gave him hope that things could change.

Ma Changsi was very satisfied.

Since the chief had decided, his subordinates would naturally handle the matter.

While they were discussing a terrifying matter that could affect the entire continent, the top apprentice was unwilling to be ignored by everyone.

He grabbed Wang Wen and stubbornly said, “Our matter isnt over yet, dont keep changing the topic!”

Wang Wen turned around and looked at him like he was a fool.

He smiled and said, “Alright then, have you decided Which bounty do you want to accept”

The top apprentice was like a proud child as he shook his head.

“I dont need you to let me choose first! You said you would choose first!”

Wang Wen smiled and said, “I dont think we should compete over that.

Do you want the Grade D job I have a suggestion.

To save time, the reward for that job is two gold coins.

You can give me two gold coins first.

After I complete the mission, you can go to the association to collect the reward.

Isnt that great”

The top apprentice shook his head.

“Hmph! I can complete it without you!”

His master noticed that something was wrong.

Just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted by Wang Wen.

“Hey, look! If I help you with the mission, you can save time to do other things.

Later, you can still receive the reward when the mission is completed! Think about it.

Isnt it great that you dont have to do anything to receive the reward Where in the world can you find such a good deal”

“Thats true…” the top apprentice muttered to himself.

However, he was a top apprentice, so he quickly reacted.

“No! Ill give you two gold coins first.

Ill get the reward later, and its still two gold coins.

I dont have to do anything! But Ill lose two gold coins for nothing if you cant complete the mission!”

His master covered his forehead, thinking,Was that the f*cking point

The mage should probably think about switching to another apprentice soon.

His apprentices magical power level was not bad, but his brain did not seem very bright.

Wang Wen saw the top apprentices reaction.

He said in surprise, “Wow, youre quite smart.”

Then, he sighed and followed Ma Changsi to the reward registration office.

He shook his head as if he had lost a lot of money.

The top apprentice saw that the people around him had started to disperse.

A disappointed look even appeared on his masters face.

The top apprentice suddenly had an epiphany.

He came to a realization.

“Youve been insulting me from the start!” He was furious.

He stomped his feet and shouted at Wang Wen angrily, “Fight me!”

Wang Wen stopped in his tracks.

He turned around and narrowed his eyes.

He took off the last layer of his disguise, and the carefree and silly feeling left his body.

His entire body quieted down, and his gaze slowly swept across the female mage, the top apprentice, and his master.

He said calmly, “I think its very strange.

Why did a bunch of people come to lecture me when Ive just accepted the bounty

“The bounty has been here for a long time, and no one paid attention to it.

Now that Ive accepted it, some people are causing a ruckus.

“Didnt you guys let me choose first Are you now blaming me for choosing too many

“Why did you say that in the beginning I didnt stop you guys.

Why are you blaming me now

“Then, you say that Im insulting you, and you want to have a duel with me”

He looked at the top apprentice and asked curiously, “If you dont want your dignity, you can donate it.

Why do you have to throw it on the ground and step on it”

He did not wait for the top apprentice to explode.

“At first, I thought adults should be magnanimous and not lower themselves to a childs level.” Wang Wen unleashed his Broken Might-level spiritual power and shouted, “A duel Bring it on!”


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