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Chapter 117: The Pain Of Emptying Ones Mind

The Mage Association was led by an elderly man named Ma Changsi.

He was pleased to know that Wang Wen and the others wanted to use the teleportation array to go to the front line.

The price was clearly stated—ten people would cost three magic crystals.

The people there were very honest.

They truthfully informed him that there were two magical crystals—one for the activation energy and one for the handling fee.

Wang Wen was too embarrassed to bargain with the old man because his white beard and hair were quivering as if he were about to die.

He asked about what those people were doing and why they were gathered around the stone pillar to activate it.

Ma Changsi explained that they were training their spiritual power.

The top magicians on the continent created the stone pillar.

It could drain a persons spiritual power in a matter of seconds while causing no harm to anyone else.

The longer a person could endure it, the higher the amount of spiritual power recovered.

For mages, the greater their spiritual power, the faster they can cast magic and the greater their power.

As a result, it became a daily requirement for the mages.

Wang Wens curiosity was piqued when he heard that.

He quickly confirmed whether there would be any side effects from that training method.

The old man gave him a strange look, indicating that all magicians on the entire continent trained like that, and he had not heard of any aftereffects for many years.

Aside from minor side effects like dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, which would occur when the mind ran out of energy, it would cause no harm to the body.

Wang Wen was ecstatic.

If what that person said was correct, then that type of training was far more comfortable than the time-limited secret room!

“Excuse me, can we try that stone pillar” he asked the old man again.

“Will we perish if we continue to persist after the spiritual energy has been drained”


Before the old man could say anything, a tall and slender female mage standing next to him, who appeared to be mixed-race, burst out laughing.

She looked at Mo Ran and the others watching the stone pillar on the other side with interest.

She addressed Wang Wen, saying, “I recommend you put away your boring curiosity.

Its not a game.

It is a method of training for professional mages.

You will not die if your spiritual power is drained, but you will suffer greatly.

That sense of living a life worse than death was bound to cast a long shadow!”

Wang Wen liked to listen to the main points of peoples conversations.

He heard the words, not dying, from the other persons words, so he got the answer.

He cheerfully said to the woman, “Okay, thank you.”

The woman was stunned.

After Wang Wen thanked her, he rubbed his hands together as he looked at Ma Changsi and asked, “Then can I try it now I wont disturb others, right”

He had a fearless attitude.

Ma Changsi was very kind.

He kindly expressed that there were no restrictions on using the stone pillar, and anyone interested could try it.

Seeing that her kind advice was not taken seriously, the woman frowned and snorted.

She crossed her arms and made up her mind to watch the show.

After Wang Wen got the permission, he walked to the stone pillar excitedly, rolled up his sleeves, and put his hands on it.

The surrounding people only saw him put his hands on it, and his entire body seemed to freeze.

He stood there motionlessly, and his expression did not change for a long time.

They would have assumed the Body Immobilizing Bead had hit him if it had not been for the occasional blink of his eyelids.

Ma Changsi, who was beside him, looked at Wang Wen with a smile.

At first, it was still an encouraging look.

After more than ten seconds, he began to doubt.

Half a minute had passed.

The people around the stone pillar had already changed several times.

Wang Wen was still sticking close to the stone pillar and performing.

The female mages expression turned from disdain to shock.

Ma Changsi thought there was something wrong with the stone pillar that Wang Wen touched.

He gently pointed at the stone pillar beside Wang Wens palm.

In an instant, his eyes rolled back as if he had been electrocuted.

He hurriedly stepped back and asked Wang Wen in puzzlement, “Are you okay”

Thus, everyone saw that Wang Wen had finally moved.

He slowly nodded and replied, “Yes, Im fine.”

Ma Changsi became even more curious.

He asked, “Are you still persisting Your spiritual power hasnt been sucked dry yet”

Wang Wen slowly nodded.

“Its empty.”

Ma Changsi was anxious.

“Then, arent you sick Arent you in pain”

Wang Wen nodded slowly.

“Its alright.”

As they spoke, more than ten seconds passed.

Ma Changsi and all the other mages who saw that scene were stunned.

No one could last so long on the god-absorbing stone!

Not even the top mages from the mainland who created that god-absorbing stone could do it!

The person who lasted the longest in history only did it for 12 seconds!

According to legend, the person who set the record fainted after 12 seconds due to excruciating pain.

An average person can only last three seconds.

Powerful mages who had spent a long time training could only last six to ten seconds.

In the Mage Association, most people like Ma Changsi would only last five seconds.

When he was in good shape, he could last seven seconds.

However, he had gotten old.

His condition was getting worse.

His best hope in life was to see a young man break his record on the siphon stone.

He wanted to be the pride of the association.

He wanted to tell the world that his association could also produce powerful mages.

It was a pity that he had not been able to fulfill that wish.

Gradually, Ma Changsi also gave up hope.

He no longer had unrealistic expectations.

Every day, he quietly watched the mages in the association hug the stone pillar for three to five seconds before retreating in pain.

His heart was as still as water.

However, what was happening in front of him

That outsider had been hugging the stone pillar for almost a minute!

The key was that he was not even a mage!

For the first time, Ma Changsi felt that he had gotten old, so old that he could no longer understand the changes in that world.

The female mage next to him looked constipated.

She felt that there must be something wrong with that!

Perhaps the other person did not train well enough, and his spiritual energy was insufficient to attract the Divine Stones attention.

Yes! That must be the case!

That guys expression did not seem to be in the least bit of pain.

It was possible that the divine stone had no effect on him, which was why he was able to stand there.

It looked very scary, but in reality, nothing had happened.


The female mage felt proud of her knowledge.

However, she had only been proud for less than two seconds when she noticed with horror that Wang Wen, who was standing beside the stone pillar, had a nosebleed!

A mage who had stepped away from the stone pillar walked to Ma Changsis side.

First, he looked at the female mage, who was in a daze, then he pointed at the stone pillar and stuttered, “Chief, whats wrong with that person Whats he up to Is he cultivating his spiritual energy”

It was not his fault for asking such a question.

Wang Wen did not look like he was enduring pain to cultivate his spiritual power.

Instead, he looked like he was in love with the god-sucking Stone.

He hugged it tightly and did not let go.

Ma Changsi stiffly twisted his neck and looked around.

All the mages looked as if they had seen a ghost made of sh*t.

Their emotions had gone beyond the scope of surprise.

It was so complicated that they did not even know how to express it in words.

It was as if their worldview was collapsing.

It was just like an ordinary person eating a bowl of rice.

Eating an extra bowl would be considered reasonable if they met someone with a good appetite.

Then, a big eater showed off and ate five or six or more bowls of rice in one go.

Everyone was amazed and said, “Wow, so amazing, so delicious.”

Suddenly, someone in front of them ate an entire pot of rice.

No, according to the scale, that was eaten in barrels.

It was a large round barrel with more than a hundred liters capacity.

Other people used it for bathing, but that person used it to hold rice and eat it!

He could not stop eating!

What was that He could not keep up with the speed even if he ate and pooped simultaneously!

He was not eating but performing magic, right

He had crossed over the boundary!

It completely exceeded the definition of amazing.

It was absolutely horrifying!

Seeing how the Mage Association members were about to commit suicide one by one…

Mo Ran could not bear it.

He approached the stone pillar and attempted to touch it.

He stepped aside, shook his head, and rubbed his temples after a while.

He turned to face Ma Changsi and the female mage, who were staring at him, and said solemnly, “Why dont you guys go back to your work If that stone only had that level of pain…”

Mo Ran turned to look at Wang Wen, whose nose was bleeding but whose eyes were glowing as if he had been enjoying himself.

Mo Ran said somewhat speechlessly, “He can play until Hes hungry.”


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