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285 Whoever Hurts My Teammates, Die!

“Everyone, listen up! Lets move!” Callums eyes lit up.

How could he miss such a good opportunity

Everyone, who had been prepared, was also energized and trembling with excitement.

Since they would be held back by a group of powerful Fire Scorpions, this would definitely cause a lot of casualties.

The other party could not leave and wanted to help, so they were much slower.

Even if they really rushed over, they would be incomplete and not enough to prove it.

“Boss, thats great.

A godsend opportunity! We have a chance to devour them one by one.”

“Yes, with numbers against numbers, thats in the bag.”

“Thats good! These resources will be ours soon!”

“If you can, try to capture them alive.

If they refuse to submit, kill them without mercy!” A cruel smile appeared on Callums face.

In that case, the benefits would be maximized.

After hearing the order, the black lackeys rushed out like sharp arrows.

boxn ovel.


They all wanted to make a contribution.

In that case, there would naturally be rewards.

In a cave in the mystic realm, there was a large purple-red light that kept emitting.

They could see densely packed stones the size of grapes, crystal clear.

It was filled with rich spiritual energy that made one feel relaxed and happy.

“Brother Kun, with so many Pure Yang Spirit Crystals, the first place in the group will definitely be ours!”

“Hahaha, when the time comes, well all beGuardians.

How wonderful!”

“Were indeed the strongest treasure-seeking team.

It hasnt been long, but weve gained so much!”

The few of them chatted excitedly as they mined.

Although this ore was not easy to collect, everyone was very motivated.

It was the team led by Cai Kun.

As expected, the three members of the [Smell Enhancement] talent were awesome.

They immediately smelled the dense fragrance of the Pure Yang Spirit Crystal.


Everyone, work harder! Are you satisfied with this little harvest”

“Our team wants to crush the first place.

Prepare to receive everyones admiring gazes!”

Cai Kun said proudly, preparing to do something big.

Then, he threw himself back into collecting.





Dense and rapid footsteps sounded.

Everyone immediately stopped working, their expressions ugly.

From the sound of footsteps, there were many of them.

With the noisy conversation and cold laughter, they knew that the other party had ill intentions.

“Is someone targeting us”

“From the accent, theyre foreigners!”

“Dont tell me its those black brothers”

“Damn it, are you tired of living How dare you have designs on us”

Soon, the black brothers rushed over with a murderous aura.

Looking at the purple-red light in the mine, their eyes lit up.

“Wow! Whoosh! Pure Yang Spirit Crystal! Pfft!”

“Hahaha! These Pure Yang Spirit Crystals are ours!”

“Were really lucky! Our strength can soar.”

One of the Black Brother Captains rubbed his shiny bald head and said arrogantly.

“Now Ill give you two choices.

The first is to submit to us and help us continue to search for natural treasures.

If you perform well, Ill let you go.”

“I wont elaborate on the second option.

You understand.”

He made a throat-slitting motion, his eyes filled with the threat of death.


The vice president slapped his bald head and reprimanded him angrily, “Screw your mother! What a waste of time.

Do you want them to send an early warning so that they can gather the main force”

Cai Kun and the others found it funny.

‘A warning

‘Dealing with you bunch of trash Theres no need for an early warning!

“Yes, I understand!” The captain hurriedly nodded and bowed, giving the order to attack.

“Theres no need to wait for their answer.

Beat them to death! Kill those who refuse to submit!”

As he spoke, the battle was about to begin.

Brother Black was strong and muscular.

They all liked this kind of violent warrior class.

All of them approached quickly like hungry tigers pouncing on their prey.

Callum held the line at the back of the group, smiling ferociously.

After all, there were many of them.

As far as he was concerned, there was no suspense in the battle.

It was bound to be a one-sided massacre.

Cai Kun and the others did not hesitate.

They took out their weapons and counterattacked fiercely.

He took the lead.

With the powerful power of the Crown Chicken, he rushed into the Black Army.

“Damn, we dont cause trouble, but were not afraid of trouble! Since youre courting death, Ill fulfill your wish.”

“Lets see the power of the guardian beast!”

“Lava Fire Rain! Burn! This fire can help us win!”

“Heavenly Fire Meteor! Fire is my will.”

“Scorched earth for a thousand miles! Turn to ashes!”

“Three Thousand Burning Sword! Ill show you what true despair is!”

All of them were fire attribute attacks.

They were the power of the Heavenly Yi Dragon Eagle.

In the small space, flames instantly lit up and burned fiercely, turning into an ocean of flames.

“What the hell What kind of fire attack is this Isnt this too fierce”

“F*ck! My armor cant withstand it at all!”

“Why is he so strong”

As soon as they fought, the outcome was decided.

A large number of the Black Army was burned black.

The terrifying power of flames

Many people were taken away before they could scream!

“Impossible! What…” Callums black face darkened further, shocked beyond words.

As expected, it was a one-sided massacre, but the party being slaughtered was his team.

Callum had never expected ten people to be so strong.

This was not one against ten, but one against twenty.

In an instant, more than half of his 200-man team was dead or injured.

There were only 40 to 50 people left.

The speed of his defeat caught him off guard.

It was completely a suppression of strength.

‘Get back.

Ill do it myself! Callum snapped out of his daze.


If this went on, hed really end up with nothing.

“Ill use my full strength to kill them.

Grab the [Pure Yang Spirit Crystal] as quickly as possible and retreat immediately.”

After giving the orders, without delay, the powerful combat strength of the ten-star king of Callum was revealed.

“Explosive Rock Fist! Die!” His strength surged as he directly attacked Cai Kun.


One of Cai Kuns wings was instantly broken and he suffered some injuries, but he was still far from death.

“Lets see how many punches you can take!” Cal said anxiously.

He was a ten-star King, but he didnt expect to not be able to insta-kill the other party.

He could only attack crazily.

Otherwise, it would definitely be disadvantageous to him if time dragged on.

Just as he was about to continue attacking, suddenly, Callum seemed to sense something.

Immediately, it was hair-raising.

A shocking sword aura attacked.

“Those who hurt my teammates, die!”

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