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Chapter 115: The 200th Floor, A New World

Many people were perplexed by the mood of Wang Wens team.

Chen Hansheng had the same problem.

He could not figure out how Mo Ran and Wang Wen got along.

Since childhood, the Boai Groups director had been taught that birds of a feather flock together.

Clearly, Mo Ran and Wang Wen were two very different people.

One was on the 439th floor.

The other was on the 140th floor.

How could they be the same type

Yet, the two of them got along very well.

Something abnormal must be going on!

Chen Hansheng gritted his teeth and thought something fishy was happening between those two.

So he stopped speculating and even stopped talking.

He quietly entered observation mode.

That observation.

They had reached the 200th floor.

With Mo Rans strength, everyone reached the 200th floor on Thursday evening.

Wang Wens team barely climbed 100 floors in the first three days.

After Mo Ran joined their team, they climbed 100 floors in a day.

As everyones tacit understanding increased, their speed also improved.

If they could maintain that speed, by that weekend, they should be able to climb to the 500th floor.

Of course, that was just a guess.

Leaving aside the issue of physical strength, maintaining a constant speed in terms of tower level and strength was impossible.

Mo Ran had only reached the 439th floor.

The extreme violent levels within the first 200 floors might be manageable, but climbing more than 200 floors would be difficult.

After all, the checkpoints environment would change every 100 floors.

The checkpoints and enemies they encountered every 100th floor were considered normal.

Humans, for example, used knives, guns, and clubs.

Apart from firearms, the most they would face was a helicopter.

However, starting from the 200th floor, even their worldview would change!

Similar to what Wang Wen and the others witnessed at the time

The 200th checkpoint opened.

The surroundings gradually became clear, and everyone found themselves standing in a wooden bar that resembled a retro medieval tavern as the surroundings became clear.

Behind them, a human-shaped object with a horses head was wiping a cup while pretending to be a waiter.

There was also a petite woman with a cats head leaning against the bar counter, chatting with a strange-looking thing on the other side.

After a while, a minotaur in armor ran over from the nearby round table.

He grabbed a few coins with his hooves and tossed them on the wooden bar counter.

“Another glass of blackcurrant,” he said sternly.

Mo Rans eyes moved.

He turned and looked at Wang Wen.

Wang Wen knew what he was trying to say.

Without any translation tools, the language could speak on its own.

It was a special level!

He did not speak, quietly observing his surroundings.

The horsehead man poured a thick black liquid inside the bar counter, which was obviously not a fruit, into a large wooden cup.

The minotaur silently took the cup, turned around, and walked back to the round table.

He clinked his cup with a few other minotaurs, who were also wearing armor and standing upright.

He raised his head and gulped down the black liquid, and a human-like smile appeared on his face that was still covered in black foam.

Wang Wen thought for a moment and summoned the drone to check on the progress targets.

He realized that all the creatures were progress targets.

Mo Ran tightened the glove in his hand and did not move.

It was not because he was soft-hearted.

It was because he did not know how to kill those creatures that did not show any malicious intent.

Previously, even if he were in a hurry to use his ultimate skill, he would still be facing monsters that were the first to show their fangs and spit venom to send out the attack signal in advance.

Those creatures that looked like humans had languages.

They were just living a normal life.

They did not attack the tower climbers.

It would still be good if the other party took out their weapons and glared at them.

Unfortunately, there was nothing.

They completely ignored that group of outsiders and only cared about their businesses.

Mo Ran was very angry.

He wanted a reason.

Or an excuse.

Any excuse for him to kill.

So he walked to the bar counter and asked the horsehead man, “Do you have any beer”

The horsehead man said kindly, “There are two kinds—dark beer and barley.

Which do you want”

Mo Ran thought for a moment and said, “I dont drink alcohol.

Do you have any juice”

The horsehead man smiled and said, “Theres plenty of juice.

Orange, guava, passion fruit.

Heres the price list.

Which one do you want”

It took a wooden board from the bar counter.

There were lines of words carved on it.

The checkpoints language transformed those words into words commonly used by viewers.

Mo Ran saw the names of various drinks and juices he had not seen before.

He chose one at random and asked someone to serve it to him.

The horsehead man lowered his head and took the cup.

At the same time, he said, “Thank you for your patronage.

White melon juice costs three copper coins.

Do you need anything else”

Mo Ran shook his head.

“That was it.

“Hurry up; Im thirsty.”

Ma Ran smiled and said, “You can drink it when you pay the bill.”

“Cant you give it to me first Im dying of thirst!” Mo Ran pretended to be angry.

Unexpectedly, the horsehead man still insisted on smiling and said, “Its a small business.

Please pay the bill first.”

“Stop nagging, or I will tear your stall apart! !”

Mo Ran slammed his hand on the table a few times, and his voice grew louder.

The horsehead man did not believe him.

But it did not continue arguing.

He smiled and introduced the guest, asking, “Youre from outside the city, right The mercenary union is right across the street.

If you are short on money, you can go there to try your luck.

There are many easy, small missions.

If you want to make a lot of money, you can go to the city lord to sign up for the army.

The war on the front lines seems to last forever.

A warrior like you will be very popular.”

Mo Ran slammed his hand on the table angrily and shouted, “Are you laughing at me for being poor”

Cat Lady, who was sitting next to him, turned around and glanced at him.

She threw a few coins at the bar counter and indifferently said to the horsehead man, “Ill treat him to his share.

Bring it to him.”

Mo Ran felt that he had seized the opportunity and hurriedly shouted at Cat Lady, “What does this have to do with you Why do you look like you have a lot of money”

“Im not mocking you,” the horsehead man said as he carried a cup of white foamy liquid to Mo Ran.

“Its just that this is business; its not shameful to earn money.

Miss Lena was also helping you out of kindness.

Heres your white melon juice; please enjoy.”

Mo Ran was stunned.

He looked at the horsehead man; it was grinning.

Then he looked at Cat Lady, who looked indifferent.

He asked the two of them, “Arent you angry that Im causing trouble Dont you want to beat me up”

“Youre a guest from afar.

Youre too funny.” The horsehead man smiled and shook his head.

He held a cup in his hand and slowly wiped it as if what had just happened was just a regular thing.

Cat Lady tilted her upper body and leaned against the table.

She smiled and said, “The brave warriors have all gone to the front line.

Those who came back to rest must be exhausted.

My heart aches that I havent had the time to be angry with you.

If you want to drink anything else, feel free to ask.

Theres no need to be polite.”

At that time, a minotaur also came over.

He dropped a few coins and shouted, “Blackcurrant.”

Then, he looked at the stunned Mo Ran and said in a rough voice, “Dont be disheartened, Buddy.

Eat and drink to replenish your energy.

Later, well beat those hateful guys back to the other side.”

Mo Ran was dumbfounded.

He opened his mouth speechlessly.

He returned to Wang Wens side with his head lowered.

He smiled bitterly and said, “I cant beat this round.

Im trash.

I cant do it!”


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