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Ch79 - Test Subject Abnormality

(Part 1 – Please deal with it immediately)

Edited by Silver Wind 

Shen Dongqing felt better.

Finally, he had found a familiar feeling in this foreign world, and as he suppressed this sudden, additional person, he thrashed him violently.



His three dorm mates stood at the side.

They were initially afraid, but after they spectated from the sidelines for quite some time and heard the person begging for mercy, which sounded ridiculously familiar to their ears, they looked at each other before they felt for the light switch and turned it on.


The incandescent white lights flickered and the entire dorm brightened up again.


Buzzcut Boy shouted hurriedly: “Stop, stop for a moment!”

The person lying on the ground as he hugged his head and begged for mercy was not a ghost; rather, he was a male student wearing a fake wig.

While his face was bruised all over, the contours of him were still familiar.

He was a dorm resident from next door.


Shen Dongqing ceased his hand movements.

Jersey Boy pulled up his fellow brother from the ground with one hand and smacked him forcefully, “Nice, it turns out it was you, this young animal!”

That person was in so much pain he was grimacing.

“I just happened to hear all of you telling ghost stories, so I slinked in, wanting to scare you a little, but I didn’t expect that hiss—” He sucked in a mouthful of cold air, “You would lay such a heavy hand.”


Shen Dongqing flexed his fingers as a glint of disappointment flashed past his distinctive eyes.

“You’re not a ghost” 

That person interjected with a cry: “Hey! I’m a living and breathing person, if you don’t believe me, you can touch it”

He stretched his white and fat wrist, which made it obvious that he was not a ghost at a glance.

Shen Dongqing stared at him for a long while before muttering a word of apology.

Then, he darted across everyone and stepped into the toilet.

His remaining three dorm mates encircled that person. 

“Serves you right for thinking up such a lousy idea.”

“We were awfully scared because of you!”

“You need to treat us to a meal later to help us get over our shock.”

After squabbling for some time, the thrashed person returned back to his dorm next door, while the other three slipped into their own respective beds. 

 * * *

The faucet was twisted open, causing the water to flow down with a gurgle.


Shen Dongqing splashed some water onto his face from his cupped hands and he raised his head, looking at his own reflection in the mirror.

Droplets of water rolled down his forehead. 

With one hand gripping the basin, Shen Dongqing leaned closer to his reflection in the mirror slowly, and just when he was about to reach it, he snapped his head back suddenly and exclaimed: “Who!”

There was no one behind him.

Shen Dongqing rubbed his face.

Once he was done washing up, he started making his way out.

However, just before he closed the toilet door firmly, he was compelled to look back again.

There was still nothing inside.

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But he could not shake off the feeling that something was spying on him in the dark, staring at him incessantly. 

Vtfc Gbcudlcu milwyfv lcab atf yecx yea lcrafjv bo islcu vbkc, tf rja atfgf teuulcu tlr yijcxfa.

Zfjcktlif, tlr batfg vbgw wjafr kfgf jigfjvs islcu vbkc qgbqfgis.

Dehhmea Dbs qbxfv tlr tfjv bea bo tlr yijcxfa ab ujhf ja Vtfc Gbcudlcu: “Gbcudlcu, kfgf sbe rmjgfv yjvis pera cbk”

Vtfc Gbcudlcu rtbbx tlr tfjv.

He was not scared by the person; if anything, it was for some other inexplicable reason. 

Buzzcut Boy was split between believing and disbelief.

“If you’re actually scared, you can tell us, we can blackmail that kid later.”

In response, Shen Dongqing lifted his blanket and laid down.

Buzzcut Boy mumbled, “Strange.” Then he laid down as well.

Deep in the night, all kinds of noises were quiet. 

Still harbouring his doubts, Shen Dongqing fell into slumber, and accompanying the even sounds of breathing, was a momentary glimmer in the void as a mechanical voice that was following a prescribed pattern of speech transmitted outwards.

【 Test Subject No.

0431 is stable in mood, no abnormalities for the time being 】

【 Test Subject No.

0432 is stable in mood, no abnormalities for the time being 】

【 Test Subject No.

0433 is stable in mood, no abnormalities for the time being 】 

【 …… 】

Shen Dongqing hugged his pillow and flipped over, completely oblivious.


 * * *

The alarm rang punctually on the second day. 

After Shen Dongqing shut off the alarm with practiced ease, he climbed out of bed, changed into his normal clothes and washed up.

Buzzcut Boy stared at him drowsily and said in a strange voice: “Why did you wake up so early today Don’t you usually let your alarm ring for ten minutes before you’re finally willing to get up”

Shen Dongqing was currently brushing his teeth so he had no time to answer.

Buzzcut Boy muttered, “Why do I feel like Shen Dongqing is becoming stranger and stranger” 

Jersey Boy: “Haha, based on your sixth sense”

Studded Earring Boy scratched his head.

“I feel like he’s being very strange too.”

As strange as he was being, they still had to attend their classes no matter what.

There was a huge lecture this morning as well and there were more students than yesterday.

The front rows were completely occupied and the common trait among them was that they were made-up and gorgeously dressed female students, uh… there were male students too. 

Buzzcut Boy shuffled into the room on his slippers.

“Why is it so lively”

Jersey Boy found a seat in the back row and sat down.

He said: “Have you forgotten what day it is today”

Buzzcut Boy took out his phone to check the date before he finally came to realisation: “It turns out the faculty beau is coming today, no wonder it’s so lively today.”

Studded Earring Boy rolled his eyes.

“What faculty beau” 

Buzzcut Boy laughed mockingly, “Even if you’re not convinced, the likes of you couldn’t even compare to the faculty beau.”

Studded Earring Boy rolled his eyes again.

“Not faculty beau, it’s husband!”

Buzzcut Boy: “……”

Honestly speaking, Shen Dongqing could not understand what they were quarrelling about, so his head was lowered the entire time as he tapped away on his phone. 

After a long while, Buzzcut Boy used his elbow to jab him once: “The faculty beau is here!”

Shen Dongqing raised his head, looking over absent-mindedly.

Evidently, he did not know what faculty beau meant.


The people at the front of class spontaneously reduced their volume by several decibels and they chattered amongst themselves in small voices.

At this moment, a figure walked in. 

Since he was going against the light, his countenance could not be seen clearly, though that did not detract the fact that he had long legs and broad shoulders.

His serrated spirit could sensed from afar, incisive like a knife without a scabbard and he did not resemble a student at all.

Once he walked closer, you would realise that he was wearing an ordinary white shirt, except his cuffs were rolled up to expose his sturdy and slender arms and the buttons close to his chest were casually done, which gave him a lax temperament.

When these two different impressions interweaved, it did not cause a contradiction at all.

Rather, it became more enthralling.

Studded Earring Boy said excitedly: “Do you see him That’s my husband!”

“He’s my husband.” A voice sounded from his side. 

Studded Earring Boy did not mind.

On the contrary, he said joyously, “He belongs to everyone, he is everyone’s husband.

We just need to share alike and it’ll be fine.

We can be good sisters together, yes”

“No way.” Shen Dongqing said resolutely and decisively.

“He can only be mine alone.”

It was only then that Studded Earring Boy reacted to the fact that Shen Dongqing was speaking.

He turned his head to glance at him: “Weren’t you the one who treated Zhou Wenyan as his deadly rival and ganked him who knows how many times Why did you change your orientation suddenly And you’re even coming over to snatch our husband.”

Shen Dongqing corrected him seriously: “It’s not snatching, he was mine to begin with.” 

Studded Earring Boy snorted.

“Why don’t you think about why he would be interested in you first”

Shen Dongqing actually thought about it seriously before he said: “There isn’t really a ‘why’, he just likes me.”

Although his past memories were blurry and obscured, Shen Dongqing kept feeling like he should have a boyfriend.

And when he saw Zhou Wenyan for the first time, he came to an understanding.

That boyfriend was Zhou Wenyan, he could not be wrong. 

Studded Earring Boy: “You’re quite self-confident.”

Buzzcut Boy laughed out loud: “I think Dongqing hit his head when he was sleeping last night.”

The people around them started laughing as well and their voices were not soft by any means.

However, as they continued laughing, they suddenly stopped.

Because Zhou Wenyan was currently walking in their direction. 

Zhou Wenyan would typically sit in a fixed seat at the front row, hence the snatching of the seats in the front row by those who had intentions towards him.

Contrary to popular expectations, he did not walk to the front today but walked towards the back row instead.

Buzzcut Boy was still laughing to the point where he was unlike himself: “Hahaha… I was wondering why Shen Dongqing was being particularly strange, it turns out he has a delusional disorder ah, and he’s actually having fantasies about Zhou Wenyan….”


Before he could finish speaking, his surroundings quietened down abruptly.

Following, he heard a voice ring out beside him.

“Classmate.” Zhou Wenyan was standing beside Buzzcut and looking at him from a higher point of elevation, “Can you switch seats” 

Buzzcut Boy turned his head stiffly, almost choking on his saliva.

It took him a long moment before he came to his senses, and he stood up hastily to offer his seat: “Please, go ahead.”

Zhou Wenyan sat down.

The person in the seat next to him was Shen Dongqing.

Shen Dongqing braced half of his face with his hand as he gave Zhou Wenyan a smile, which revealed his small dimple.

Zhou Wenyan put down his reference materials, saying: “I feel like we should have met somewhere before” 

The people in their vicinity were all paying attention to the developments, and they could barely suppress their smiles upon hearing that sentence.

Which decade did that pick-up line come from

Their gazes shifted, landing on the other main protagonist because they wanted to know what kind of reaction he would have.

Shen Dongqing nodded: “Yes, we’ve definitely met before.” 

“Since that’s the case…” Zhou Wenyan asked, “Can you be my boyfriend”

The eavesdroppers: … Isn’t this development way too **ing fast!

Some of them even reacted excessively, going as far as covering their mouths as they started coughing and it looked like they had choked on themselves.

Shen Dongqing did not hesitate in the slightest as he nodded his head and agreed, “Sure.” 

The others were still in a slight trance.

Their faculty beau, the grass on the tall mountain ridge, became a grass pasture with an owner just like this

However, wasn’t the speed that they progressed at too fast It was truly unimaginable! Furthermore, his significant other was Shen Dongqing, the person who had always opposed the faculty beau, whom everyone found annoying.

Wasn’t this world too psychedelic 

Ding ling ling—

In the midst of their collective shock, the bell signalling the start of the class rang.


Although Shen Dongqing flipped open his book, his heart was not into it, and he would intermittently steal looks at the person beside him.

As Zhou Wenyan flipped a page, he uttered in a calm voice: “Actually, you can look directly.” 

Shen Dongqing jumped in surprise before he shrank back.

After waiting for some time, he glanced at him cautiously and happened to meet Zhou Wenyan’s smiling eyes.

Shen Dongqing relaxed, shifting his butt a little to close the distance between the two of them.

In a small voice, he said: “It seems like we’ve met for the first time, but I keep getting the sense that our relationship should be…”

Zhou Wenyan interrupted his speech and spat out a word: “Husbands.”

Shen Dongqing: “Ah” 

Zhou Wenyan looked bland and unfluctuating on the surface but his eyes were brimming with laughter.

“Although I heard it just now, I would like to hear you calling me that again.”

In a distracted manner, Shen Dongqing opened his mouth: “Hus, band”

Zhou Wenyan: “Mn, good.”

Shen Dongqing felt rather giddy. 

The teacher’s lecture continued in the background as Zhou Wenyan said in a low voice: “I spent half a day organising my social connections.

I discovered that my parents are alive and I have close childhood friends and normal friends.

Even though my memories were completely intact, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was missing a very important thing, until…” He gave a pause, “I saw you.”

Zhou Wenyan fixed his gaze on Shen Dongqing.

His voice was very light but he sounded incredibly solemn: “You’re very important.”

His words were too earnestly spoken which made Shen Dongqing a little embarrassed.

He lowered his head and tormented the book corner until it was nearly permanently damaged from all his twisting.

Zhou Wenyan continued to say: “Therefore, this world is wrong, our identities are correspondingly wrong, and our memories have been tampered with.” 

【 Warning, warning, Test Subject 0431 and 0432 are being abnormal, fluctuation levels 37%, please deal with it immediately 】

After a long moment, a hoarse voice sounded: “Throw in Test Subjects A-1, A-2, A-3, eliminate the destabilising factors.”


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