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Lia’s mind went blank.

She stood there frozen.

Then suddenly, Claude lifted her off the ground and slung her over his shoulder.


Despite her struggles, he carried her to her bedroom.

Her bedroom was quiet, lit only by the fireplace that crackled and popped.

She hit his shoulder but to no avail.

He dropped her on her bed and started unbuttoning his uniform, looking at her with hungry eyes.

Lia noticed a red mark on Claude’s neck as he climbed into the bed with her.

“You made me go crazy the entire night and now you’re going to pretend that it was a dream”

She backed away quietly and tried her best to understand the situation.

He had definitely called her Canillia.

“Then last night—”

“No fear and even less embarrassment.

How can you be so fearless in front of a man Well, answer me.”

Her hand clutched a sheet.

Claude took that hand and kissed it.

Lia bit her lip and stared at him, her mind a whirlwind.

“Since when have you known—”

“Who knows” He scoffed and smoothly removed her jacket.

Then he slowly took off her cream-colored bow tie and undid her shirt buttons—so tiny in his great big hands.

Lia watched mesmerized as he undid her shirt.

Soon the tight undergarment that hid her breasts was visible.

His calm eyes stared at it.

It looked like she could hardly breathe in it.

It was because of this.

The marks on her sensitive skin at the edges of the undergarment bothered him.

Claude slowly brushed his hand down her pale skin, from her lean neck to her shoulder and across the undergarment line.

Then he pulled on the tight knot to loosen the undergarment.

Lia finally breathed in and crossed her arms over her breasts.

“Why didn’t you say anything until now” she asked with her voice catching and betraying a tinge of resentment.

“There was no need,” Claude calmly answered.

“Were you having fun making a fool out of me” Tears finally spilled from her eyes.

“You’re the one who made a fool out of me,” he mumbled, entranced by her eyes.

“I never did!”

“Ah! I was always honest with you.

I told you that I like you.

No matter if you’re a man or an animal.

That I didn’t care.”

Then he kissed her teary eyes and said, “So, now I have to see the real you.”

He encircled her thin waist and lay her down.

As Claude pulled her hair tie, her long hair spread out on the pillow.

He buried his lips into her neck and pulled the string of the undergarment without hesitation.

As the thin leather fell away from her body, Lia twisted to hide herself.

He grabbed hold of her both wrists, pushed them down on the sheet and whispered, “You took my first kiss, so you need to be held responsible, Canillia.

Don’t you think”


Kieran supported a drunk Gliad and loaded him in the car.

Anastasia, already inside the car, hugged her husband and asked Kieran, “What about Canillian”

“I’m looking for him.

He might have left already since he doesn’t like balls.”

“Just make sure he behaves.

Leaving the ball without permission is a rude behavior.”

“It’s fine, mother.”

“Kieran, the moment his identity is revealed, the Vale family will be dishonored.

Make sure to keep it quiet until after your wedding.


Kieran sighed deeply and nodded.

He signaled the driver to go and went back to the ball, still full of drunk soldiers.

As the ball ended, people headed back home.

But, Canillia was nowhere to be seen.

Kieran was notified that she hadn’t come back home, so he went towards the side of the Palace.

In front of the Princess’s Palace, the Grand Duke lit a cigarette.

The smoke curled in the air while his dark hair blew in the wind.

The Grand Duke, his uniform buttons undone, blended with the darkness.

Hearing someone, Claude turned his head.

Kieran approached him, struck by Claude’s freakishly blue eyes.

“Grand Duke Sire.”

Claude would have smiled at Kieran who had just honored him by using a higher title, but he was different today—emitting the energy of a huge beast.

“Have you seen Lian” Kieran asked.



He left the ball but he hasn’t come home, so I’m looking for him.”

Along with his cold smile, Claude’s eyes held an unusual emotion.

In an instant, Claude punched Kieran’s face.

Kieran stumbled and shouted, “Claude!” as he wiped blood from his face.

Claude grabbed Kieran by his collar and pushed him against the wooden pillar.

Kieran let out a heavy moan.

With no regard for Kieran’s wellbeing, Claude demanded, “Have you seen Canillia’s body”

“What What do you mean”

“I’m asking you if you have seen the bruises on that child’s body, young Marquis.”

Kieran shook his head while grabbing Claude’s wrist.


Each time he spoke, smoke stung his eyes, making his mind hazy like he was walking in a fog.

“There’s no more reason for her to live a double life.

So, go tell the Marchioness that Canillia is going to Del Casa with the Grand Duke and the two will live happily ever after.”


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