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The two of them warped out of space and stopped warping.

Instead, they flew straight ahead.

Lin Feng took a closer look.

What an impressive scene.

He saw many planets stretching across the cosmos.

Moreover, they seemed to be arranged in a unique manner.

This should be some kind of array.

There were as many as hundreds of such planets, and every planet seemed to contain the aura of life.

Of course, there were also many stars.

In the middle was a huge planet, about a hundred times larger than ordinary planets, almost comparable to stars.

Such an enormous planet was a rare sight.



When Lin Feng and His Highness Long Yuan flew to the first planet, someone flew out.

“Your Highness Long Yuan, this is”

Someone on the planet was here to welcome them, and the person was clearly a Grand Emperor.

“This is the new Grand Emperor of our Divine Palace of Bemond, His Highness the Grand Emperor of Annihilation, Lin Feng!”

“A new Grand Emperor His Highness Lin Feng”

The Grand Emperor who welcomed them was slightly stunned.

He was far away at the border and had not received the notification from the Divine Palace.

This was also why His Highness Long Yuan had accompanied Lin Feng here.

It was probably not as simple as a coincidence.

After all, His Highness Long Yuan guarded the border for a long time and would not leave under normal circumstances.

His Highness Long Yuan had not even participated in a grand event like the Big Bang.

“Thats right, this is the new Grand Emperor, His Highness Lin Feng! This is His Highness Belam, also a Grand Emperor!”

Lin Feng greeted His Highness Belam.

Even though Belam was very shocked and seemed to have yet to recover, he still nodded in acknowledgment.

A Grand Emperor had not appeared in the Divine Palace of Bemond for so long.

How did a Grand Emperor suddenly appear

Moreover, the aura of life on him was clearly so young.

This meant that Lin Fengs age had not even exceeded a thousand years old.

A Grand Emperor so young was simply incredible.

“Your Highness Belam, go and gather the Grand Emperors and commanders to hold a reception for His Highness Lin Feng, and let everyone get to know each other.

Everyone will have to work together for a long time to come.”

“All right, Ill inform them now.”

Belam turned around and left.

He was clearly going to inform the other cultivators.

Lin Feng could not help but ask curiously, “Your Highness Long Yuan, how many Grand Emperors do we have in the entire border region”

“There arent many Grand Emperors.

Including you, there are only ten!”

“Ten Grand Emperors”

Although there were definitely not many of them, they were almost half the number of Grand Emperors in the Divine Palace.

Moreover, there were many top-notch Grand Emperors, and even Quasi-emperors!

The Divine Palace of Bemond had placed almost half of its strength at the border.

There was even a top-notch Grand Emperor like His Highness Long Yuan presiding over it.

This was enough to show how seriously the Divine Palace regarded the border.

The two of them arrived at the giant planet together.

Many cultivators flew over, one after another.

“Haha, Your Highness Long Yuan, youre finally back.”

A booming voice sounded.

Lin Feng saw a burly man striding over.

The aura on his body was also terrifying.

He was definitely not an ordinary cultivator.

“Your Highness Cursed Blade, had there been Silent Beasts when I was not around”

“Heh, what Silent Beasts I was just itching for a fight, so I went a little into the Silent Galaxy and riled up a bunch of Silent Beasts.

Almost didnt make it back.”

His Highness Cursed Blade was a little embarrassed.

He had caused such a huge disaster as soon as His Highness Long Yuan left.

Fortunately, there were no serious consequences.

“Hmph, if we hadnt arrived in time, would you have been able to return”

A cold voice sounded, and a beautiful woman came over gracefully.

“Thats right, Your Highness Long Yuan.

His Highness Cursed Blade wanted to take a look at the Silent Galaxy, but he almost didnt make it out.”

A few more people walked over in succession.

The aura on their bodies was not inferior to His Highness Cursed Blade.

His Highness Long Yuan had a slight headache.

Then, he introduced them one by one to Lin Feng.

These people were all Grand Emperors.

“Greetings, Grand Emperors.”

Lin Feng was neither servile nor overbearing, and appeared very calm.

On the other hand, a sharp glint flashed across the eyes of Grand Emperor Cursed Blade.

“Your Highness Lin Feng, how about a spar when we have time”


Lin Feng did not know how to answer.

His Highness Long Yuan smiled weakly and said, “Your Highness Lin Feng, dont mind it.

This is how Cursed Blade is like.

Almost every Grand Emperor at the border has been challenged by Cursed Blade.”

Lin Feng nodded.

So he was similar to martial arts fanatics.

However, martial arts fanatics who could cultivate to the level of Grand Emperors were not simple either.

“Everyone, lets go in first.”

His Highness Long Yuan led everyone into the meeting hall.

There were many seats in these conference halls, and they were very hierarchical and clearly distinguished.

There were nine chairs at the top.

Later, His Highness Long Yuan got someone to add another chair, making a total of ten chairs for the Grand Emperors.

Below them were seats for Venerables, and below those were seats for elementary planetary lifeforms.

The conference hall quickly became lively.

A large number of cultivators came over.

Previously, Lin Feng had not encountered many core disciples in the upper district of the Divine Palace.

It turned out that these core disciples had all come to the border.

The rewards must be rather generous.

Lin Feng did not know most of them, but he knew one of those Venerables.

“Your Highness Long Wu.”

“Your Highness Lin Feng!”

Venerable Long Wus eyes lit up, and he immediately came forward.

“Your Highness Long Wu, I didnt expect you to have come to the border too.”

Lin Feng did not expect to encounter Venerable Long Wu here.

“Haha, Your Highness Lin Feng, I was at the border originally.

I only took a risk and went there because I didnt want to miss the Big Bang, and returned here before the Big Bang ended.

I didnt expect Your Highness Lin Feng to arrive so soon.

However, on second thought, it makes sense.

According to the rules of the Divine Palace, as a Grand Emperor, Your Highness Lin Feng naturally has to participate in the guarding mission.”

At this moment, some Venerables beside Long Wu also walked over.

Venerable Long Wu also introduced them one by one.

When they learned that Lin Feng was actually a Grand Emperor, all of them wore respectful expressions.

In the Divine Palace, even planetary lifeforms were on the same level as Grand Emperors, and were all addressed as “Your Highness”.

However, in the outside world, the difference was huge.

Every Grand Emperor could dominate the universe and hold authority over a region!

Lin Feng was also very happy to see an acquaintance.

He prepared to meet Long Wu privately and chat more.

Long Wu had stayed in the border region for so many years, so his understanding of the border region was definitely more detailed than Lin Fengs.

“Your Highness Lin Feng, Ill introduce these Grand Emperors to you.”

His Highness Long Yuan called Lin Feng over alone.

The other Grand Emperors had already arrived.

Everyone had also heard His Highness Long Yuans brief introduction.

Lin Feng was the new Grand Emperor of the Divine Palace, but they knew nothing else about Lin Feng.

His Highness Long Yuan introduced the eight Grand Emperors, and the two parties could be considered to have gotten to know each other.

Next, they welcomed Lin Feng.

This was a distinguished Grand Emperor, and many people were curious as to how His Highness Lin Feng had suddenly become a Grand Emperor.

It had to be known that most people knew about those relatively powerful Venerables in the Divine Palace, but most cultivators seemed to have never even heard of His Highness Lin Feng.

Even if they stayed at the border for a long time, they actually kept in touch with the Divine Palace.

If he was really a powerful Venerable, it was impossible for them to have no impression of him at all.

For a time, many people were secretly asking for detailed information on Lin Feng, the new Grand Emperor.

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