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Chapter 111: Unspoken Kindness

He used the most genuine tone to say something that would drive people insane.

Ren Ruoruos brain would probably be on fire if it had not been for Zhu Xingguo, who was familiar with Wang Wens character and understood his personality.

[The 100th-floor level is completed.]

That floor deserved to be one of the extreme floors.

Mo Ran, who had reached the 439th floor, might become depressed and uneasy.

It also made Wang Wen feel drained.

He simply wanted to find a quiet place to rest, eat some food, and sleep.

It would be best if he had time to consume a skill stone or something.

After that, everyones teamwork improved, but the difficulty also increased.

After the 100th floor.

Even the ordinary scattered layers had different changes.

The first was the speed mechanism.

Unlike the usual uniform speed, it was random.

It was possible to speed up or slow down.

It was okay if it slowed down, but it was deadly when it sped up.

Who could withstand the sudden acceleration

Therefore, most tower climbers would rather run faster and leave more room for buffer than risk their lives to bet on the change.

Wang Wen was the same.

They did not dare to run next when they encountered the speed mechanism.

In addition, apart from the different changes in the regular variations, the frequency of the irregular variations also increased.

There were even some variants that Wang Wen did not remember.

For example, there was an explosive-type secret room on the 106th floor.

The tower climbers would use their materials on hand to make explosives, which they would then use to blast their way up the tower within the time limit.

If they exceeded the time limit, everyone would be squashed by the slowly closing stone wall.

If the explosives were not appropriately made, the power would be too small to blast the tunnel open, and there would be no chance of a second set of materials.

However, if the power was too great, they might hurt themselves.

Most importantly…

Who the hell knew how to make explosives

It was not like they were shooting a movie or writing a novel!

Was everyones level of craftsmanship so high

The key to that thing was not in the mechanism or poison-making techniques, right

Wang Wen and Mo Ran frowned.

In the end, it was still the scientific decipherment master, Ren Ruoruo, who tried to use her knowledge to make the explosives.

The explosives were created and successfully detonated.

However, the power was insufficient and only created a small hole in the stone slab blocking the passage.

The stone wall was about to crush everyone into meat paste.

Wang Mo and Ren Ruoruo could not hold on any longer.

They joined their hands and used their ultimate skill to blast away the stone slab blocking the path, layer by layer, breaking through the 106th floor.

After the event.

Both of them felt embarrassed.

As everyone knew, the scattered levels needed some skills to complete.

As long as they were skilful, they could definitely break through it, and it did not require much violence.

In other words, once one used violence in the scattered levels, it meant that ones skills were insufficient.

One must not have mastered the basic elements.

Or ones observational skills were not good enough.

Or ones brain was not good enough.

Or one could not make explosives.

Wang Wen and Mo Ran lost because they did not know how to make explosives.

That made them feel very humiliated.

They decided to learn how to make explosives after they got out of the tower so that they could get even if they ever ran into problems like that again.

On the other hand, Zhu Xingguo, who did not know much, suddenly became extremely interested in mechanism techniques after some unknown stimulation.

Every time he rested, he would carefully ask Wang Wen about his knowledge of mechanism techniques and fiddle with the small parts that had been dismantled from the secret room along the way.

He was stupid and did not understand there was a fee for asking for advice.

Knowledge was a tower climbers most valuable treasure!

He did not realize how precious Wang Wens mechanisms were.

He only thought that teammates should help each other.

He remembered the good things about the captain.

Finally, Wang Wens personality was strange.

He simply did not mention money because the other party did not mention it.

He simply let it go, regardless of whether the other party did not understand the rules.

He patiently taught whatever Zhu Xingguo asked.

He did not try to hide anything.

Finally, Ren Ruoruo could not stand it anymore.

While Wang Wen and Mo Ran were discussing a certain level, Ren Ruoruo pulled Zhu Xingguo to the side and asked him softly, “Are you planning to take Captain as your teacher”

“What” Zhu Xingguo was still fiddling with the mechanisms in his hands.

He looked at her in a daze.

“Thats fine too.

I can do that.”

“Oh, my god.” Ren Ruoruo held her forehead.

She felt a slight pain in her temples.

“Should I say that youre innocent or stupid”

She saw that Zhu Xingguo was still confused, so she patiently explained, “You know that what youre asking Captain for is a mechanism technique, right”

Zhu Xingguo nodded.

He knew that.

After all, he was someone who had reached the 100th floor.

Ren Ruoruo said unhappily, “Since you know that its a mechanism technique, will you formally acknowledge him as your teacher, or will you pay for the information”

“What Im just curious about the solution to a few traps.

I just asked about it casually.

I have no plans to learn the techniques in detail,” Zhu Xingguo said weakly.

Actually, he was already aware that there was a problem.

As the teams first brainwashed member, it was just that he was accustomed to the atmosphere of knowledge-sharing within the group.

He did not think too much about the significance of the techniques.

It was one of the five basic skills of tower climbing.

It was the core skill of all tower climbers.

No one would complain that their mechanism techniques had improved.

No one would be willing to teach others the mechanism techniques they had painstakingly mastered for no reason.

Unless it was their own loved ones,

Other catches had different solutions.

Even the same type of trap had all kinds of strange variations.

Each tower climber had their own mechanism techniques.

Even if it was the same mechanism, there was a difference in efficiency and safety in different peoples hands.

Some people preferred to disassemble the linkage components first, while others chose to dismantle the energy supply components first.

The people who dismantled the linkage components were faster, but it was possible to detonate once every 100 times.

The people who dismantled the energy supply components were slow and inefficient, but even after 10,000 attempts, it would not explode.

Was it possible that the person who enjoyed disassembling the power supply unit was safer and more powerful than the former

Of course not.

The ineffective dismantling of the mechanism occasionally killed people.

The Life Harvester on the 69th floor was the most common example.

Someone else predicted that the fast one would explode.

Even if the likelihood was low, there was still a risk.

It was safer to go with the slower option.

The worst-case scenario was to leave the tower, regardless of which floor required more time.

Could they not just slow down

Could they not simply take the safest route

At the very least, they would not be killed by the explosion, right

That was true.

There was nothing wrong with making a conservative choice for safety.

Unfortunately, the service was occasionally subpar.

The World Tower had 1,000 floors.

It would reset every week after 168 hours.

Those who were less efficient would naturally be on lower floors than those who were more efficient.

It was just like the old adage.

If one laughed at XXs premature death, XX would laugh at ones lack of f*cking wit.

For adults, there was no right or wrong.

It was a way of life to live to be old.

For half a lifetime, seeking victory in danger and wealth was also a way of life.

Most would not comment on which way of life was better but only on how the mechanism was dismantled.

What if someone could ensure efficiency while decreasing the likelihood of an explosion

Or was it to ensure safety while improving efficiency

That would be a completely different result.

Its still the same example.

Suppose that the person who dismantled the energy supply component had a way to make the speed faster than the person who dismantled the linkage component.

Safety would not cause any explosion, and its efficiency was high.

How was that reasonable

How would one do it

A one-of-a-kind talent that could not be replicated elsewhere.

Every tower climbers primary skill was mechanism technique!

Want to learn it Pay up.

Adults did not talk about right and wrong; they only talked about benefits.

At that moment, Zhu Xingguo asked Wang Wen for advice on his unique skill sets.

He had not paid yet.

“Whether you want to learn mechanism technique or not, that knowledge is a treasure.

Captain is kind, so he doesnt mention it.

Why didnt you say anything”

Ren Ruoruo looked at him helplessly.

“Dont tell me you plan to keep asking for free.”


Zhu Xingguo felt as if a bolt of lightning had flashed through his mind.

He finally realized what he had done.

That was like reading pirated novels on the Internet in the real world.

If the author was kind enough not to mention it, could one continue reading it for free


Of course, most would do that.

It was too expensive to read a legitimate novel.

A regular reader would finish up to a hundred books in a month.

Their credit cards would be maxed out if they had to pay for all the books.

It was nice to go to the official website and leave a little encouragement and support for the author in the comments.


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