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Ch21 - Clearance

Edited by Silver Wind

Meanwhile, the chef was oblivious to the fact that the castle owner had been tied up tightly in her room as he devoted himself to the preparation of a sumptuous lunch. 

In the main hall, only the chequered shirt otaku was present.

When he woke up, he discovered that not only did his teammates disappear, even the female housekeeper had vanished, and it had led him to think that they had all died under unknown circumstances.

Thus, he kept trembling and he did not dare to go anywhere.

Now that he finally met someone, he was so moved he stood up.



“You, where did you disappear to just now”

Shen Dongqing pulled his chair and sat down: “We did a little something.” 

The chequered shirt asked, “Did you find any clues”


Shen Dongqing bit into the well-done pork chops and had no time to answer, but with his serious expression, it made the chequered shirt stiffen.

Chequered shirt probed: “What’s wrong”

However, the only answer he received was Shen Dongqing looking up at him with a blank look as he subsequently said: “The mushroom sauce tastes better.”


Chequered shirt: ……

Unexpectedly, it was Zhou Wenyan who spoke up: “It would be best if you stayed in your room and don’t come out no matter what you hear later.”

When the chequered shirt otaku discerned that he was being serious, he no longer had the appetite to continue eating and he dashed back to his room to hide.

If you had to know, the people who did not heed Zhou Wenyan’s advice and went to meet the Earl late at night all ended up dead, and he certainly did not want to be the next one.


After they ate and drank to their satisfaction, they returned back to the Earl’s bedroom. 

The Earl widened her eyes and glared at them resentfully.

She had wanted to chant some curses prior to this, but Shen Dongqing had shoved a handkerchief in her mouth before they left for their meal, and she could not make a single sound.

Just then, Wu Jia woke up.

He was a tad bit stupefied and even felt an aching pain at his neck.

“What happened How did I pass out”

Shen Dongqing, the culprit who had knocked him out, looked away. 

Seeing his appearance, Zhou Wenyan could not help laughing.

Wu Jia: “Seriously, what happened”

“She did it,” Shen Dongqing placed the black pot on the Earl’s head without the slightest hesitation.


I was sitting at home, and a pot came falling from the sky

However, the Earl could not protest because her mouth was blocked.


Wu Jia did not doubt him.

“I should tighten her ropes more to prevent her from playing other tricks then.”

Saying that, he went forward and tied a few more loops around her and turned the petite beauty of an Earl into a big dumpling.

Only then did he clap his hands and call it quits. 

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“What should we do next” Wu Jia turned his head and asked.

Vtfc Gbcudlcu gjlrfv tlr tjcv: “P bgvfgfv joafgcbbc afj.”

Qe Alj vlv cba tfjg tlw mifjgis, jcv jrxfv jujlc: “Qtja”

Vtfc Gbcudlcu reqqilfv, “Ktfgf’r wlix afj jcv ragjkyfggs mjxf.” 

Mffilcu ilxf tf tjv uilwqrfv lcab Vtfc Gbcudlcu’r vfojeia afwqfgjwfca ktlmt kbeiv cfnfg mtjcuf cb wjaafg ktja tf fcmbecafgfv, tf aegcfv ab Itbe Qfcsjc lcrafjv.

Unexpectedly, his big boss actually followed up with a joke and smile: “You forgot the cocoa muffin.”

Wu Jia stiffly turned his head back and happened to meet the Earl’s gaze.

Both of them understood what the other party was trying to convey – 

Did they walk into the wrong set

The servant had thought that the afternoon tea was ordered by the Earl, so as soon as it was prepared, he pushed the dining cart towards her room and knocked on her door.

But when the door opened, the servant discovered that the Earl had been tied up into a dumpling.

The picture was a little frightening, and the servant froze at where he stood. 

Earl: Mmmm Mmmm MMMMM…

You idiot, hurry up and save me!

In an instant, the servant picked up the knife and fork on the dining cart in an attempt to save the Earl, but before he could take a step, he saw three men walking out from behind the screen.

Men that were taller and stronger than him. 

The servant offered a stiff smile and slowly lowered the fork and knife: “Please enjoy it slowly.”

As if nothing had happened, he bowed and retreated.


Wu Jia latched the door.

“This unlucky game would never allow players to clear the customs by being a tortoise.

If we were to stay like this for seven days, wouldn’t we all get annihilated”

Zhou Wenyan poured out a cup of warm tea with the thick scent of milk and handed it to Shen Dongqing while he spoke: “There’s no need to rush.” 

They were not in a hurry.

The Earl, however, was anxious; her eyes were blazing as she watched them taste and take pleasure in the food.

This group was completely different from the ones she had met before.

Prior to this instance, the players were either trembling or they would exhaust every tried and true method to kill her. 

While she regained a new leash of life by borrowing their hands to shed and change her flesh again and again.

However, why was this batch of players not conforming to that logic as they played unreasonable cards

If she did not die when the night ended, then…

The time passed minute by minute. 

Seeing that the skies were about to darken, the Earl started to struggle frantically but it was no avail due to Wu Jia’s excellent skills.

She could not even move her little finger, and she could only watch the people in front of her.

Zhou Wenyan picked up the knife on the table and weighed it.

Seeing his movement, the Earl’s eyes were full of longing.

Hurry, kill her quickly…. 


Wu Jia sat up in attention.

“Big boss, did you finally understand something”

Zhou Wenyan made a noncommittal noise before he placed it back down, and the knife met the table with a crisp sound.

“We just have to wait.” 

The skies were getting dark.



The bell rang through the castle.

With the sound of the bell, the Countess started shuddering from head to toe. 

She began to age at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

The young woman in her early thirties turned into a middle-aged woman in her fifties or sixties, and in a blink of an eye, she gradually shrank into an old man.

Her skin was loose and blemished all over with age spots, and she emitted a foul odour.

The ball of handkerchief rolled to the ground.

The water content in her entire body seemed to be drained away, leaving her so dry and skinny it was outrageous, and the ropes could not keep her. 

At her current age, she probably could not even stand up.

“Her greatest fear will be the sharp blade that kills her.” Zhou Wenyan sighed, “And the Earl is most afraid of ageing.”

His voice fell.

The Countess shrieked: “Kill me—” 

But her onlookers were indifferent.

This night, the Countess will not die, nor will she be offered a sacrifice.

The demonic tentacles hiding in her shadows writhed; they reached out and wrapped around the Countess and dragged her into her shadow, swallowing her.

The Earl disappeared. 

However, her shadow remained, and her screams echoed from it.

Shen Dongqing had been sleeping on the table when he was awoken by the noise and his eyes were hazy.

Zhou Wenyan patted his back gently, soothing him: “It’s alright, when we go back, I’ll come and find you.”

【 You have cleared the B-level Copy [Earl Carlisle’s Invitation] 】 

【 Earl Carlisle has been devoured by a greedy demon but the land cannot be without its Lord.

A lucky lady among the surviving players will become the next Earl Carlisle… 】

The voice abruptly jammed.


Wait a minute, why were all the participants in the game male Where were the women

According to the rules of the game, Earl Carlisle could not be a man, especially a man in women’s clothing! 

【 ZIZIZI…… 】

After a period of meaningless gibber, the soft little girl spoke again, albeit weakly.

【 B-level Copy [Earl Carlisle’s Invitation] has been temporarily closed for maintenance 】

On the bright side of things, at least it was a temporary shutdown for maintenance and not a permanent shut down… 

【 Congratulations on completing the task, Closing in Progress– 】

【 With a score of A in this instance, you are awarded with 2000 points, no special reward drop 】

【 Remaining Player Points: 1500 】

Shen Dongqing rubbed his eyes and muttered: “It’s over” 

He looked at the translucent floating window and queried: “Can I play it again”

Among all the games he had played, this was the most fun.

The chef knew how to make so much delicious food, and he was a little unwilling to leave.

【 …… 】 

【 NO!!! 】

Regretful, Sheng Dongqing said: “What a pity.”

Just when the system was about to kick up a fuss, someone knocked on his door.

Shen Dongqing ambled towards it on bare feet. 

As soon as he opened the door, the early morning sunlight poured in.

Shen Dongqing narrowed his eyes in discomfort before he noticed the figure standing at the door.


Zhou Wenyan was wearing a long trench coat and it accentuated his slender frame.

With one hand in his pocket and the other on the door frame as he bent over slightly, he said, “Good morning, can I have breakfast with you”

Shen Dongqing rubbed his stomach and hesitated.

“I’m full.” 

Blame the chef in the game for having excellent cooking skills.

His answer was slightly insensitive.

Fortunately, Zhou Wenyan was already used to it.

Smiling, he said, “Whether it is lunch or dinner, anything is fine as long as you are willing.”


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