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“Ive lost.

I lost!”

Grand Emperor Cursed Blades voice came from the cosmos.

Everyone was stunned.

Why did Grand Emperor Cursed Blade suddenly admit defeat

“Whats going on”

“What happened”

“Wasnt it a shocking battle Why did Grand Emperor Cursed Blade admit defeat”

Those Venerables and Quasi-emperors did not know what was going on, but Grand Emperor Long Yuan and the other Grand Emperors saw everything clearly.

The eight Grand Emperors were all silent.

As the shockwave gradually subsided, the combat bodies of Lin Feng and Grand Emperor Cursed Blade were revealed.

At this moment, Lin Feng and Grand Emperor Cursed Blades two combat bodies stretched across the cosmos.

However, everyone could clearly see that Lin Fengs combat body was unscathed.

On the other hand, Grand Emperor Cursed Blades combat body was filled with the aura of annihilation, and only one light-year remained of his combat body, which used to be almost two light-years in size.

Half of his combat body had been lost out of the blue, shocking everyone.

“How is this possible Grand Emperor Cursed Blade is outstanding among Grand Emperors.

He lost half of his combat body in a head-on clash”


He lost half of his combat body in just one head-on clash.

If it happens a few more times, wouldnt Grand Emperor Cursed Blade fall”

“How did His Highness Lin Feng do it He could defeat Grand Emperor Cursed Blade with a single strike.


Many cultivators found it unbelievable.

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade had actually lost, and he had lost so badly.

Most people never expected such an outcome beforehand.

However, the eight Grand Emperors who had witnessed the entire process knew everything clearly.

“Advanced Law!”

“Two combat bodies!”

The Grand Emperors felt very bitter.

Two types of combat bodies were quite common, but two types of advanced Laws were simply too shocking.

Even as Grand Emperors, most of them relied on the Grand Emperor combat body to naturally comprehend planetary Laws.

However, only Grand Emperor Long Yuan could truly comprehend the advanced Law.

Moreover, as a top-notch Grand Emperor, Grand Emperor Long Yuan had comprehended the ultimate Law.

“Perhaps you dont know this news yet, but it has already spread in the Divine Palace.

Youll find out sooner or later,” Grand Emperor Long Yuan suddenly spoke.

“What message”

“His Highness Lin Feng killed Grand Emperor Guxi during the Big Bang!”


All the Grand Emperors fell silent.

They were all senior Grand Emperors, and even the youngest of them had cultivated for tens of thousands of years.

All of them guarded the border and killed countless Silent Beasts.

However, no one other than Grand Emperor Long Yuan had ever killed a Grand Emperor.

Defeating a Grand Emperor was easy, and even severely injuring the other party was not that hard.

However, killing a Grand Emperor was simply too difficult.

It was perhaps only possible if one had crushing strength against them.

Moreover, they had all heard of Grand Emperor Guxi.

He was a veteran Grand Emperor.

With his foundation, even a few Grand Emperors might not be able to kill such a Grand Emperor together.

Lin Feng had actually managed to kill Grand Emperor Guxi

Now, Lin Feng defeating Grand Emperor Cursed Blade with a single strike did not seem so outrageous to them after all.

Moreover, 50% of Grand Emperor Cursed Blades combat body had been destroyed with a single strike.

If it was really a life-or-death battle, he would probably be in real danger of falling.

“I think even if Cursed Blade gets serious and uses his Origin Weapon, hell probably still lose.”

Grand Emperor Belam smiled weakly.

There was naturally a reason why Grand Emperor Cursed Blade was titled “Cursed Blade”.

Unlike other Grand Emperors, not only was Grand Emperor Cursed Blades combat body strong, his Origin Weapon was even stronger.

In fact, Grand Emperor Cursed Blades true strength was that when he used the cursed blade, he could slash through the cosmos with a single strike.

Its sharp edge contained terrifying power!

However, this was not a life-or-death battle.

It was just a spar.

There was no need for using the cursed blade.

Moreover, did Lin Feng not have any trump cards

“Your Highness Cursed Blade, that was a good match!”

Lin Feng retracted his combat body.

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade smiled weakly and said, “I admit defeat.

I didnt expect you to be so strong.”

“Your Highness Cursed Blade was careless.

I could sense that Your Highness had yet to use your strongest methods, such as Origin Weapons.

If its really a life-or-death battle, the outcome is still uncertain.”

Lin Feng really sensed a powerful force in Grand Emperor Cursed Blades body.

It even made him feel a hint of threat.

It was not entirely just pleasantries.

“I may have an Origin Weapon, but dont you have one too A loss is a loss.

Theres no excuse.”

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade was a graceful loser.

Actually, since he often sparred with other Grand Emperors, he also lost many times.

In particular, when challenging Grand Emperor Long Yuan, he was “trounced” every time.

Lin Fengs heart skipped a beat.

At the mention of Origin Weapons, he felt a little regretful.

Although he also had an Origin Weapon, up until now, the Starfell Pearl was far from enough to threaten a Grand Emperor.

It seemed like he had to increase the power of the Starfell Pearl as soon as possible and transfer as many planets as he could.

After this great battle, Lin Feng could clearly sense that many cultivators at the border had become much more respectful towards him.

Even the Grand Emperors became much warmer towards him.

In particular, Lin Feng benefited greatly from exchanging cultivation experiences on the combat body with the other Grand Emperors.

It made Lin Feng realize that interacting with others could also promote the cultivation of the combat body, and the effect was quite good.

After Lin Feng completely integrated into the border, the Silent Beasts had never appeared.

Moreover, according to the Grand Emperors, even if the Silent Beasts appeared, under normal circumstances, Grand Emperors did not need to attack them.

Those Venerables and Quasi-emperors would naturally attack.

Grand Emperors only guarded the border to deal with emergencies.

Only those Silent Beasts that Venerables and Quasi-emperors could not deal with would require Grand Emperors to attack.

Hence, the days at the border could be considered very leisurely.

However, Lin Feng was very busy transferring planets.

The border region was filled with some barren and dead planets.

There were too few planets that gave birth to life.

To other cultivators, this seemed slightly desolate and lonely.

However, to Lin Feng, this was an excellent opportunity to increase the power of the Starfell Pearl.

Lin Feng headed into the depths of the cosmos alone.

He used his combat body and captured planets in a frenzy.

Be it ordinary planets or stars, they were all captured by Lin Fengs massive combat body.

This time, Lin Feng could capture planets to his hearts content.

Ten thousand, 20 thousand, 30 thousand, 40 thousand…

Without any restrictions, Lin Fengs combat body was far more efficient at capturing planets.

Be it stars or ordinary planets, they were all captured.

In a galaxy with a diameter of 100,000 light-years, there were about 200 billion stars, or even more than 1 trillion stars.

As for ordinary planets, they were countless.

With so many stars, forget about capturing a thousand, even capturing ten thousand, a hundred thousand, or a million would be a piece of cake for Lin Feng.

Moreover, it would have almost no effect.

Lin Feng plundered a large number of planets without restraint in the border area.

Moreover, his speed became faster and faster, and he captured more and more planets.

One hundred thousand, 200 thousand, 500 thousand, 800 thousand, one million…

Lin Feng completely unleashed his 28 billion-kilometer combat body.

He could capture a large number of planets with almost every breath.

When a large number of planets were moved into the Starfell Pearl, the power of the Starfell Pearl also increased explosively.

When the planets in the Starfell Pearl broke the million mark, and there were also more than 100,000 stars, the materials of the Starfell Pearl gradually could not withstand it anymore, and vaguely reached its limit.

However, Lin Feng had his own methods.

The new material he had asked from Divine King Bemond came in handy.

If the materials of the Starfell Pearl had reached their limit, the solution was very simple.

Lin Feng refined the new materials rewarded by Divine King Bemond into the Starfell Pearl again and continued to strengthen the material of the Starfell Pearl.

After refining a large amount of new materials, without activating the spatial divine runes, the size of the Starfell Pearl was almost comparable to a star.

The materials of the Starfell Pearl were enhanced countless times, so Lin Feng went all out to capture planets again.

He wanted to let the Starfell Pearl reach its limit and see if it could pose a threat to even Grand Emperors in the end, as he had envisioned.

As the number of planets in the Starfell Pearl increased, even Lin Feng did not notice that the Starfell Pearl was already slowly metamorphosing.

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