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Ch47 - Play Commencing

(Princess Snow White and Little Mermaid)

Edited by Silver Wind 

The bread was fresh out of the oven, thus they were fluffy and light like clouds.

Holding onto the bread, Shen Dongqing ate and drank his fill before he picked up the small basket and went on his way again.



Halfway through, Shen Dongqing suddenly remembered that according to human customs, he was required to bring a gift when he was paying a visit in order to show his respect.

He looked at the empty basket. 

He ate all the food, what should he do


Shen Dongqing felt a small headache.

At this moment, a fierce Big Grey Wolf fell from the skies.

The Big Grey Wolf was at least two-metres-tall with sharp claws, and he revealed his flesh-stained sharp teeth when he drew his mouth back to grin.


“Turns out it’s Little Red Riding Hood.” The Big Grey Wolf touched the fur on his face and prowled over to him slowly, “Hello there, Little Red Riding Hood.”

The Big Grey Wolf reminiscenced over the previous dainty and lovely Little Red Riding Hood he had eaten and his throat rolled, issuing a gulping noise.

Afraid that the audible sound had scared Little Red Riding Hood, he covered it hastily by saying: “Haha, I ate too much just now.”

As the Big Grey Wolf said that, he eyed Little Red Riding Hood.


The Little Red Riding Hood in this instance was not afraid and he was even looking at him with interest. 

Shen Dongqing glanced at his little basket and started to worry: It seems like this small basket could not fit such a big wild game.

The Big Grey Wolf felt that the gaze Little Red Riding Hood was giving him was slightly strange, and that made him compare the physiques they had.

Immediately after, he disregarded the issue and started to read his stage lines.

“Little Red Riding Hood, where are you going”

Shen Dongqing felt like he had perfectly integrated into his character as “Little Red Riding Hood” as he said: “I’m going to my grandmother’s house.” 

Big Grey Wolf: “Oh, I know, that affable old lady Why don’t we pay a visit to her together”

Shen Dongqing’s lips curled into a smile, causing a small dimple to emerge on his cheek.


The Big Grey Wolf did not know why but he felt a chill run down its back and he raised its claws to touch his neck.

As he thought about the next upcoming feast, he grinned widely.

The human and wolf each harboured their own thoughts as they walked down the rural path. 

Walking halfway, the Big Grey Wolf abruptly said: “Little Red Riding Hood, look at the gaily-coloured flowers blooming here, why don’t you pluck some and give them to your grandmother”

Truth to be told, the Big Grey Wolf wanted to devour Little Red Riding Hood now but every puppet had to follow the script or their master would become angry.


Thus, the Big Grey Wolf could only hold back his bloodthirsty desires and stick to the script first.

However, Shen Dongqing simply refused to follow the scripted plot.

“No need, I brought another present for her.” 

The Big Grey Wolf looked at the basket Little Red Riding Hood was holding meaningfully.

But it was completely empty inside.

The Big Grey Wolf issued a question mark.

What did Little Red Riding Hood bring as a present 

Despite his question, it was ultimately of no importance, and the Big Grey Wolf skipped over that portion.

Since Little Red Riding Hood was unwilling to live for a while longer, the Big Grey Wolf would not force it either and they continued to walk down the small path.

After walking for around two minutes, the trees gradually became sparse and a lone little cabin could be seen at the end.

The cabin was somewhat dilapidated and it was giving off a mouldy stench, and the fencing at the door had already faded in colour, leaving only the rotting wood underneath. 

Shen Dongqing stretched his hand out and pushed open the fence only to abruptly discover that there was a deep brown bloodstain on the ground.

All of a sudden, the storm clouds covered the skies densely, darkening it, and lightning flashed twice.

The Big Grey Wolf behind him finally tore down his guise, revealing its true face.

When the lightning briefly struck, it glinted across his teeth and claws sharply.

However, the pitiful Little Red Riding Hood remained oblivious; exposing his soft, fair and unguarded nape to him, he did not know that he was about to become a lamb… 

The Big Grey Wolf let out a strange laugh.

Shen Dongqing turned around and wondered: “What are you laughing about”

The Big Grey Wolf’s laughter abruptly ceased and he pounced over, raising his claws, wanting to tear the Little Red Riding Hood before him into shreds.

Run, run quickly, scream……. 

Alas, this Little Red Riding Hood was different from the others for he did not choose to run, nor was he afraid.

Instead… he lifted his foot.

What was he lifting his foot for


A question mark emerged in the Big Grey Wolf’s heart.

Soon after, the Big Grey Wolf saw the deep red skirt that the Little Red Riding Hood was wearing lift up, revealing a perfectly straight thigh, and then….

He was kicked away with one leg. 

The Big Grey Wolf fell, head slamming into the ground and his eyes dimmed with dizziness.

Before he had the chance to stage a comeback, he barely discerned Little Red Riding Hood raising a rock and smashing it down violently.

The Big Grey Wolf’s eyes rolled and he fainted.

Shen Dongqing stood up and carried the Big Grey Wolf with one hand and walked into the little wood cabin. 

“Do you need help, Little Red Riding Hood” A familiar voice rang out.

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Shen Dongqing looked over his shoulder.

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He was the hunter.

Shen Dongqing was quite irritated: “Why am I always the one wearing a skirt”

Zhou Wenyan tugged on the edge of his hat, gaze sweeping past those white and straight legs.

“Maybe because skirts suit you better.”

He was starting to like this puppet theatre. 

Shen Dongqing puffed up his cheeks, “I don’t like them.”

Zhou Wenyan laughed in reply, “I like them.”

Shen Dongqing lifted his skirt up immediately.

“Then I’ll let you wear it.”

That made Zhou Wenyan press down the skirt firmly, stopping his excessively bold and generous behaviour.

“No need.” 

“You clearly said you like them,” Shen Dongqing grumbled his misgivings.

Zhou Wenyan: ……


He liked the skirt wearing Xiao Dongqing, not the skirt itself.

Seeing that Shen Dongqing was still tangled over the issue of his skirt, Zhou Wenyan quickly changed the topic.

“Let’s go into the cabin to take a look.” 

Hence, Shen Dongqing pulled his wild game into the little wooden cabin.

The cabin was beyond disrepair; the floorboards creaked loudly with each step and it seemed like it was going to break any second.

Evidently, this place was not suitable for living and Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother definitely did not exist.

Marginally disappointed, Shen Dongqing threw the Big Grey Wolf to the ground: “I originally planned to have a barbeque with grandmother.” 

After all, he had been dead for so long and he did not have any relatives to speak of.

If he had an existing grandmother that was alive, he would be very willing to invite his grandmother to have a barbeque together.

Zhou Wenyan wandered around the little wooden cabin.

He did not find Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother but found a pile of red hoods instead.

One, two, three… ten red hoods formed the small hill, and not only were they stained with browning blood, they were emitting a malodour. 

Shen Dongqing: “Why are there so many little red hoods”

Zhou Wenyan touched his chin: “It looks like acting out the full story does not signify that the game is cleared.”

According to the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the plot was that Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother were swallowed, and the hunter would later cut open the wolf man’s stomach to save the two victims.

However, it was apparent from the bloodstained hoods that the people swallowed by the wolf did not survive, because such operations were only exclusive to fairy tales. 

Thus, those who believed the fairy tale of “Little Red Riding Hood” would only meet the fate of being digested by the Big Grey Wolf.

Shen Dongqing’s main concern was not the clearance aspect.

He pointed at the Big Grey Wolf and said: “Why don’t we eat him first He looks quite tasty.”

Zhou Wenyan said helplessly, “You can’t eat it, since it’s a puppet.”

Shen Dongqing looked extremely regretful.

“Can’t eat it huh….” 

The unconscious wolf man did not know that he had escaped from a calamity.

Zhou Wenyan coaxed him: “We’ll get to attend a tea party once we get out, there will definitely be delicious food there.”


It was after hearing his persuasion that Shen Dongqing put down the idea of making wolf meat skewers.

Under the circumstance where the Little Red Riding Hood story could no longer be performed, Shen Dongqing and Zhou Wenyan could only leave the little log cabin first. 

Perhaps because they were in a fairy tale world, the previous overcast and stormy skies cleared and it was currently sunny with white clouds, and the alternating between weather was not surprising in the least.

Shen Dongqing held onto his small basket and swung it back and forth.

He said: “Let’s go back to the city to buy two bread loaves, it was quite delicious.”


Following the stone path in the woods, they turned around a corner.

An old woman on her hunches and draped in a cloak suddenly appeared with a basket of apples hanging on the crook of her arm. 

As Shen Dongqing stared at the big and round apples, he transferred his affections for bread to the apples without a pause.

Then, he pulled the old woman to a stop decisively.

“Are you selling those apples”

The old woman visibly paused before her voice hardened as she said: “Not selling.”

Done speaking, she dived into the woods swiftly.

Zhou Wenyan said: “Follow her.” 

Shen Dongqing muttered, “I want to eat those apples.”

The pair caught up with the old woman.

The old woman did not notice that she had gained two tails as she struggled her way deeper into the woods, and she only came to a stop when she saw a small cottage.

A beautiful lady stood in front of the cottage. 

Her skin was as fair as snow, her hair as black as ebony and her lips were as red as blood.

The old woman slowed down her steps and a strange laugh bubbled from her throat, “Princess Snow White…”

Zhou Wenyan said: “She’s a player.”

The old woman walked up to her target slowly and grabbed the supplest apple as she shouted, “Apples, crisp and sweet apples, beautiful lady, would you like an apple” 

The player acting as Snow White naturally knew that the apple was poisoned but she had to continue performing for the puppet theatre.

Thus, she walked forward and asked: “How do you sell these apples”

The old woman said: “Since this is the first time I’ve met such a beautiful lady, I’ll give this apple to you…”


Before the old woman could finish speaking, her body lurched before dropping to the ground softly, and the apple fell from her hands and rolled to Snow White’s feet.

After Zhou Wenyan stopped the old woman’s sinister and vicious peddling of apples, he took an apple from the basket and handed it to Shen Dongqing. 

It took a moment for Snow White to recognise who Little Red Riding Hood and the hunter truly were.

With an expression of surprise, she said: “Why did you run over here for We’re not even from the same story!”

Shen Dongqing took a bite of the apple and casually said: “Uh… Our story has ended.”

Snow White asked suspiciously, “Shouldn’t you be able to go out once it’s over”

Shen Dongqing: “I don’t get it either.” 

Feeling that the pair before her were a little odd, she decided to stoop over to pick up the fallen apple instead.

Crossing his arms, Zhou Wenyan said calmly: “A suggestion: do not eat that poisonous apple.”

Cupping the poisonous apple, Snow White replied: “How do I continue performing if I don’t eat it”

Zhou Wenyan shrugged his shoulders.

“Do as you please.” 

Hearing that, Snow White hesitated, undecided as she guessed: “Did you fail to perform a story that Susie was satisfied with”

According to Susie’s words, the puppet theatre could only end and pass if she was satisfied with the given performance.

And these two big bosses… Judging from their performance on death roulette, it goes without saying that they were not people who would follow the original script, which was why they were still stuck in the puppet theatre in spite of finishing their story.

Zhou Wenyan raised an eyebrow, “Satisfied” 

He did not speak again.

After all, the people who wanted to act out a story that satisfied Susie in “The Little Red Riding Hood” were all swallowed by the wolf man, and since this Snow White refused to listen to his advice, it was not like he could do more.

In the end, Princess Snow White still decided to eat that poisonous apple.

In accordance to the plot, she would be fitted into a crystal coffin, be kissed awake by a Prince, and live out her happily ever after. 

In short, the poisonous apple would not endanger her life because people did not die in fairy tales.

Snow White raised the poisonous apple and took a cautious bite.



The poisonous apple with a bite missing fell to the ground once again. 

The poison acted very quickly.

Snow White pressed both her hands to her neck and her entire face became purple from choking, her throat issued a gurgling noise.

She finally understood that the poisonous apple would really poison people to death, but she understood it too late.

After struggling for a long moment, Snow White lost her life’s breath and she collapsed to the ground. 

The moment Snow White fell, the seven dwarfs – who seemed to come out of nowhere – dragged out a crystal coffin and placed Snow White inside.

Then, as they sang their song, they carried the coffin out.

The crystal coffin was placed on a hill.

The seven dwarfs surrounded the crystal coffin, dancing and singing , then  when everything was concluded, they dispersed.

Just like they were hurrying the performance, a prince riding a horse came from over yonder.

Following behind him was an entourage of servants who had their faces concealed. 

Seeing the Princess Snow White in the coffin, he told them to stop promptly as he sighed with emotion: “How beautiful of a lady she is.

Her skin is as fair as snow, lips red like blood and hair as dark as the night.

Most importantly, she is already dead.

Ah, how perfect.”

He was just leaning over to touch the crystal coffin when he noticed two people sitting behind the coffin and eating their apples.

Shen Dongqing threw away the apple core in his hand and waved at him: “Hi!”

The prince did not expect that there would still be people at the scene and he shouted in shock: “Servants—” 

Before his voice slipped out, he was knocked out by Shen Dongqing in a straightforward manner.

Shen Dongqing said: “His clothes look quite good, I want to change my clothes.”

As he was saying that, he pulled off the clothes the prince was outfitted in and wore it on his person.

Thus, it left the Prince on the ground, naked, and it could be seen that there were lines which indicated where his joints were attached together. 

This was not a player but a puppet.

The last thing Shen Dongqing did to complete the change was to take off the skirt he wore as Little Red Riding Hood and switched it to the Prince’s pants.


Then, he tidied up the minor and complicated detailing on his overcoat and shirt before he looked at the far-off entourage of servants.

He asked Zhou Wenyan: “Do you want to change as well”

Zhou Wenyan knocked on the crystal coffin, “Not necessary, but I was thinking…” 

The retinue seemed to have noticed some movement on their end as they walked over.

However, they did not see the fallen prince who had been robbed of his clothes, for they gave Shen Dongqing a salute instead.

“Your Highness.”

It seemed like whatever they wore would be what they were regarded as.

Shen Dongqing: “En” 

Zhou Wenyan placed a hand on his shoulder, saying: “It looks like your identity went from the Little Red Riding Hood to the prince.”

Then, he tilted his head as a smile grew on his lips: “Why don’t we make it a big scene”


Without further ado, they followed the group of servants back to the city while bringing Snow White’s crystal coffin along. 

And needless to say, death in the puppet theatre meant that the players truly died, and there was no possibility of revival like in a fairy tale.

For example, the player who acted as Snow White was silently lying in her crystal coffin and she was sent to the basement in the castle by the Prince’s servants.

Feeling curious, Shen Dongqing tagged along with them to take a look.

The basement space was not huge but it packed to the brim with crystal coffins. 

And the “Princess Snow White” lying in them ranged from male to female, and from young to old.

All of their hands were placed over their chest and they seemed peaceful in expression as they waited for their prince to kiss them awake.

Unfortunately, the prince they had been waiting for was a necrophiliac and he only loved dead bodies, not live princesses.

All these were players.

And each and every one of their pale faces were facing the entrance. 

If other players saw it, they would definitely receive a scare but Shen Dongqing was different as he felt nothing, and he was even thinking about wanting another apple.

Stomach growling with hunger, Shen Dongqing withdrew from the basement.



Coincidentally enough, the maids had sent over a sumptuous dinner, and Sheng Dongqing immediately forgot that right below him was a basement filled with the dead bodies of players as he started to taste the table of delicacies. 

As he was halfway through his meal, someone knocked on his door.

However, Shen Dongqing was presently having a match with his plate of beefsteak so he did not have the time to acknowledge the knocks on his door.

The person outside the door did not dare to barge into the His Highness the Prince’s sleeping quarters without authorisation, thus he could only stand outside and shout: “Your Highness, the wedding is about to begin, please come out quickly.”

Shen Dongqing bit on his fork: “Wedding” 

Zhou Wenyan: “Go out and take a look.”

Shen Dongqing’s tone of voice became severe: “Wait.”

In reaction to that, Zhou Wenyan looked over.

Swiftly, Shen Dongqing forked up the steak and shoved into his mouth.

While his mouth was still full, he mumbled, “Let me finish eating this piece.” 


Due to the fact that a wedding was being held, the entire castle was suffused with palpable joy.

Having changed to the identity of a prince, Shen Dongqing did not attract any of the servant’s suspicion even when he brought Zhou Wenyan along with him.

After they walked a full circle, they realised that the person holding the ceremony was not Shen Dongqing but another prince who had been saved by a princess from a neighbouring kingdom when he encountered a thunderstorm while sailing in his vessel.

Thus, to repay the lifesaving kindness, he pledged to marry his benefactor. 

Zhou Wenyan: “This is the story of the《Little Mermaid》.”

Concurrent to his narration, a lady walked out from the turn of the corridor.

She walked with the greatest care as if her feet were landing on the tips of knives with every step she took.

Shen Dongqing licked away the sauce staining his lips before he uttered: “I’ve never heard of it before.” 

He was not cognizant of these fairy tales.

Zhou Wenyan replied: “The process is not important; at any rate, the Little Mermaid transforms into sea foam and dies at the end of the story.”


And it was obvious from a glance that the Little Mermaid was being performed by a player.


She raised her head and looked at the two big bosses.

It was apparent that her intelligence quotient was higher than that of Snow White because she immediately sought help from the two big bosses.

“I don’t want to continue this performance!”

In other pre-existing fairy tales, there was still a possibility of resurrection but when it came to the Little Mermaid, she had transformed into foam and gained an immortal soul.

She would never believe that this SB of a game would grant her immortality! 

The Little Mermaid cursed at the game with a few choice words.

Zhou Wenyan nodded his head in agreement.

“I think the same too.”

His reply made the Little Mermaid look at him expectantly, “What should we do then”

Zhou Wenyan said: “Giving Susie a puppet theatre performance that she is satisfied with is impossible.” 

Or else, so many players would not have perished just because they followed their storylines.

He paused briefly before he said: “Therefore…”

Shen Dongqing: The guessing segment he hated the most was coming again.

Upon noticing that Shen Dongqing was pulling a long face, Zhou Wenyan let out a soft chuckle: “Therefore, we might as well dismantle all the puppets.” 

In an instant, Shen Dongqing became energised, this was what he was good at!

He rolled up his sleeves and asked in high spirits: “How should we dismantle them”

To that, Zhou Wenyan lifted up his hand and pointed: “We’ll start dismantling from that one.”

Shen Dongqing looked over and saw that standing on the balcony at the end of the walkway was a blond-haired and blue-eyed puppet.

From his appearance alone, it was obvious that he was an important character. 

The Little Mermaid did not expect that the big bosses would resort to such violence, and she was trembling as she asked them: “Is this really okay Don’t we have to solve a puzzle”

Zhou Wenyan replied in a lazy manner: “It’s too troublesome to solve the puzzle.”


It was as if he had been infected by Shen Dongqing; as long as the matter could be resolved with simpler methods, he would be less inclined to use his brain.

“Susie said that she did not have a lot of puppets and it was not enough to host a puppet theatre, which is why it is only plausible with player participation.

Thus, there’s a very high possibility that we don’t have to act out a puppet theatre that satisfies her because once the puppets and players don’t meet the required amount, the puppet theatre will be forced to stop.” 

“Between puppets and players, I feel that dismantling puppets brings about a smaller psychological burden.”


Shen Dongqing bashed the puppet on the balcony railings and it issued a crisp noise on impact.


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