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Ch22 - Escape The Mental Hospital

(Fukuyama Psychiatric Sanatorium)

Edited by Sliver Wind 

The cities that the players resided in were no different from ordinary cities.

It had shopping malls, houses and restaurants.



It was only when you see the numbness and fear etched on the faces of the passers-by that you realise that this was not an ordinary city.


In a coffee shop.


Sheng Dongqing looked at the dark liquid in the cup curiously, and he tried a spoonful of it by putting it in his mouth.

“It’s so bitter.” He frowned as he stuck out his tongue.

Sitting opposite of him, Zhou Wenyan pinched a few sugar cubes and dropped it into the cup: “Try it again.”


Shen Dongqing took another wary sip.

It definitely became sweeter and less unpleasant.

However, he did not like the smell of it and he pushed it away in disdain.

Zhou Wenyan called out to the waiter: “A coke please.”


Sure enough, Shen Dongqing still preferred carbonated drinks, and after adding two cubes of ice, it was cold and sweet. 

While Shen Dongqing was drinking his coke, Zhou Wenyan opened his mouth to speak: “During the last game, I actually wanted to ask…”

He pondered about it briefly before he questioned, “Have we met before”

When they first met, Zhou Wenyan could not shake off the feeling that Shen Dongqing was inexplicably familiar, but he could not point out where the feeling came from.

In actuality, he wanted to ask even earlier but he was constantly interrupted by others.

Afterwards, he did not have the chance to bring up the matter again. 

Shen Dongqing raised his head and made an ‘Ah’ before he tilted his head: “I don’t remember.”

He had been around for a long time; oftentimes, he would drift between wakefulness and chaos which made it difficult for him to remember things.

However, when he considered Zhou Wenyan’s age, he knew that he should not have interacted with him in the past.

“We didn’t,” Shen Dongqing said with certainty.

Although Zhou Wenyan received his answer, he said nothing in reply. 

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The girl at the next table overheard their conversation and she giggled: “What day and age is it now, why are you still using such words to strike up a conversation”

Vtf gjlrfv j abjra abkjgvr Itbe Qfcsjc: “Po sbe kjca ab mtjrf joafg rbwfbcf, sbe cffv ab yf wbgf oifzlyif.”



Coafg atja qjgalmeijg fcmbecafg, Itbe Qfcsjc rxlqqfv bnfg atja rfuwfca jcv mtjcufv atf abqlm. 

“Cgf sbe kliilcu ab ylcv sbegrfio ab wf”

Vtfc Gbcudlcu: “Dlcv”

Itbe Qfcsjc fzqijlcfv: “Qf klii fcafg atf rjwf ujwfr abufatfg tfgfjoafg bcmf atf ylcvlcu lr mbwqifaf.”

Shen Dongqing thought about it: “Sure.” 

He liked playing the game with Zhou Wenyan.

However, there was one downside, which was that every time he got too close, he had to control the urge to bite him.

Fortunately, he did not have to worry about eating or drinking in the last few worlds, but if they landed in a less enjoyable environment, he was not certain that he could restrain himself.

However… it would be nice to have a reserve grain.

An inexplicable feeling arose in Zhou Wenyan.

Why did the gaze that Shen Dongqing was using on him feel a little… passionate 

Zhou Wenyan ignored the strange feeling and brought up a few game regulations: “In fact, there is a certain interval for breaks between each game; the higher the copy’s level was, the lesser the frequency.

For example, after clearing the B-level copy, you are awarded three months of rest.”

If ordinary players heard the good news, they might have laughed out loud.

However, Shen Dongqing reacted differently and his frustration was visible on his face: “Doesn’t that mean I don’t get to play”

He thought the game was pretty fun, and it was more enjoyable compared to phone games. 

It sounded rather lacklustre to stay in his room for three months because he could not play the game.

Faintly, the sound of the system throwing a fit could be heard.

Zhou Wenyan: “But there are special ways to enter a game copy in advance.”

Most people would not go courting their death like this. 

But Zhou Wenyan was not most people; he was actively trying to look for a way to leave the Infinite Nightmare Game, and he was going through different copies in order to find clues.

For him, a resting period was basically useless.

“I happened to find a special item recently.” Zhou Wenyan took an object out and slid it towards Shen Dongqing.


Shen Dongqing lowered his head.

It was a medical history book with yellowing edges and brown bloodstains, and the line of printed words “Fukuyama Psychiatric Sanatorium” were fading. 


【 You have entered Fukuyama Psychiatric Sanatorium 】

【 You are one of the patients in the Sanatorium.

While you are not certain if it is the effect of the medicine, you felt that strange events have been occurring in the Sanatorium recently.

This makes you panicked and scared, and you have decided to escape because you do not want to stay for a moment longer.

You know that death could strangle your throat at any given time.

【 Please escape from Fukuyama Psychiatric Sanatorium before death.




A grating noise exploded in his ears.

Fang Qi was still dreaming and he mumbled incoherently: “Stop making that noise.” 

The noise, however, continued to sound.

Fang Qi wanted to turn his body and cover his ears but he abruptly realised that something was not right.

This was not his room!

After absorbing that fact, Fang Qi was violently awoken and he came face-to-face with a line of big and bloody words on the wall. 

The person must have encountered something urgent because his words were extremely sloppy, and Fang Qi struggled to decipher the words – – WATCH OUT FOR THE CHAINSAW!

The exclamation point was particularly heavy, and the blood wriggled and trickled all the way to the floor.

It gave Fang Qi’s mind a start, and he snapped his head back to look in the direction of the noise.

He was stuck in a narrow and cramped storage room and although he was separated by the distance of one grey tinted glass, he could see the person standing outside the room who had the makings of a burly man with his round waist and thick shoulders, and he was currently equipped with a chainsaw in his hand. 

The burly man had his back to the storage room and the chainsaw was issuing the grating noise.

He did not know what he was cutting into but it was causing splatters of scarlet liquid.

Fang Qi compared the physiques the two of them possessed.


He was afraid that even his thighs were not as thick as Chainsaw Bro’s forearms, and it did not help that his combat effectiveness was near zero.

The small door was half opened, revealing a sliver of a gap. 

Fang Qi noticed that there was an open door directly across from him, and he would be fine once he slipped past Chainsaw Bro’s back.

He swallowed his saliva and shrank himself down as he sneaked out of the storage room to slip away.

Thankfully, Chainsaw Bro was sawing away happily, and the sound the chainsaw made was very loud and he did not notice the movements behind him.

Fang Qi opened the door and while trying to make as little noise as possible, he ran towards the door quickly and carefully. 


Almost there……

Just then, a sharp female voice suddenly rang out: “Save me!”

There was a girl tied up in the corner and her body was covered in blood.

From her appearance, it was apparent that she was the next target that Chainsaw Bro wanted to saw. 

Chainsaw Bro aborted his actions.

Fang Qi stood rooted to the ground.

Chainsaw Bro looked back.

And the girl was still shouting: “Please, I beg of you, save- save me!” 

Fang Qi wanted to cry.

Sister, how do I save you

I’m about to give up on myself.

Chainsaw Bro turned back and grinned, revealing his yellowed teeth, as if to say: Another one came. 

Fang Qi shook like a rattle as he fished out the items he exchanged in the system mall and tossed them as if they did not require any money.

However, these items were meant to deal with ghosts while Chainsaw Bro was still very much human.

Thus, the items he tossed were sawed into smithereens with one slash.


Seeing the Chainsaw Bro getting closer and closer, Fang Qi had no other options but to wait for his death because Chainsaw Bro was obstructing the way to the exit and he had nowhere else to run.

“Please give me a less gruesome death…” 

Walking halfway, Chainsaw Bro suddenly stopped and stood there, motionless.

Fang Qi stared at him.

Having found his window of opportunity, he lifted his feet and started running out.

As he passed by Chainsaw Bro, the burly man’s body swayed as he collapsed to the ground.

He tossed him a subconscious glance.

After Chainsaw Bro’s figure collapsed, he finally noticed that there was another person standing behind him but owing to the fact that Chainsaw Bro’s body had been excessively large, his figure was blocked. 

Shen Dongqing dusted off his hands and greeted Fang Qi with a wave: “Hi~~”

Fang Qi’s legs softened and he went down on his knees directly: “Big thigh, no, big boss, no, Daddy—”

Shen Dongqing, who had inexplicably gained a son: “”


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