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Chapter 89 – A father feels no regrets

How did this happen

I am the father of Alice, the one who was taken to the temple as the miko.

Why is this happening to me And how could my wife have collapsed due to illness

The temple made me tell them all about that pest… Lerunda.

Why do they want to know about that creepy child I don’t understand.

Not only that, but after a while they separated me from my wife and placed me under house arrest.

Sometimes I am ordered to smile to the people and not say a word, but this detestable action is the only time I’m allowed to go outside.

I ask them if they think this is an acceptable way to treat the father of the miko, but all I get in return is scornful laughter.

They even say that the miko might not be my Alice, but instead that Lerunda.

That Lerunda The miko

That creepy child

When I first heard it, I thought it was complete nonsense.

I didn’t believe for a second that that child that turns any room darker just by standing in it is the miko, but my wife, who recovered when she was pregnant with Alice, is once again ill, even though Alice is living happily.

If Lerunda really was the miko, this would make sense.

Was my wife happy because Lerunda was around Is all of this happening because we abandoned her

As I think this, I start thinking that maybe we shouldn’t have abandoned her.

If we brought her with us as the sister of the miko and let her stay with us, my wife wouldn’t have fallen ill again.

But if Lerunda really is the miko, there should be at least some indication of it.

I don’t understand god’s choices at all, if that creepy child with no sign at all of being the miko actually is the miko.

Still, this doesn’t change the fact that we’re the miko’s parents, and that this unfair treatment is making me hate the temple.

And while we did think Lerunda was creepy, we still raised her, and yet my wife is ill.

What an awful, ungrateful child.

I go see my wife, which I’m only allowed to do under supervision.

I can’t help but feel upset that I need the temple’s permission just to see my ill wife, but her health is improving under the care of someone they called just for her.

Apparently they’re doing all they can, because we’re the miko’s parents.


I hear my wife’s voice.

Why is this happening We should’ve been living happily.

Our Alice is an adorable and special child, we are the miko’s parents, and we should be living a blessed life.

Why are they calling that creepy child the miko anyway Is she really the miko Did she steal Alice’s powers or something I can fully accept Alice being a noble being like the miko, but I can’t accept that creepy girl being the miko.

Absolutely not.

I’m starting to think it’s actually that child’s fault that my wife is going through this.

I can’t forgive her for this.

The temple is scrambling to find her, and if they do, I will have her apologize to my wife.

My wife is in pain because she forgot that we raised her.

She forgot how much she owes us.

It’s all that creepy child’s fault… Lerunda.

She’s doing this to us.

It’s all her fault.

“…He shows not even a shred of remorse or regret.”

“…This is the miko’s father”

As I think about how this is all her fault, and how none of this would’ve happened if she was a decent person, I hear the knight and priest that are here to watch me.

I don’t care how cold their eyes are, or what they think of me.

My mind is filled with thoughts of wanting my wife to get better, and the fact that all of this is happening to us because of Lerunda.

—A father feels no regrets

(The father of the girl that is probably the miko and her sister shows no signs of regret.

He thinks all that is happening is the girl’s fault, and doesn’t care how people around him see him.)


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