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Ch23 - Chainsaw Axe

(A Game of Catch)

Edited by Sliver Wind 

“I was here the moment I woke up…”

Fang Qi had yet to recover so he simply chose to sit down on the ground: “Big boss, did you encounter anything when you were coming over”



Shen Dongqing touched on the topic lightly: “I encountered some of them.

But they couldn’t take a beating and they were done for after two hits.”

This was the gap between the two. 

Fang Qi noticed that his big boss seemed very interested in the chainsaw that had fallen to the ground as he bent over and lifted it with one hand.

He seemed to treat it like a toy, and even weighed it in his hands.


After witnessing such a picture, Fang Qi’s heart became as calm as still water, and it did not have the slightest ripple.

Holding the chainsaw, Shen Dongqing said, “Let’s go.”

Fang Qi clambered up from the ground and just as he took two steps, he suddenly remembered something.

“There’s another person.”


Shen Dongqing: “Hm”

Fang Qi turned back and pointed: “It should be there…”

The place he pointed at was empty, except for the remains of the broken limbs that Chainsaw Bro was sawing into.


“Where did she go” He scratched his head. 

Although Fang Qi was almost killed by the girl just now, a life was still a life, and he couldn’t not save her.

Except, where did the person disappear to

Shen Dongqing said, “It was an accomplice ghost.

Fang Qi did not understand, “What” 

She was playing the jackal to the tiger.

That person had died in the hands of Chainsaw Bro but she was not resigned to becoming a ghost, thus she started helping Chainsaw Bro hurt others.

Shen Dongqing took two steps forward and reached under Chainsaw Bro’s console.

And the surrounding space distorted slightly as a woman was forcibly yacked out. 

The woman was extremely terrified, especially when she saw the chainsaw Shen Dongqing was holding, and she started struggling harder: “Let go of me! Help, save me—”

Fang Qi was not moved, and since he was in the presence of his big boss, he asked boldly: “Tell us everything you know.”


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Ktf kbwjc rbyyfv lc ofjg: “Qt-Qtja”

Mjcu Hl lcafggbujafv: “Qtja xlcv bo qijmf lr atf Mexesjwj Ursmtljaglm Vjcjabglew Lbk vb kf ifjnf Cgf atfgf batfg bvvlalfr ilxf Jtjlcrjk Dgb, jcv tbk wjcs bo atfw jgf atfgf” 

Ktf kbwjc gfoerfv ab mbbqfgjaf,“P vbc’a xcbk jcsatlcu!”

Gfrqlaf atja, Mjcu Hl ralii kjcafv ab ags qgbylcu jujlc.

Shen Dongqing felt a headache coming after hearing the woman’s shrieks.

Impatiently, he said: “If you don’t know, I’ll just cut you and be done with it.”

After he spoke, he did not hesitate as he lifted the chainsaw. 

The woman originally wanted to leave them hanging to gain some advantages, but she never expected that he would raise the chainsaw to cut someone the moment the conversation was not going as he intended.

Hurriedly, she changed her tune: “I’ll speak, I’ll speak!”

“I’ve been here ever since I was killed by the chainsaw and I don’t know much.

Only the Director of the Sanatorium knows how to get out, the rest of us are not allowed to leave.”

After getting the news he wanted, Shen Dongqing let go of her.

As if she was trying to escape with her life, the woman scrambled back into the wall without looking back once and disappeared without a trace. 

“What is this”

Fang Qi found something that the woman had dropped and he stooped over to pick it up.

It was a hospital identity card.

Most of the identity card was contaminated with blood but it was obvious from the two-inch photo that it was the same woman. 

He studied the information on the identity card: “It turns out she was a nurse here.”

Shen Dongqing was somewhat annoyed, “I knew I should have made her lead the way after catching her.”

However, after being annoyed for a while, he settled down.

“Never mind, we can catch another one after we get out of here.”

Fang Qi, who heard his words: …… 

When someone else encountered a ghost, they were dying to escape with their lives, but why did the ghosts become tools for him to use whenever he was around

The ghosts who heard him also wanted to cry.


After leaving the room where Chainsaw Bro was located, they entered a long corridor.

The corridor was sealed on both ends with no window in sight, and the only provision of light was the weak illumination from the hanging lamps.

Maybe because the voltage was unstable, the lightbulbs flickered on and off, and it obscured everything a square inch beyond the light. 

If it had been under normal circumstances, Fang Qi would have already worked up a shiver.

But now, as he trailed behind the chainsaw carrying Shen Dongqing, he only felt a sense of absolute security; it felt safer than being back at home and huddled under his quilt.

Fang Qi held onto the nurse’s identity card and said: “Big boss, should we go to the nurse’s office to look for some useful clues first”

Shen Dongqing: “We’re not in a rush, I need to find someone first.” 

Subconsciously, Fang Qi asked: “Who”

As soon as his words fell, he came back to himself: “The other big boss”

The handsome and stern young man who had helped him win while lying down

“No,” Shen Dongqing thought about it for a moment before he changed his phrasing, “My…  reserve grain.” 

Speaking of which, Shen Dongqing was starting to feel a little hungry.

He stretched his hand to feel around his backpack before he found the stick of a lollipop.

While he was trying to tear open the packaging, he discovered that it was inconvenient to do so with one hand.

“Hold this for me,” He handed him the chainsaw.

Fang Qi reached out to take it.

However, he did not expect that when it reached his hands, he had to strain every muscle to hold it properly in spite of the fact that Shen Dongqing had carried it with ease. 

Shen Dongqing peeled the packing off the lollipop and shoved the plastic into his pocket in an act of environmental friendliness.

He threw a look at the flustered Fang Qi from over his shoulder as he said with some distaste: “You’re really useless.”

He bit into his lollipop and hefted the chainsaw with one hand.

Fang Qi took a breather: “It’s because I’m not a big boss… be careful!”

Shen Dongqing cocked his head, a touch baffled. 

Fang Qi swallowed, and his voice was quavering a little: “Look behind you…”

Shen Dongqing turned around and saw a figure standing a short distance away from him.



The hanging lamp went out before it flickered back on. 

Standing there was a nurse from the Sanatorium.

The nurse uniform had been mired with browning blood, while her hair draped past her shoulders and covered half her face in a disorderly mess.

Her eyes were dull in spite of the maniacal smile hanging on her face and she was holding an axe in her hand, with an appearance that screamed she would hack up anyone she saw.

Upon closer scrutiny, there were a few chunks of an unidentifiable creature’s meat stuck on the axe.

Shen Dongqing and Sister Axe exchanged gazes before smiling slightly.

Then, he took out a chainsaw that was twice as large as the axe from behind his back. 

When the switch was pressed, the chainsaw revved up quickly and it issued a teeth-grating noise.

Immediately after Fang Qi recovered from the shock induced by Sister Axe’s appearance, he started waving flags and shouting battle cries for his big boss like a small man intoxicated by his successes: “Big boss, hammer her!”

Sister Axe grinned and disregarded the distance between her and her enemy as she rushed up with her axe.

Fang Qi was about to applaud her for her bravery when she pulled a feint to the east while executing an attack to the west.

While she assumed a posture of wanting to charge up and take a beating, it was all a trick to befuddle them so she could fling her axe at Shen Dongqing before running away without turning back. 

The chainsaw sawed the small axe into pieces with ease.

Shen Dongqing lifted the chainsaw and chased after her, and all that echoed in the corridor was the sound of the chainsaw revving.

Fang Qi quickly followed suit.

As he looked at Shen Dongqing’s strong and vigorous figure holding a chainsaw, he sank into deep rumination – Just who was the villain exactly 



The gathered players opted to stay there, and their headcount totalled at four with both men and women present as they exchanged the clues they had found.

A thin and weak youth said, “When I woke up, I saw the big brother wielding a chainsaw, and his body was as wide as five of me put together.

He was carrying another unlucky player like he was carrying a little chick.

Fortunately, the place that I spawned in had good cover, or I would have died in seconds…” 

The man with a crew-cut standing beside him pondered, “It seems that the minor BOSS on the first level is Chainsaw Bro.

Everyone, please beware, a chainsaw wielding big brother probably can’t run fast.

If you see him, run away as fast as you can.”

The girl in a pair of pigtails jutted out her lip: “Other than running, we have no other choice.”


Crew-cut smiled, “Are there any other clues”

Pigtails added, “I woke up at the entrance.

You need a key to get out.” 

Crew-cut analysed, “Let’s go to the office upstairs to find…”

The girl who had remained silent the entire time suddenly interrupted crew-cut’s words: “Someone is coming.”

Crew-cut was a little displeased but still kept quiet.

In the silence, the people in the hall could hear a series of footsteps which sounded as if someone was being chased by something, and their footsteps were erratic and hurried. 

Not long after, a figure covered in blood ran out from the corridor.

With her lowered head, it was hard to tell whether Sister Axe was a human or ghost in an instant.

Which led to Crew-cut believing that the blood on her body was caused by a ghost and he even asked her a question from the distance: “What’s wrong Who’s chasing you”

Sister Axe did not speak. 

At that moment, the thin man screamed: “It’s Chainsaw Bro!”

The crowd looked over unconsciously where the figure in the corridor was reflected on the wall, and the chainsaw he was holding could be discerned.

“Quickly run—”

The people in the hall suddenly scattered and even ran with Sister Axe. 


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