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Chapter 120: Excellent Talent

Wang Wen had the confidence to take on the task of collecting twenty gold coins.

He happened to notice a notice board in the Mage Association.

The association had some pressing issues that needed to be addressed.

There was a lot of money.

However, there was one problem that needed to be confirmed.

He led a large group of people to quietly find Marchaus after the four tower climbers dispersed to raise money.

He asked, “May I ask if the apprentice mages can collect the reward on the notice board”

Ma Changsi was slightly stunned, and his gaze turned to the inconspicuous wall in the depths of the hall.

His mouth twitched as he smiled and said, “Your observational skills are really good.

There is no doubt that the apprentice mages can receive a reward from the association.

However, the current reward is something that no one can deal with for a long time, and most of them are dangerous.

It might be too risky for apprentice mages.”

“Alright.” Wang Wen nodded.

He led a large group of people and quietly said, “Then lets get started.

Whats the first step Registration, right”

The process of becoming an apprentice mage was straightforward.

It was simple to record the name, time, membership location, and other information, and then he got a meditation manual.

On the other hand, the process of using magic water to stimulate magic power was unexpectedly long.

There was actually a queue!

Wang Wen looked at the long queue that stretched from the activation room all the way to the association hall and asked Ma Changsi helplessly, “Youre so optimistic about me that you cant let me cut the queue or something”

Ma Changsi smiled and said, “Youre too humorous.

All beings were equal.”

Wang Wen was even more helpless.

“Why are there so many people queuing Is the process of activating the magic power so popular”

Ma Changsi smiled and said, “Today is a special situation.

The commotion you caused had attracted the curiosity of all the mages in the city.

Because they rarely return, most of them brought their apprentice mages to do the daily stimulation.

As a result, many people gathered at the same time.

Usually, its not like this.”

Wang Wen was speechless.

He rubbed his temples and asked, “Then can I not activate it for the time being and do the reward first”

“Dont worry; were already here.” Ma Changsi was still smiling.

He assumed the identity of a kind old man.

“I think many people were looking forward to the scene after you activate your magic power, just like me.”

Wang Wen looked around at the large group of men, women, and children.

His head hurt a little.

Did those people have too much free time Did they like to watch the show so much What did it have to do with them if he activated his magical power

Ma Changsi continued to persuade him.

“Once you start the bounty, who knows how long it will take If you delay it for a day, youll waste a day.

Wouldnt it be better to activate your magic power to become an official mage as soon as possible It would be more helpful for you to do the reward, wouldnt it Furthermore, the magic water will help you improve even if you fail to stimulate it.

Its not a waste of time.”

“Its okay.

Ill wait in line,” Wang Wen said expressionlessly as he looked at the long queue.

They waited for about an hour.

Finally, it was Wang Wens turn.

Many people at the scene heaved a sigh of relief.

It was an interesting scene.

The most torturous person in the queue was not Wang Wen but the apprentice mage in front of him.

Those unlucky children were primarily apprentices, while some gathered around to watch the show.

It was equivalent to saying that many apprentice mages were trying to stimulate their magic power by stoking a raging fire.

They could feel their masters fervent gaze at all times, and the pressure multiplied.

Where there were people, there would be martial arts.

With so many masters gathered together, even if they did not intend to, they would form an invisible competition.

The competition was based on whether their apprentices were successful and how strong their magical power was.

Those who were successful returned to their master and were elated.

The master also beamed with joy.

However, those who failed were in for a tough time.

They saw an ugliness on their masters faces that they had never seen before.

If they had a master with a short temper, they might scold the apprentices for failing to live up to expectations.

Everyone knew that it was normal for the trigger to fail.

For most, they could digest it on their own.

They would work harder next time.

Those masters and apprentices were not like that on that particular day.

They could only blame it on the fact that too many people gathered at the same time today.

The atmosphere had changed since the first mage who scolded the trainee appeared.

Everyone hoped their apprentice would make them proud, but they were more worried that they would not be able to show their face if they failed.

They had no choice but to take action.

At that time, those who backed out would confirm the embarrassing fact that they were not good enough.

That was why everyone gritted their teeth and persevered.

In that kind of atmosphere, some apprentice mages became incredibly proud after successfully activating their magical power, as if they had just escaped death.

They proudly walked past Wang Wen.

After all, in their eyes, everything was because of Wang Wen.

It had turned the simple activation of magical power into a bloodbath.

They were very unhappy.

There was even an apprentice mage who seemed to have extraordinary talent.

After activating his magical power, his power made him a first-rank mage.

He had also risen to a higher rank on the spot.

That was really impressive.

He not only received a lot of praise and encouragement from the instructors and the spectating instructors, but he also walked over to Wang Wens side.

He snorted loudly enough for the people around him to hear, “You deserve so many mages to wait for you I want to see how shocking your power is.”

No one around him stopped him.

That was the response that everyone expected to hear.

Furthermore, the speaker was the only apprentice with exceptional talent that day.

Those with higher grades are always given preferential treatment and tolerance.

As a result, the crowd was very orderly and silent.

They silently watched Wang Wen to see how he would respond.

Who would have guessed

Wang Wen, who was in the center of the storm, raised his head and looked ahead.

His gaze was unfocused, and he responded subconsciously, “Ah Ah.”

He queued until he was very clueless, and he had no idea what the people next to him were saying.

He followed the crowd and moved forward reflexively.

His thoughts had already flown into outer space.

The top apprentices face immediately reddened.

That was extremely contemptuous contempt in his eyes! He must have looked like a pile of sh*t.

He could not even get the other partys attention!

He gritted his teeth and rushed into the activation room with a large group of people when he saw Wang Wen enter.

There was only so much room.

Those who were slower did not push their way in because of their social standing.

They remained outside the door, ears pricked.

They were on tiptoe, listening for any sounds.

The activation room was initially silent but soon filled with whispers.

It was then filled with gasps.

Then it was filled with wistful sighs.

The people on the outside had no idea what was going on inside.

They were worried as they listened to the ups and downs.

After a long time.

Finally, someone came out of the room.

As soon as he reached the door, he laughed loudly.

It was the top apprentice.

The people outside came forward to ask about the situation.

He smiled and shook his head.

“The activation was successful, but the magical power was pitifully weak! It is most likely only enough to extinguish a small fireball.”

People on the outside finally understood the people inside after they heard that.

They also shook their heads and sighed in sorrow.

They led their respective apprentices out the door.

They would occasionally think it was a waste of time to waste half a day on such a mediocre person.

Everyone was getting ready to leave.

Ma Changsi accompanied Wang Wen out of the activation room.

He comforted him with a complicated expression, “Dont be anxious.

Magical power can be increased through meditation.

The initial amount doesnt mean anything.”

Looking at his complicated expression, Wang Wen actually wanted to stop him from talking.

All he wanted was the reward.

He returned to the hall to look at the reward.

Coincidentally, the top apprentice was also looking at the notice board with his master.

The top apprentice smiled as he saw Wang Wen approaching.


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