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Ch11 - Puzzle

(Neat and Tidy)

The statues in the art classroom were all smashed. 

However, there was no response from the《Campus’s Strange Talks》.

Shen Dongqing kicked away a rubble that was littered at the side and tilted his head, feeling doubtful: “I guessed wrong”



Confident and at ease, Zhou Wenyan slid his hands into his pockets: “Well… there might be others.”


Briefly, Shen Dongqing looked around before he landed on his new target, and he swaggered out of the classroom soon after.


Outside the art classroom was a narrow hallways with an assortment of decorations, ranging from handicrafts to paintings and statues.

The closest object to Sheng Dongqing was a half-bodied statue, and the facial features carved onto it were remarkably true to life, and if it was gazed at from a position of lesser light, it might give rise to the impression that it was watching you.

After observing it from the front for a long moment, Shen Dongqing could not shake off the feeling that something was awry with the statue, and he stretched his hand out and pushed it to the ground.


A loud noise rang out in the corridor.

The statue fell to the ground and shattered into several pieces.

From a sweeping glance, there seemed to be nothing of interest.

Zhou Wenyan half-knelt and rummaged through the debris on the ground before he scooped out an unusual fragment.


Disgusted, he threw the fragment aside. 

Brushing away the dust on his hands, Zhou Wenyan stated, “Look, I found it.”

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Shen Dongqing glanced at it, only to see that the surface was wet with a piece of flesh that seemed to belong to a brain.

From the looks of it, it was rather fresh as if it had just been removed from the body.

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“Gb la!” 


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By the time Fang Qi had calmed down a little, he noticed that the two violent people were currently playing complete the jigsaw puzzle with much interest. 

No, while others played jigsaw puzzles, they played with corpses and their tacit understanding they had in cooperation was a thing of wonder.

Shen Dongqing threw a hand away: “It doesn’t match.”


Zhou Wenyan picked and chose from the small hill and passed another over.

Shen Dongqing took it and attached it.

“This one matches.” 

It was supposed to be badly mangled and mutilated horror scene, yet, why did it look so… harmonious

Fang Qi shivered and continued watching the two violent men piece together the different pieces of limbs.

After piecing together all the things that had fallen out of the statues and four corpses were remade in the hallway, their appearances could be clearly discerned.

Fang Qi approached it carefully, and from his peripheral vision, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the picture hanging on the wall and he blurted out, “Huh” 

Concurrently, Shen Dongqing and Zhou Wenyan turned their heads to look over.

The group photo hung on the wall showed four students and an art teacher, and they wore brilliant smiles as they faced the camera.

Next to the picture were various award trophies that were all awarded to the art teacher.

Shen Dongqing lowered his head and inspected the four pale faces on the ground and made a speculation out of the simplest logic: “It should be related to the art teacher.”

As he finished speaking, footsteps could be heard from the distance. 

Without needing to communicate, Shen Dongqing and Zhou Wenyan tacitly ducked behind the pillars to hide their figures from view.

Fang Qi, on the other hand, was left to stand there alone, lost.

Before Fang Qi had the time to find his own hiding place, he heard the footsteps of the art teacher looming closer and closer.

Standing underneath the sunlight, the art teacher seemed extremely white, to the extent where he almost seemed transparent.

His footwork was steady and he trudged over slowly, coming face to face with the corpses that had been arranged in a neat and tidy manner and a confused Fang Qi. 

The art teacher’s footsteps stilled, and his wrath subsequently arose.

But his exquisite but stiff facial features were incapable of displaying any other expression, and he could only glare at Fang Qi with both eyes.


Before the art teacher could finish his words, Fang Qi witnessed a hand shooting out from behind him, directly wrapping around his neck.


Everyone at the scene heard the crisp noise.

“Hm” Shen Dongqing inclined his head.


The art teacher’s neck had broken off it the middle.

With a crook of his head, it immediately fell onto the ground, and tumbled in a circle.

Shen Dongqing’s first reaction was to let go and pretend that it had nothing to do with him. 

Zhou Wenyan, who was one step behind him, comforted him: “It’s not your fault.”

Having regained the assurance that justice was on his side, Shen Dongqing became bold: “Yeah, why is he so weak I didn’t even use much strength.”

Fang Qi: “”

Are they trying to downplay the fact that they had dealt with a boss 

He recalled the last novice copy where he was stuck between wanting to die and wanting to live; most participants had carried around their miserable attitudes and they had died at the hands of the ghosts and monsters, and he could not help but doubt life.

Fortunately, the art teacher was not so easily defeated, after a bit of flailing, the headless body tried to climb up again.

Huh Why did he use ‘fortunately’

However, before the art teacher could struggle to his feet, Shen Dongqing pressed him down again with his feet.

He retrieved the book《Campus’ Strange Talks》and before he could open the book, he was constantly and rudely interrupted by the struggling art teacher. 

Somewhat unhappy, Shen Dongqing moved, dismembering his body and breaking his bones without hesitation, giving him the same ending that the statues at the side had.

Once he was done, he opened《Campus’ Strange Talks》and he saw that a drop of blood had fallen on the ‘Statues in the Art Classroom’, indicating that the strange talk had been resolved.

【 Statues in the Art Classroom: The art teacher of Qinghai Art School became famous in his youth, but after he made a name for himself, his inspiration for creative work had dried up and he could no longer produce good works which reduced him to mediocrity.

However, he was not reconciled.

One day, he was flipping through a book and it wrote: The blood and flesh of a human could infuse intelligence into a statue.

The art teacher closed his book and set his sights on the students who had trusted and admired him… 】

Fang Qi looked on dully: “It was supposed to be resolve like this” 

Sheng Dongqing closed the book and questioned: “Or else”

Fang Qi recalled the last copy.

In that instance, they had tried their best to find the reason as to why the NPC had turned into a ferocious ghost and dispel its resentment in order to clear the stage, but it had costed them a lot of human lives.

Whereas in this instance, they managed to crush the ghost without suspense 

Had he used the wrong method to clear the instance

Or were these two just too fierce


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