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“Then, after seeing you, I was deeply attracted to your aura.”

“You know what happened after that!”

After Song Yushan finished speaking, she looked at Zhou Han timidly and nervously.

“Revenge” Zhou Han asked curiously.

He really did not know about this.

As expected, if Zhou Han had not insisted on asking just now, Song Yushan might not have revealed such a secret for a while.

She had still gained something.

“Yes! Its strange.

Our family has always reigned supreme in the Nine Sacred City.

Were undoubtedly the number one overlord.”

“It suddenly declined in my fathers generation.

Fifteen years ago, my parents died tragically!”

At this point, Song Yushan took a deep breath, and tears flowed unknowingly.

Her voice trembled as he continued.

“Before he died, he instructed us not to avenge them.

My brother and I dont even know who the murderer is! We dont know who to look for if we want revenge.

We dont have any clues!”

“Dont you think its sad”

At this point, Song Yushan was already in tears.

Zhou Han prepared to find a boat over.

Otherwise, he would drown!

“My good Shanshan, stop crying! My heart will ache if you cry like this!”

“In the future, youll have my company in your life!”

Zhou Han hugged her and comforted her gently.

Sensing Zhou Hans actions, Song Yushans body trembled.

She looked up and asked weakly.

“Ive never been angry with you.

How can I forgive you”

“As long as you really love me, thats fine! Unless you dont really like me”

Zhou Han stroked her hair and smiled gently.

“I do.

I like it so much Im going crazy!”

“Hate, pain, and fear have always been with me.”

“Youre the one who added brilliance to my gray world! As long as you confirm it with a look, my love has meaning.”

Song Yushan said excitedly with tears in her eyes.

Zhou Han was her sky now.

It touched Zhou Han and made his heart ache.

Growing up in fear and helplessness, he might even face the pursuit of his enemies and be on tenterhooks all day.

He had to give her more love in the future.

“Alright, come and wipe your tears.

Dont cry!” Zhou Han gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and hugged her like he was coaxing a baby.


Zhou, thank you! Im so lucky to have met you.

Its the happiest thing in my life.”

“My heart doesnt love you enough.

I wont think about anything else!”

“What grudge I dont want it anymore.

I just want to be with you forever!”

Song Yushan said affectionately.

Now that the enemy could not be found, even if they really had the ability to take revenge, so what

“Silly girl! The grudge of killing your parents is irreconcilable!”

“Youre my woman.

I dont want you to live with the guilt forever.”

Zhou Hans expression turned serious.


Zhou, I…”

“Well talk about revenge later.

Lets take a look at this first!”

Zhou Han showed the jade hairpin in his hand.

At this moment, the jade hairpin was no longer simple and plain.

A faint light spread and enveloped it.

The colorful phoenix carved on it was even more agile.

Like a living creature, a halo circulated, incomparably profound.

If one looked carefully, one could see the phantom of a colorful phoenix spreading its wings and soaring inside.

A majestic and warm aura spread out, and a golden light illuminated the entire room.

“What What…”

“Is this still what my mother left for me”

Song Yushan was completely shocked and even forgot to cry.

She had thought that it was just a beautiful ornament.

She did not expect to reveal such a strange scene.

She felt the energy emitted, warm and pure.

It slowly poured into her.

“My strength…”

Song Yushan felt that her strength was actually slowly increasing.

It was very magical.

One could imagine that the quality of this jade hairpin was definitely not low.

“Looks like you still dont know.

This is not an ordinary item, but a Divine-grade item,” Zhou Han said with a smile.

“A—a Divine-grade item.

Oh my God!”

“Why, in all my years of wearing it, have I never felt anything special about it”

Song Yushan naturally believed Zhou Hans words and immediately asked the question in her heart.

“Because it needs the True Dragon Bloodline to activate it!”

“So, Mr.

Zhou, you werent joking when you said that you were the descendant of the dragon that day”

“How can that be fake”

“No wonder I was so attracted to you at a glance!”

“So its because of our bloodlines”

Song Yushan was pleasantly surprised.

They were a match made in heaven.

This was fate for the two of them to meet!

Girls liked this tone.

All the explanations were that they were fated to meet from thousands of miles away.

Song Yushan was naturally no exception.

This was fate!

This made her hug Zhou Han tightly.

The heavens must have sent Zhou Han to save her.

The heavens were really discerning.

Holding it in her hand, the attributes of the jade hairpin were revealed.

[Phoenix Cry Hairpin]

[Grade: Divine]

[Description: A ancestral treasure of the Song Family of the Nine Sacred City.

The Rainbow Phoenix Soul Essence sleeps inside.]

[Effect: Effective on women with the phoenix bloodline.

It can quickly increase their strength and increase the concentration of their bloodline.]

[Status: 1% seal has been unlocked.]

[Special Effect: Unlock 5% of the seal to activate.]

[Description: Only someone with the True Dragon Bloodline can wake up the sleeping Rainbow Phoenix Soul Essence.]

Although it was a Divine-grade item, Zhou Han could not use it.

Only women with the Phoenix bloodline could use it.

In that case, Song Yushans strength would increase quickly.

Zhou Han was also very happy, but he did not enhance it for the time being.

What if after enhancement, the [Phoenix Cry Hairpin] became abnormally powerful and Song Yushan could not withstand the violent power

If he caused damage to her body, he would be doing something bad out of goodwill.

She was still too weak now.

The growth of her strength was a gradual process.

“Now, this Phoenix Cry Hairpin has returned to its owner!”

“Here, let me put it on for you!”

Zhou Han pinned the Phoenix Cry Hairpin on Song Yushans bun, making her even more beautiful.

Now, there was an additional trace of nobility.

Previously, it was a white swan, but now, it was a proud phoenix.

She was high and mighty, and could not be touched from afar.

Only Zhou Han was qualified to taste her sweetness.

“Phoenix Cry Hairpin What a nice name.”

Song Yushan was pleasantly surprised, and love surged in her eyes.

All of this was because of this man in front of her, her lover.


Zhou! I want it…”

She could not help but lean forward and kiss Zhou Han.

It was filled with admiration, gratitude, guilt, and other emotions.

She wanted to give up her body and mind.

Everything was so hot.

There were thousands of words that could not express her love.

Song Yushan could only take practical action.

Under the recovery of the pure power of the Phoenix Cry Hairpin, her body not only recovered from the pain but was also filled with vitality.

She slowly took off her clothes.

The power of the Phoenix Bloodline was displayed again.

Her jade-like skin was delicate and fair, as smooth as top-grade porcelain, emitting a soul-stirring luster.

It was so beautiful that Zhou Han could not even bear to look away.

The curves on his body became more explosive.

She was curvaceous, plump, and tempting, as plump and juicy as a ripe peach.

Enhanced breasts.

Plump ass.

Slender waist.

Her jade legs were straight and slender, beautiful.

It was simply too wonderful.


Zhou, is it good”

Song Yushan leaned over and asked softly.

Her voice was charming and tugged at ones heartstrings.

Just like the restlessness in Zhou Hans heart, even though he was determined, he could not take it anymore.

He had originally planned to go to the Ancient Sword Tomb today.

From the looks of it…

“Shanshan, youre really beautiful!”

Zhou Han could not help but reach out…

“My beauty blooms only for you!”

Song Yushan was not shy at all in front of her lover and responded warmly.

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