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The play gradually ended, the misunderstanding between the hero and heroine was resolved, and the two finally got married.

The last scene was the sweet daily life of the two.


The two-hour came to a successful conclusion, and the audience cried and laughed because of the hero’s and heroine’s ups and downs, which was the musical’s charm.


Su Yunluo wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and turned to the man beside her, only to find that he was looking at her with burning eyes.

“Brother Zou, why are you looking at me like that” She asked, blushing.


“Because you look good.” The man unknowingly said what was in his heart.


Hearing this, Su Yunluo’s face turned even redder.


Su Yunluo sat on the front passenger seat, quietly enjoying the night view outside the window.

This road was not the way home.

The man didn’t say he would take her home, and she tacitly didn’t ask.

The car just kept driving and stopped in front of a park.


This park was one of the popular spots in the capital.

A “love tree” in the northwest corner was especially popular with couples.

It was the most suitable place to confess and propose to their significant other.

And now, they were under that love tree.


Su Yunluo’s heart was beating fast at this moment.

She didn’t know why Zou Cheng brought her here, but she felt the man would tell her the answer soon.

Maybe their relationship would change…



Hi! I’m sorry to announce this, but I’m dropping this novel.

Thank you for staying with me!


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