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Chapter 93 – The educator’s records – Part two

[Records regarding the miko]

Recorder: Landouno Stoffer

Lerunda, the girl that is presumed to be the miko, has turned nine years old.

A lot has happened since I met her.

A beast person that treated her very well was killed, and we were chased away from the beast people’s village.

A village of cat beast people was attacked, and it can be said without a doubt that this was a consequence of the being known as the miko appearing.

Some cat beast people have been enslaved, and some lost their lives.

The kingdom of Migha’s hand has reached the wolf beast people’s village as well, but because of Lerunda’s presence, we managed to escape with only one casualty.

A country of humans has many more people and much more power than a village of beast people.

If such a country makes a move, ending up with only one casualty actually seems like a positive result.

I imagine that if Lerunda was not around, either the entire village would have perished, or half would have died and half would have been enslaved.

After all of this happened, Lerunda made a vow with a beast boy to create a place where people can smile and be at peace.

If their wish were to come true, their names and the names of everyone involved, would certainly go down in history.

We then met a race of people known as elves.

I have read about this race, but this was my first time actually meeting them.

We were met with friendliness, so much so that I became wary.

But I never once thought that they were actually being threatened by a monster, and planning to offer us as sacrifices.

This would most likely have been our fate, had it not been for Lerunda.

Lerunda has the power to sense spirits, and because of this, was able to convince the elves not to go through with their plan.

This is what saved us.

We also defeated the monster and solved the problem of the spirit tree thanks to her.

It was at this time that Lerunda decided to reveal to everyone that she is probably the miko.

I am sure she is the miko.

Lerunda previously formed contracts with gryphons and a sky horse, and now added a spirit to the list.

There are also two occurrences of a phenomenon we call ‘miko’s knights’.

First, it was Reimar the gryphon, and recently Gaius the beast boy.

Gaius’ ears and tail changed from their normal brown color to silver.

He says he is able to more easily feel magic energy, but this is probably not all.

I will have to observe this further, and note any further changes he goes through.

Lastly, as someone that studies miko, I am very curious about the conditions that have to be met for someone to receive the ‘miko’s knight’ blessing, and what kind of changes this brings.

My research tells me miko cannot infinitely give such blessings to everyone and create an infinite supply of knights.

I hope nothing sad happens as a result of these blessings.

I sincerely hope Lerunda never offers such blessings to someone that may turn out to be antagonistic, but I do worry about such a thing happening.

Where will Lerunda go.

What kind of life will she have

I think the chances that she will continue walking towards her goal and accomplish it without incident are very low.

The path that Lerunda and Gaius walk to make their wish come true is a very difficult one.

To achieve our goal, we will have to fight humans when they eventually find us.

We need the strength to defend ourselves when the time comes.

After Lerunda formed a contract with a wind spirit, we established that she has high wind aptitude, and adding the fact that she formed a contract with gryphons and a sky horse means I have an idea of what god she may be receiving blessings from.

We still have no concrete proof that Lerunda truly is the miko or that she is receiving blessings from god, but I have made it my goal to prove it.

If I can present Lerunda with evidence that she is the miko, she may start referring to herself as the miko, rather than probably the miko.

I am almost sure she is but, as small as it may be, there is always the possibility that I am wrong.

Nothing in this world is absolute.

I want to help Lerunda, the miko, on her way, and continue to observe her.

I want to be there for her to guide her if it ever seems like she is going down the wrong path.

—The educator’s records – Part two

(The woman takes notes on the girl that is probably the miko, and wishes she had definite proof that she is the true miko.)


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