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Chapter 99 – A cat is listening closely

My life still lacks any sort of freedom.

Freedom is not something for slaves.

I can feel the nerves of the other slaves around me being worn down little by little, and it wears my heart down too.

The slaves are dominated by despair, planted by the fact that there is no way out of here.

Sometimes they’ll hurt us, as if to set an example.

Something as simple as dropping something we’re carrying is enough to get whipped.

The people ruling over us don’t even see us as people, they treat us like animals.

I have been acting like an obedient slave.

I’m lucky because apparently I look good as seen from the eyes of humans.

Because of my appearance and obedience I’ve gotten a human to like me.

I’m treated better than most slaves, but some people aren’t too happy about that.

I want to get out of here, and if possible, with all the other people that have fallen into slavery.

That’s what I think, but I can’t tell anyone, because I never know whose ears that might reach.

I think for myself, and act by myself.

If I talk to anyone about this, my wishes may never come true.

I’ve seen people disappear after they started making preparations to escape.

I hope they’re alive, but they may have just been killed.

The same thing might happen to me if people discover I’m always thinking about escape.

“You really do have a pretty face Dasha.”

The daughter of a count of the kingdom of Migha likes me.

We beast people don’t have nobles or social classes, so I don’t really know what a count is.

I think it means they’re higher than most people, but there’s still people above them.

Still, it’s much better to be liked by a noble than to be a slave that’s liked by no one.

This way I can get information.

Honestly, when she touches my ears and tail with that enraptured face it makes me want to slap her hands away.

My mother and my sisters have always told me only my mate should touch me there.

I’ve always been told that’s only for people that are important to me, but I feel nothing, I just want to use this human girl to get information.

I get the feeling that I’m polluting important memories, and losing something important.

I want to yell at the girl in front of me, but I hold it back.

It’s all for the sake of my ambitions.

It’s all for the sake of making my wish come true.

Is there no point in doing this Am I going to end my life as a slave anyway Those defeatist emotions pop up from time to time, but I don’t want to give up.

I have a thirst for freedom that comes from the bottom of my heart.

“I am very glad you like it.”

“Fufu, you’re cute.”

I see a little madness behind that enraptured face.

I feel like she wants to take my chastity one day, but it can’t be helped.

It’s just one thing I have to sacrifice for the sake of my freedom.

I stand by this girl’s side while acting obedient.

At least while I’m here I can get information that I wouldn’t hear if I was just a regular slave.

Things would be different if I had the power to do something about my situation in an instant, but I don’t.

All I can do is wait, observe, and look for my chance to act.

For that, I need all the information I can get.

The bits and pieces of information I hear from her and her parents start connecting in my head.

This girl has been talking about the king of the neighboring country dying.

One of the reasons for the kingdom of Migha to want more slaves like us was that the neighboring country got a hold of a special being called the miko or something.

I don’t really understand.

They say that this miko is supposed to bring happiness, but the country is actually in a lot of trouble.

This girl says with full confidence that her father says they haven’t been treating the miko right, or that maybe she’s not even the miko at all.

I can tell that whatever has been going on in that country is going to lead to something bad.

I don’t know how it will affect this country either.

The girl in front of me thinks I like her, probably because I act meek and obedient.

“Make sure you protect me if something bad happens, Dasha.”

She says with the same enraptured face as always.

She has no idea what I’m thinking, and doesn’t know I’m slowly collecting and piecing together information while I’m here.

No matter what people say and what they think of me, I will make it out of here.

—A cat is listening closely

(The captured cat beast person deceives everyone for the sake of completing his goal, both the other slaves and the girl that likes him.

He also collects information, all for the sake of escaping.)


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