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Chapter 101: Swindler

The World Towers levels were constantly changing.

Even if they were the same type, the tower levels would almost always differ between people.

However, no matter how many changes occurred, the skills required remained constant.

The more powerful the mechanism technique, the faster and safer it is to crack.

The illusions effect would be reduced as spiritual power increased.

On the hundredth floor, the requirements were actually quite low.

It was more like bullying a newbie.

Only inexperienced people would have difficulty.

For someone like Wang Wen, who had cultivated for many years, it would be challenging to cause him any trouble.

The level was not too difficult.

There was essentially no danger as long as one was cautious, not blind, did not underestimate the enemy, and did not make some basic mistakes.

The speed mechanism was located on the 71st floor.

Liu Bei took it upon himself to deal with it, gathering hundreds of special arrows with the ability to heal or poison.

His backpack could not hold everything, so he had no choice but to ask Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo to take a portion of it.

Apart from the arrows, he discovered that a small portion of the Square Formation mechanisms parts had worn out during the retrieval process.

Furthermore, because the poison powder was a pure consumable, the more of it was used, the less they would have.

Although the powder in the spitter mechanism was still superior, it could be used the next time it was retrieved.

It was simply impossible for the mechanism to accomplish that.

The melted powder would gradually deteriorate over time.

The reduction in medicinal effect was a minor issue.

They were concerned that the medicinal effect would become uncontrollable.

The person would pass out.

If he wanted to kill someone, he would lose consciousness.

Wang Wen worked very hard to get it back.

In the end, he could only recover about 20 percent of the amount.

His ammunition supply was running low.

He was in desperate need of replenishment.

The Survival in the Wild level had various traps that appeared deadly and dangerous; it was an excellent place for him to obtain additional weapons.

As an all-around tower climber, he would definitely use war to fuel his battle.

He would use other peoples ammunition to deal with other people.

As a result, Wang Wen was relieved to see those dangerous checkpoints that were a source of dismay for regular tower climbers.

He would love more checkpoints like the speed mechanism and the time-limited secret room—the more, the merrier.

Therefore, after the speed mechanism…

Wang Wen charged into the tower unhindered, happily collecting materials.

Until they reached the 80th floor, he still had some unfinished business.

Light flashed.

Wang Wen and the other two stood on the 80th floor.

Wang Wen was initially dissatisfied with the way he was gathering materials.

He was surprised and delighted to see the person waiting in the field and walked right up to them.

He called out to the person with a cold and delicate face, “Old Mo! Why are you here Why do you need a random team Did the Intelligence Department fire you” he asked excitedly.

Who else could the cold-faced man be

Mo Rans eyes were filled with surprise and excitement when he first saw Wang Wen.

There was nothing else to say after hearing the last sentence.

He rolled his eyes and said calmly, “My teammate had something to do, so Im by myself.”

Wang Wen moved forward, wrapping his arm around the mans shoulder.

“Thats strange,” he said.

“Did anything significant happen outside the tower this week Something made everyone uneasy and difficult to concentrate on climbing the tower.”

Mo Ran stared at him.

“It is all because of the man in green.

His intentions are unclear.

All of the major consortiums are in jeopardy.

They constantly arranged for the leaders, management, the board of directors, and other members to enter the tower to increase their strength.”

He pointed at himself.

“The elite team is now the security team that no one likes.

We have to escort those princes, big bosses, and others up to the top of the tower.

The time we have to climb the tower has shrunk again.

Its almost gone.”

Wang Wen smiled and rubbed his nose after listening to him.

He knew that Mo Ran knew that the man in green was related to him.

He also knew the world would be in chaos once the man in green left.

He had expected that they would enter the era of a global sect ahead of time.

However, he did not expect the major consortiums to act so quickly.

He thought they were deeply rooted and had a big business, so the transformation would not be flexible.

He did not expect it to start that week.

If that were the case, the elite team, initially treated as a distinguished guest by the consortiums, would suffer.

Wang Wen looked sympathetically at Mo Ran as he reflected on that.

After a brief moment of thought, he said, “Old Mo, why dont you work for me It is preferable to be a hero than to work for others.

In the end, strength is the most important thing in this world.”

Mo Ran snorted coldly, saying, “Dont think I will submit to you just because you helped the man in green earn some money! I am a member of the intelligence department, and I will die as one.

You should give up.”

Wang Wen nodded but did not pursue the subject further.

Instead, he asked, “How high do you intend to climb this time”

Mo Rans interest was piqued when that question was raised.

He had fought Wang Wen before and knew his opponents strength was unfathomable.

He was very interested in learning how high he could climb.

Therefore, he asked, “What about you How high do you plan to climb”

Wang Wen smiled and said, “I havent thought about it.

But when I saw you, I thought about it.”

Mo Ran was curious.

“What do you mean”

Wang Wen took a deep breath and shouted, “How many floors I can climb depends on how many floors you are willing to take me!”

Mo Rans face immediately darkened.

He shouted, “This week, I dont even want to serve the First Consortiums young master! You want me to work for you Dont even think about it!”

Wang Wen smiled and said, “Dont be like that, Old Mo.

Youre going to climb the tower anyway.

Lets go together.

Well have to look out for each other on the way, right”

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, who were at the back, had been watching from the entrance.

The sight stunned them.

It was the first time they had seen that expression on their captains face.

What kind of face was that

The word swindler was practically written all over it.

They looked at the other man.

They were extremely curious.

Their captain had not even cared about the big shot from the 300th floor.

Who was that Old Mo

How could he force the captain to do that

Zhu Ren and Wang Wens gossipy souls were burning to the point of exploding.

They were nobodies on the 100th floor.

They had limited contact with people from higher social circles.

Of course, they would not recognize the upper teams enigmatic leader.

It was as if they could feel their curiosity exploding.

Wang Wen said, “No need to guess.

This is the leader of the First Consortiums intelligence department, Mo Ran, the boss from the 429th floor.”

Mo Ran gave him a sideways glance and said, “Your intelligence is very behind.

Last week, I was on the 429th floor.

Ive already reached the 439th floor now.”

Wang Wen laughed cheerfully.

“Not bad! Youve climbed 10 floors in two weeks Come and work with me.

I guarantee youll climb at least 50 floors in two weeks!”

Mo Rans face was gloomy.

He did not want to say anything more to him.

On the other hand, Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo could not hear anything else after they heard the other mans level.

Their minds were filled with the numbers 429 and 439.

Prior to that day, the highest-level tower climber they had encountered had reached only about 200 floors.

That was already something they admired.

They had to speak quietly, smile, and curry favors.

Finally, what kind of gods did they meet with the captain that week

The intelligence team leader of the First Consortium had reached the 439th floor

So that kind of gods would go to the human world on a daily basis to wander around

It was strange!

That god had two eyes, two legs, two arms, and a mouth!


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