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“Look, I knew it.

Wei Jin is very suitable to be placed in the south.”

She was smart to begin with and had grown up in the Wei family in Jiangnan.

No one was more suitable to disturb the entire Wei family than her.

Jun Shiling waved at Xia Wanyuan.

Xia Wanyuan walked over and Jun Shiling pinched her face.

Xia Wanyuan frowned slightly.

“What are you doing”

Jun Shiling smiled.

“Your smug expression is quite cute.”

“…” Xia Wanyuan glared at Jun Shiling.

“Im talking to you about serious matters.”

“Lin Qingyuan is probably returning to Jiangnan.

Im afraid the Wei family wont be so easy to take down.”

Su Yueran married into the Lin family as a descendant of the Wei family in Jiangnan.

This represented the alliance between the two families.

Now that the foundation of the Wei family in Jiangnan was about to be shaken, Lin Qingyuan could not sit still.

As Jun Shiling had expected,

While Jun Shiling received the news, Lin Qingyuan also received Wei Zhongs call for help.

“Master Lin, I never expected my daughter, who wanted my life, to do this to me.

If you dont help me this time, the Wei family will be occupied by Xia Wanyuan.”

Lin Qingyuan thought to himself, Idiot. “Hows the situation now”

“That wretched girl convinced the old seniors in the Wei family to hold a family meeting again and let the entire Wei family become one again.

Patriarch Lin, you should know better than me that after becoming one, the Wei family will change its surname to Xia.”

Lin Qingyuans expression turned slightly cold.

“I understand.

Stabilize the situation over there first.

Ill go back.”

“Okay, then hurry up.”

After hanging up, Lin Qingyuan finally could not help but scold angrily, “Both of you are really stupid!”

Without a useful talent, he had to run back personally.

Su Yueran happened to bring tea up.

Just as she was about to speak to Lin Qingyuan, he stood up.

“Youre on your own here.

If you cant compare to Xia Wanyuan, I think theres no need for you to continue being Madam Lin.”

Su Yueran looked up.

There was not much fear in her eyes, but more relief.

Lin Qingyuan knew what she was thinking.

He sneered.

“Do you think Ill let you go just because you cant be Madam Lin Youve been my woman before.

Do you still want to go elsewhere”

Su Yuerans face instantly turned pale.

Lin Qingyuan snorted softly and turned to leave.


The discovery of many cultural relics in Linxi, together with many of Xia Wanyuans comments about the new history and dynasty, were reported by many media.

Now, everyone trusted Xia Wanyuan very much.

The media reposted many of Xia Wanyuans discussions at Han Country University and England Museum.

Soon, the Internet was filled with “the new dynasty that Xia Wanyuan mentioned seems to have obtained historical evidence”.

“So Xia Wanyuan isnt talking nonsense.

Look at the latest discovered cultural relics.”

The appearance of a dynasty that did not exist in Chinese history was something worth exclaiming in world history.

Instantly, not only were the major media paying attention, but the attention of netizens from all walks of life was also attracted by this incident.

[Really Ive studied history for so many years, but I havent seen any records of this dynasty.

How can it be a new dynasty]

[ If its true, then Xia Wanyuan is too amazing… Why do I feel that she knows everything so well This is probably the difference between immortals and humans.


[Other peoples brains are filled with intelligence.

My brain is filled with food.

The difference.]

The matter of this new dynasty was too popular, and Xia Wanyuan was pushed to the center of attention.

Unknowingly, the media reporters had already placed Xia Wanyuan on the altar.

In the medias reports, Xia Wanyuan was a meritorious figure who had pushed Chinas historical record to perfection.

Many media from the Southern department even jumped out and directly asked the Qing University to hire Xia Wanyuan to be a professor in the History department to flaunt her huge contribution.

In this atmosphere, Nancheng University suddenly announced to the public.

After a strict investigation and screening, they realized that the so-called “cultural relics” that appeared in Linxi were actually modern imitations.

There was no such thing as a new dynasty.

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