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Chapter 116: More Than 3,300 Cups Of White Melon Juice

Wang Wen was struck by how frequently the people there used the phrase front line.

His heart skipped a beat.

He patted Mo Ran on the shoulder and comforted him.

“Dont worry; there will definitely be fights.”

Mo Ran spread his hands helplessly and said, “How are we going to fight Are you going to fight”

Wang Wen smiled, walked to the bar counter, and nodded slightly to the horsehead man and the cat lady.

He said sincerely, “Im sorry.

We are from the countryside and dont understand the rules.

I heard that if we want to join the army, we need to go to the front line.

May I ask where we can find the city lord”

The horsehead man grinned and said, “Dont mind us.

When you leave, take a left turn, and you will see the tallest building in the city center.

Thats the city lords mansion.

Hes usually there.”

“Thank you!” Wang Wen asked, “Was it okay for us to go there directly Would it be rude to go directly to the city lord Is there a department responsible for army recruitment, or do we need an introducer”

The horsehead man shook his head and said, “Just speak to the guards.”

Wang Wen thanked him again and nodded at the cat lady, who had been looking at him curiously.

Then, he turned around and led everyone out of the tavern.

When they arrived, there was no need to look for the road paved with large stone slabs.

They could see the most magnificent building in the city if they looked to the left.

They did not stop and went straight for the city lords mansion.

When they arrived at the tall iron gate, six armored guards were standing to the left and right, wielding axes and halberds.

Wang Wen chose the nearest guard and spoke with him, “Please pass the message that we are here to register as soldiers.”

The guard looked at him and then at the people behind him.

He nodded and said, “Wait a moment.”

After saying that, he turned around and opened the door.

Halfway through, the ax was still stuck on the door.

He awkwardly struggled to the left and right a few times before he barely managed to get in.

Wang Wen and the remaining guards stared at each other for a while.

The other five were embarrassed by his gaze and looked away.

Wang Wen thought to himself as he observed their standing posture and the hand gestures with which they held their weapons, “Even the city lords mansions guards are nobodies.

The decent ones have gone to the front lines, as expected.

What happened here”

Not long after that…

The one who had entered the door came out again, leading everyone in to meet the city lord.

After passing through a few passages, Wang Wen and the others followed the guards to the hall in the mansion.

The city lord, who was wearing a brocade robe and a cake-shaped crown, was sitting in the main seat of the hall.

He was talking to a few armored subordinates beside him.

When he saw them, he raised his eyes and nodded as a greeting.

A person wearing a bright red cloak walked forward and smiled at Wang Wen.

“Brave warriors, you must have had a hard time.

Im Chief of the Guards, Bei Daokan.

Youre here to register as a soldier, right Please follow me.”

Wang Wen, Mo Ran, and the others nodded.

Everyone followed Bei Daokan to the long table at the side and signed on a large piece of animal skin.

Perhaps it was because the battle was too intense, but there was no need to ask anything to register.

All they needed to do was to record their name and hometown.

Wang Wen deliberately made things difficult for them.

He said that he came from the First Consortiums intelligence department.

Who knew that the other party would fill in that information without any change in expression

He was not at all curious about what the First Consortium was or what the intelligence department was.

Mo Ran secretly poked Wang Wens back from behind, protesting that he should not use the groups name recklessly, to show that he was not respectful enough.

In the end, he was at a loss when it was his turn to register.

After thinking for a long time, he still mumbled, “First Consortiums intelligence department.”

Bei Daokan happily chatted with them, “It seems like all of you are from the same hometown.

How rare.”

Mo Rans face darkened when he heard that, but he did not know how to refute it.

He shook his head and retreated.

The simple registration process ended very quickly.

Bei Daokan explained with a heavy expression.

That registration was to facilitate matters such as compensation for those who died on the battlefield.

When Wang Wen heard him say that, he took the opportunity to inquire about the situation on the so-called front line.

After that inquiry, he heard some good news.

Bei Daokan said that the demon army at the front line that jumped out from another worlds portal seemed endless.

The allied troops resisted day and night but were continuously defeated.

The demons constantly broke through many temporary defensive fortresses; the failure of that piece of land could happen in the blink of an eye.

After Mo Ran heard it, he was overjoyed!

He happily pulled Wang Wen and whispered that as long as they went to the front line, they would have a good time.

Wang Wen asked Bei Daokan how to get to the front line.

Bei Daokan recommended that there would be a special convoy to the front line every day, and the journey would take about a month.

They only needed to bring their own dry rations, and they could travel the entire journey without paying an extra penny.

That method was undoubtedly what most people liked, but it was too long for the tower climbers.

Wang Wen and Mo Ran frowned and shook their heads.

The other party suggested that the airship would be faster, and they would arrive in about ten days.

The two of them still shook their heads.

It was still too long.

The World Tower would reset in two days.

At that point, everyones progress on the tower would vanish, and their efforts would be futile.

When Bei Daokan realized that even the airship could not satisfy that group of warriors, he paused and said hesitantly, “There is a quicker way.

Its quite pricey.”

He introduced it to them.

The Mage Association had a kind of long-distance teleportation array.

Through that teleportation array, one could instantly reach the closest Mage Association to the front lines and then walk from there to the battlefield in time for a meal.

It was expensive.

Extremely expensive.

The Mage Association did not charge in points but only magic crystals.

A magic crystal would cost at least ten gold coins in the auction houses auction record.

Gold coins!

It was not copper coins.

A cup of white melon juice cost three copper coins in the last tavern where they had appeared.

According to the local currency, one gold coin was worth 100 silver coins or 10,000 copper coins.

It was the equivalent of over 3,300 cups of white melon juice!

It would have been considered a casual drink if Mo Ran had thrown out a gold coin at the time.

Finally, a magical crystal piece would cost ten gold coins.

Wang Wen mentally calculated the prices outside the tower.

He estimated that a gold coin would have 20,000 to 30,000 points of purchasing power.

Mo Ran said to Wang Wen, “That is much faster than taking a bus or an airplane.”

Everyone took the military enlistment certificate that Bei Daokan issued in place of the city lord.

After bidding farewell to the city lord, who did not ask any questions, they left the mansion.

They followed the route that Bei Daokan pointed out to find the Mage Association and the specific teleportation fee.

Just as they reached the door.

From inside the wooden door, they could hear girls screams and mens roars.

Wang Wen and the others exchanged glances.

Mo Rans eyes glowed.

He pushed open the door, rolled up his sleeves, and rushed in.

He was about to commence a massacre.

He was surprised to see a crowd in the room gathered around a stone pillar several meters tall.

At least five people were hugging it, stretching their hands outward in an orderly manner.

A group of people, young and old, men and women, had gathered.

They were so enraged that their faces were flushed, and their veins bulged.

Every now and then, a woman would scream in agony as she covered her head and retreated.

Someone from the outside stepped forward right away to take her place.

Occasionally, a man would clench his teeth and roar, his head drenched in sweat as he persisted.

From the looks of that group of people, they appeared to be all willing.

Nothing forced happened.

Mo Ran dropped his fist, his face filled with regret.


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