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Chapter 105: Piety

To eat seafood, one must keep the ingredients alive until the last possible moment before cooking.

That will make it fresh and sweet.

If the ingredients were killed early, it would be bitter.

The bitter taste intensified with age.

They were unsure if the caves little creatures understood that rule and regarded the human body as valuable and delicious seafood.

They had not killed Ren Ruoruo.

Wang Wen casually kicked the group of small creatures to the front of the stone slab, confirming that she had just passed out.

Her other vital signs were normal.

That method astounded him greatly.

As poison master, he was well aware that there was frequently only a minor difference between being poisoned and being poisoned to death.

Controlling the fine line between the two requires a high level of achievement.

He had the ability to poison the small bats in the Square Formation.

However, the extent of the coma could not be compromised.

If it were not enough, the subject would wake up.

If it were more, the subject could be killed.

For example, Ren Ruoruo, who was transported to the cave in one breath and was even stripped naked and groped, was in a deep coma.

He knew that he could not do it at his current level.

He looked at the two combat masters guarding the little creature and kicking them out of the cave like soccer balls.

Wang Wen nodded and sat down by the stone slab.

He examined Ren Ruoruos body, looking for the wound.

He soon noticed a small purplish-black patch on her ankle.

He frowned.

He calculated the distance from her ankle to her heart and even her brain.

An incredible feeling welled in his heart.

How potent was the poison to render a person unable to call for help over such a long distance

And, with such a potent poison, how could they be certain that she would only be rendered unconscious and not die

The more Wang Wen thought about it, chills ran down his spine, and beads of sweat formed on his brow.

That was the first time he took out a rubber glove and carefully put it on.

He drank some kind of powder mixed with some Body Health Water.

After some thought, he placed a strange-shaped leaf between his tongue and reached to touch Ren Ruoruos ankle.

He cut open the outer skin with a thin needle and stained it with blood.

He placed a white cloth on his hand and poured five different types of medicinal powder on it.

The blood-stained needle was gently placed on a small pinch of the powder.

The powder quickly turned purple-black from the point where it came into contact with the blood.

It was as if there was no resistance at all.

Wang Wens brow furrowed deeper as he observed the situation.

He dipped four thin needles into the blood and tested all of the remaining powder in a single breath.

The needles eventually turned purple and black.

Everything was wiped out.

He was deep in thought as he looked at the white cloth.

Mo Ran turned his head and saw that scene after kicking the little creatures until they squeaked.

He could not take it any longer.

He walked toward Ren Ruoruo.

He took a big gulp from a bottle of Body Health Water and sprayed it all over her face.

That action.

Wang Wen was not the only one who was taken aback.

Even the small creatures running around the cave to avoid being kicked were taken aback.

They stared blankly at the water vapor droplets floating around Ren Ruoruos head.

Their tiny eyes did not blink.

The squeaking sound inside and outside the cave vanished.

Zhu Xingguo turned his head in confusion.

He saw Wang Wen helplessly protecting the medicinal powder and saying to Mo Ran, “The poison was too deep.

Its useless for you to do that.”

“As long as she can regain a little bit of consciousness and leave the tower!” Mo Ran was unwilling to give up.

He summoned the drone and pulled a large box of Body Health Water.

He took two bottles and began to open them.

He poured them directly onto Ren Ruoruos face.

Wang Wen held his forehead helplessly and sighed.

“Why did you prepare so many bottles”

Mo Ran snorted as he poured.

“Cant I treat myself better after earning so much money I use those for drinking water.

There are nine boxes left in the storage.

Do you want to buy them at 10,000 points per bottle”

“Thank you.

Well, the price of 10,000 points for a bottle is really cheap.

Fortunately, I have one myself.”

While they were talking.

The water that fell from the sky was as clear as a waterfall.

It splattered onto Ren Ruoruos soft face, dispersing the ashes and revealing her pale skin.

There was no reaction after pouring two bottles.

Wang Wen took a clean shirt from his backpack and wrapped it around her.

“Be careful not to choke her to death,” he said as he wiped her mouth and nose with a clean cloth.

“Do you have any common sense!” Mo Ran was furious.

He was about to find a drone to dig out all her belongings and use a high-level prop to wake her up forcefully.

However, he was startled to hear a heartbreaking, long sound from the cave entrance.

That sound lasted for nearly ten seconds.

The sound was hoarse and continuous.

It sounded like a cuckoos blood cry and a lonely sparrows long cry.

Even though they did not speak the same language, the few tower climbers in the cave could not help but notice the sorrowful and desolate sound that could not be hidden.

Wang Wen and the other two were shocked to see the little creatures running around in the cave.

After a long squeak,all of them fell.

Their movements were neat.

They were moving in the same direction.

Their little heads were continuously knocking against the stone slab.

To be more precise, they were knocking against Mo Ran, who was holding two empty bottles in his hands.

When they looked out of the cave, they saw all the strange shapes that had rushed over to join the battle crawling on the ground.

They were tightly packed and well-organized.

Even the little creatures who had been kicked away and rolled back and forth in agony after landing on the ground seemed to have forgotten their misery.

They struggled to get up and lay down in the same direction while spitting blood and kowtowing.

As far as the eye could see, such commonplace piety gave off a vague sense of worship-like holiness.

Zhu Xingguo stopped his movements.

He could not bear continuing to attack the enemy, who was constantly kowtowing on the ground.

Mo Rans skills were high enough.

However, he was the target of numerous attacks at the time.

That seemingly solid piety was like thick glue that adhered to his body tightly, making movement difficult.

Wang Wen, the only person with a clear head, stood up.

He made his way to the caves entrance.

Among the monsters, he noticed an old thing that was just as small.

It was surrounded by a swarm of smaller, stronger creatures about the size of a basketball.

It gradually separated from the flock and took a step in front of him.

The little old thing was holding a wooden stick the length of a toothpick in its hand.

It spoke for a long time while pointing at the cave.

The all-rounded tower climber was proficient in many languages.

Wang Wen listened carefully for a long time, then took out a bottle of Body Health Water and babbled a few sentences to the little old thing.

The little old thing made another squeak that lasted for a few seconds.

The prostrating bodies around Wang Wen turned their heads and repeatedly began kowtowing in his direction.

Mo Ran instructed Zhu Xingguo to keep a close eye on Ren Ruoruo.

He approached Wang Wen and observed the smooth communication between him and the other person.

“You can understand that kind of ghostly pronunciation” he asked, his eyes widening.

Wang Wen turned to look at him and smiled disdainfully.

“I cant understand it.”

Mo Ran covered his heart and wanted to curse.

After holding it in for a while, he slapped himself hard.

His emotions calmed, and he continued to ask, “Then what were you doing now What did those monsters say”

Wang Wen turned to look at him again.

He raised the Body Health Water in his hand and shook it.

He smiled and said, “I dont know.”


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