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Ch85 - S-1

(Extremely Dangerous)

Edited by Silver Wind 

The person in the white coat brought the woman into another testing lab.

The testing lab was different from the previous one; its colour scheme was a deep black and the lighting inside was not very bright, as if they were afraid of disturbing the creature inside.



After a fingerprint and iris recognition, the White Coat stepped into the darkness.

There were experimental cabins inside, but the quantity was lower than before since each cabin was spaced apart from each other by a few feet, which made it apparent that the test subjects inside this room were far more valuable. 

The White Coat brought the woman towards one of the experimental cabins.

Partitioned off by glass, a mass of black fog could be seen floating inside.

The black fog swelled and contracted as it breathed, looking as though it was sleeping peacefully.


But when someone went past it, the entire experimental cabin would jerk violently, countless bloodied handprints slammed against the surface, as if it wanted to burst out of its cage and gush out.

The White Coat retrieved a card and swiped it on the instrument at the side.

The light flickered.

An abyssal black eye emerged on the card.


The black fog became quiet again.

The White Coat pressed the button on the machine, causing the wall to split open.

A single mechanical arm stretched out, grabbing hold of the woman and putting her inside.

The black fog lurched, unable to restrain itself from surging forth to envelope the woman completely, and what followed were the sounds of gnawing and biting.


Towards this scene, the White Coat harboured a smile that was faintly tinged with affection like he was regarding his own child.

“Don’t be anxious, take it slow, there are still a lot of good things…” 

A lower-level researcher walked over, whispering something into the White Coat’s ear, whose  expression then distorted as a frenzied fire rose in his eyes.

“Bring me over!”

The researcher brought the White Coat to a deeper section.

Inside the depths of the testing lab, there was only one test subject. 

It was a young man who was floating inside the nutrition cabin shut-eyed.

His black hair was floating, there was a faint smile on his face, and he looked like an ordinary person.

However, the sign pasted on the wall stated— CAUTION: EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

White Coat: “This, this…” He was slightly uncertain, “I’ve never seen this type!”

The researcher nodded, “I hope you can obtain more experimental results from its person.” 

Excited, the White Coat exclaimed, “I want to activate it! I want to see the strength it has!”

He threw himself in front of the experiment counter, pressing a few buttons swiftly, thus allowing a dark green liquid to seep into the nutrition cabin and enter the young man’s body.


A loud thud.

The entire testing lab shook once. 

Shen Dongqing opened his eyes abruptly, a thread of dark red flashing past his eyes.

Numerous creases and wrinkles appeared on the White Coat’s visage.

The White Coat was so agitated that his voice changed, “Hurry, give me injections α-213, γ-11…”

Accompanying his words, various liquids with unknown effects were injected into the nutrition cabin, hence turning the faint green nutrient liquid into a myriad of colours.

With each inhale, the various liquids entered Shen Dongqing’s body. 

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Owing to the injections’ capabilities taking effect, Shen Dongqing’s external appearance went through a tremendous change. 

Various strange and bizarre floral patterns appeared on the sides of his face, and it seemed to harbour some kind of strange effect, since it could incite fear in people at a glance.

Apart from this, two small swells started protruding out of his forehead, like something was going to break his skin and burst forth, and his originally distinctive black and white eyes turned into the first phase of a scarlet red blood moon.

The appearance of a ferocious ghost, but existing inside the body of a human.

White Coat stared at Shen Dongqing, stupefied.

“This is a miracle of life, no, it’s not enough!”

White Coat lurched towards the experiment counter, emptying out the nutrient fluid inside the experimental cabin before he controlled the mechanical arm to catch the mass of black fog. 

The black fog seemed to be aware of its final destination as it started to struggle violently.

White Coat, who was just treating the black fog like a biological son, was now throwing the black fog into danger in a ruthless manner.

The black fog slammed against the glass wall frantically, wanting to escape from this place.

It was unknown what kind of material the experimental cabin was made out of, such that even ghosts had no way of escaping.

Hence, the black fog could only shrink into a corner, shaking and trembling. 

It was rather evident that it was afraid of Shen Dongqing.

White Coat softened his voice, “It’s for you to eat.”


Upon hearing the word “eat”, Shen Dongqing showed a reaction.

He lowered his head and gazed at the black fog before he reached out to grab it, capturing it in his hands.

The black fog was akin to an obedient little lamb since it did not dare to move at all. 

Shen Dongqing kneaded the black fog once, without any intention to eat.

It was even to the extent where his distaste could be perceived.

Perhaps owing to the fact that he had ingested execrable and messed-up injections, his thoughts processes were slightly delayed, but a hazy and indistinct thought gradually surfaced— What is this thing It doesn’t look tasty at all!

White Coat was slightly anxious, “Quickly bring a live test subject over!”

Since it did not want to eat dead things, live ones should work, right 

Before the researcher even had the time to go out, White Coat could no longer wait.

The mechanical arm directly grabbed the researcher from the back.

Blood drained from the researcher’s face as he started to beg: “No, don’t, I still have three projects that aren’t completed…”

White Coat laughed coldly, “Nothing is more important than this project!” 


The researcher landed inside the experimental cabin.

He had sent countless test subjects towards their deaths, but when he was actually confronted with death, he realised that he was no different from the rest.

“Please, I beg of you, don’t!” 

The researcher’s tears streamed down, since he could not control his bodily reactions.

Shen Dongqing took two steps backwards resentfully, pulling apart the distance between the two of them.

White Coat: “… What do you want to eat exactly”

Shen Dongqing spat out one word: “Zhou…” 

White Coat: “Porridge”

Why did a ferocious ghost know how to eat human food


Before White Coat could puzzle it out, the alarm reverberated through the testing lab.

【 Warning, Warning, test subjects have escaped, Test Subjects Number 0431, 0441, 0443 have escaped, staff personnel please deal with it immediately 】 

White Coat switched off the alarm as he raised his voice: “Not moving yet!”

With his command, the entire base shifted, entering high alert mode.

【 Type D, Type E Experimental Bodies have been released  】

【 Kill the escaping human experimental bodies with prejudice  】 

 * * *

This base of operations was vast; the corridor seemed to have no end.

Wu Jia was about to faint from dizziness.

No matter how or where they walked, it was all pure white, and the lights made it even harder to keep their eyes open.

Zhou Wenyan raised his hand to shield himself from the lights overhead as he walked towards a tightly sealed door. 

Wu Jia said: “That’s a high-tier lock with three layers, namely a password, fingerprint and iris recognition, we can’t unlock it…”

Before his voice landed, he saw the door with three locks split open from the middle, causing an entry point that allowed one person passage to appear.

Wu Jia swallowed his saliva, “Boss, you’re going too hard.”

It did not matter if they could not open the lock; he could just break open the door. 

Zhou Wenyan withdrew his hand, bending his waist to step in.

The Short-haired Woman followed him.

She initially felt that Zhou Wenyan’s performance in the copy did not live up his name, but after witnessing this…

The Short-haired Woman’s gaze swept past the steel doors which had been mostly corroded.

She thought in her heart, it was better if she behaved herself from now on. 

There was another corridor behind the door.

In the dead silence, they could only hear the sound of their footsteps.

Wu Jia could not resist commenting: “Why isn’t there a single person”


Just as he finished his words, he saw a shadow descending from the ceiling.

A pair of shrivelled thin arms lowered down directly, swimming towards Zhou Wenyan’s neck.

Its fingernails were sharp; it could probably wring and twist someone’s neck off directly.

Zhou Wenyan did not even spare it a glance. 

Before the pair of hands could touch the corners of Zhou Wenyan’s shirt, it directly issued a blood-curdling scream, turning into a vapour of nothingness, as if it had never existed before.

What remained of it was only a single sign which landed on the ground.


It was unknown how many ghosts this base was rearing. 

Wu Jia’s heart chilled, “We have entered their nest.”

Perhaps Wu Jia’s crow mouth did take effect, because what followed was an endless stream of ghosts and monsters appearing along the way.

The Hung Ghost, the Hit-and-Run Ghost, the Lustful Ghost… There was no repetition.

In the beginning, Wu Jia was still frightened, but he became expressionless by the end.

No matter what kind of ghost or monster it was, it could not persevere past three seconds in front of Zhou Wenyan, what was there to be afraid of 

As for the Short-haired Woman, she had completely ceded to Zhou Wenyan.

Pulling Wu Jia over quietly, she asked: “Is he usually this violent”

Wu Jia patted the Short-haired Woman’s shoulder as he comforted her: “I’ve never seen him being this violent for the most part.”

It was because Shen Dongqing was gone that the switch on Zhou Wenyan’s person was flipped. 

The Short-haired Woman lowered her voice, saying, “But this is a S-level copy.”

Why was he making it look like he was accumulating experience in the lower-level copies, where he would slaughter each one that arrived

Wu Jia shrugged his shoulder.

“Just follow the Big Boss and lie down and win.”

【 Warning, warning, the human test subjects are still escaping  】 

【 Please stop the test subjects from escaping as soon as possible  】

The alarm continued to blare nonstop.


White Coat tapped on the screen as he mumbled to himself: “Walking right into the trap”

He twisted his head to gaze at Shen Dongqing. 

Shen Dongqing was sitting inside the experimental cabin with his legs crossed as he tore at the black fog playfully.

The originally rampant black fog was at its last breath, having turned into the size of a fingernail.

The researcher was shrinking into himself at the side, deathly afraid that he would be met with the same ending.

White Coat harboured a smile as he said, “It’s time to test its formidable power.”

Shen Dongqing seemed to sense something, which made him raise his head and look over.

White Coat was not worried about Shen Dongqing losing control because the nutrient fluid that he previously injected could make ghosts and monsters listen and obey him.

He walked up to the experimental cabin and pressed a series of buttons. 


The experimental cabin split open with a small crack, slowly opening.

Since Shen Dongqing had grown weary of playing with the black fog, he promptly kneaded it into a ball and destroyed it in a humane manner.

After the black fog – a once tyrannical and abusive entity within the testing lab – issued a miserable scream, it became strands of black fog, which was then absorbed into Shen Dongqing’s body. 

He rose to his feet and walked out of the experimental lab, looking around curiously.

White Coat waved his hand, “Come here, child…”

Shen Dongqing rolled his eyes at him.

White Coat was not angry either.

He asked: “What do you want I can satisfy your desires for you.” 

She Dongqing gestured: I want something to eat.

White Coat said with pleasant surprise: “Your cognitive processes are evidently more active than most test subjects, such that you are capable of communication.

This is a new discovery…”

Shen Dongqing looked at him like he was a fool.

White Coat: “I want to bestow you with a new serial number… S-1!” 

A mark flared and adhered itself on Shen Dongqing’s chest.


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