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Chapter 112: A Simple Remote-controlled Mini-missile Heat-pressure Warhead

The captain was kind enough not to mention it.

However, he could not deny it.

An ignorant person could not go far.

Zhu Xingguo realized how wrong he was.

He immediately ran to Wang Wen and kowtowed, calling to acknowledge him as his master.

Wang Wen smiled as he helped him up.

“Theres no problem in acknowledging me as your master, but Im only an entry-level master in mechanism techniques.

Theres not much I can teach you.

If you want to develop in this field, its best if you find a Broken Might-level master to teach you.

That way, youll have more room for growth.”

Zhu Xingguo was dumbfounded.

Was he accepting or rejecting him

He looked at Ren Ruoruo in a daze.

Ren Ruoruo did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She said, “Captain is being modest.

How many mechanism masters are there Hurry and call him master!”

“Oh!” Zhu Xingguo quickly knelt.

“Master, please accept your disciple!”

Wang Wen patted Zhu Xingguos shoulder and said, “To be honest, I had not planned to accept a disciple.”

He remembered his previous lifes team leader of the intelligence department, who was also his disciple and friend.

Of course, he was the next team leader after Mo Ran.

At that time, Mo Ran had left the First Consortium for unknown reasons, so the two did not have much contact.

On the contrary, the next team leader respected Wang Wen very much.

After consulting him a few times about climbing the tower, he called him master very frequently.

Wang Wens original plan in that new life was to keep working for the First Consortium and then find a way to get back in touch with his disciple.

He did not expect to take in a disciple during that climb.

Perhaps that was fate.

He was destined to live differently from his previous life.

He had to walk a new path and meet some new people.

He looked at Zhu Xingguo and said, “Since you and I are fated to have this relationship, I shall accept it.

As long as you are loyal and dutiful, dont betray me, and dont do anything that will affect my reputation, no matter how difficult the climb will be, I will bring you up there.

I will teach you wholeheartedly if you want to learn mechanism techniques.”

Zhu Xingguo replied happily, “I will remember that, Master!”

The master-disciple relationship between the tower climbers was crucial.

It was unlike the teachers and students at the academy who were teaching in large groups.

The tower climbers relationship with their students was vital to their lives.

After entering the World Tower, the relationship between a master and a disciple was the same as between family and loved ones.

It was far more important than any ordinary teammates relationship, and there would be a great deal of trust.

If someone betrayed the master-disciple relationship, once discovered, he would no longer be able to stand between the tower climbers.

All tower climbers would spit on him or even wait for an opportunity to destroy him.

That relationship was the last refuge in the tower climbers hearts.

Ren Ruoruo could not help but snicker when he saw the twos strange appearance.

Wang Wen was not considered short, standing at around 1.75 meters, but his figure was not strong enough, making him appear thin and small.

On the other hand, Zhu Xingguo was 1.8 meters tall.

In addition to his tall and sturdy physique, he looked like a bull.

Wang Wen had just left the academy not long ago.

He was barely 20 years old.

His features were delicate and fair and full of a scholarly aura.

On the other hand, Zhu Xingguo was around 31 years old.

After climbing the tower for many years, he had trained his skin to be rough and thick.

His tanned skin and unkempt beard made him look completely boorish.

Those two people…

One was tall, and one was short.

One was strong, and one was thin.

One was big, and one was small.

In the end, the small man patted the big mans shoulder.

The big man had the appearance of a child who had been praised.

He was happy and shyly smiling.

Ren Ruanrou snickered at the scene that appeared to be upside down.

It was eye-opening.

It went completely unnoticed by the two people involved.

Perhaps because they were accustomed to Wang Wens youth and maturity, even Mo Ran did not see anything wrong with that scene.

He even approached Wang Wen and asked, expressionless, “Do you think we are friends”

Wang Wen was stunned.

“Yes, of course.”

After hearing that…

Mo Ran immediately smiled and drew Zhu Xingguo close.

He said happily, “Congratulations, old friend, on accepting a disciple.

I have nothing valuable to offer your disciple.

As a welcome gift, take a rare item!”

He then took an item from the drone and handed it to Zhu Xingguo.

It was a simple remote-controlled mini-missile heat-pressure warhead, a rare item from the 300th floor.

The item was designed for small-scale destruction.

Zhu Xingguo held the missile in his hands and was dumbfounded.

Ren Ruoruo, who was watching from the side, was also petrified.

She had seen gifts before, but she had never seen a rare item from the 300th floor.

That items market value would be at least a million dollars!

The key was that it was something that could only be found by chance.

Rare items were not sold every day in the relic market.

Wang Wen said unhappily, “Old Mo, restrain yourself.

Thats my disciple, not yours.”

“I know, I know.” Mo Ran waved his hand symbolically.

He did not even look back as he focused on teaching Zhu Xingguo how to use the remote control to control the missile.

Zhu Xingguo listened obediently.

Wang Wen felt as if the disciple he had just taken in was about to be kidnapped.

He quickly said, “Lets go.

Lets continue to attack the tower!”

Thus, in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Everyone successfully stepped onto the 110th floor.

During that time, Wang Wen, who had a new disciple, felt at ease as he ate the skill stone.

After a period of dizziness, the skill stone disappeared, and his poison-making skills improved.

It was as if a brand new world had opened up before his eyes.

The 110th floor was an extreme level.

There was progress to be made.

Before the checkpoint opened, everyone waited for another tower climber.

There was a bar.

There were many strange-looking, masked men jumping around on the spot.

The noise they made was enough to make ones scalp tingle.

There were even malicious assassins who would stab anyone they saw with their daggers.

Wang Wen gave the order.

Mo Ran charged ahead first, followed by Ren Ruoruo.

Zhu Xingguo waved his hand and threw a mechanism, causing poison arrows to bloom all over the place.

Wang Wen finished a cup of black coffee in fifteen minutes.

The assassins were all dead, and the bar was on the verge of collapsing.

The entrance to the next floor opened.

Not only would ordinary people be scared, but even the substitute teammate would be too.

[The 110th floor is completed].

It was Wang Wens turn to perform from the 111th to the 119th floors.

That was the strategy agreed the team had decided upon.

Wang Wen worked harder on the scattered floors.

Mo Ran did more on the extreme floor.

It was good that no one suffered.

As for Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, they did not need to separate the tasks.

They helped whenever they could, on whichever level they had work.

On the 120th floor, they fought monsters in the snow.

Apart from the threat of the enemy, there was also the threat of the environment.

Fortunately, the monster was a real monster.

It had a strong body and thick fur.

Mo Ran would jump and fight the monster in front of him, occasionally throwing the monsters whole body.

Then, Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo began to peel off the thick fur diligently.

After they were done, they spread the fur on the snow.

Wang Wen stepped forward and evenly sprinkled a layer of powder on it.

The two of them then began to rub the snow vigorously.

The magical powder would expel all kinds of insects that could not be seen with the naked eye from the fur.

It would absorb all the blood and stains and then be rubbed into the snow pile.

They worked well together, and it did not take long for them to complete a clean, snow-white fur coat.

Then, they threw it to the summoned water stone giant, who covered it with its palm for a while.

All the water had dried.

Finally, they used the water stone giant hand to pat it heavily a few times, and the fur coat became dry and fluffy.

It was very warm for them.

After the three of them put on the fur coat, Wang Wen waved to Mo Ran, who was fighting monsters in front, and said, “Are you done Its time to go to the next level, right”

Mo Ran turned around and saw that the three of them were all dressed warmly, except for himself, who was so cold that his hands and nose were red.

His mind was on fire.

He pointed at Wang Wen and growled, “Didnt you get me one”

“Arent we going to the next level soon” Wang Wens tone was like he was coaxing a child.

“Arent we wasting materials if its not cold Dont glare at me.

If you want one, Ill get one for you.”


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