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Chapter 88 – The priest leaves the country

I, Ilma, have left the village where the miko lived.

There was an all-night vigil in the village, and it had suffered extensive damage from bugs.

The soil here is a far cry from the rich soil that the land loved by the miko should have.

Looking at this furthers my belief that miss Alice’s sister is the true miko, and makes me want to jump into the forest.

However, the lady in waiting, priest, and knight with me disagree, and I have been unable to change their minds.

We decide to head to the other side of the forest, but I still want to look for an opening to enter the forest.

The forest is vast, and getting to the other side of it is by no means an easy task, but we will go.

The vast unexplored forest.

If the miko did enter it, what kind of life is she leading

The kingdom of Fairytrof thinks she should be taken to the temple, but I disagree, and believe the miko’s wishes are more important.

I believe it’s best if I myself get closer to this being known as the miko.

I want to meet the miko and ask her what she wants to do.

Going to the other side of the forest may be a roundabout way to do so but for now, I will tell the other members I want to do so, and follow them there.

…They believe I will enter the forest alone, and keep a close eye on what I say and do.

This is going to make it harder to sneak into the forest.

I make sure to act like I have no intention of chasing the miko into the forest, and wait for an opportunity.

And so we head east, towards a small confederation on the other side of the river.

There has been internal strife, and it is certainly dangerous to go there, but if we are going to the other side of the forest, this is the better way.

It would be dangerous if the kingdom of Migha started suspecting that the kingdom of Fairytrof is harboring a false miko.

Still… I disapprove of some of the incomprehensible actions of the lady in waiting and the female priest.

How should I put this… They seem to be trying to get too close to me, and act very improper.

Their provocative appearance and actions make me uncomfortable, and I wish they would stop.

If I had less self-restraint, something bad may have happened already.

When I tell the magic swordsman about this, she makes a strange expression.

She seems different than the rest, perhaps because she is not affiliated with the temple, and was merely hired by them.

Maybe her way of thinking is not the same as ours, who are affiliated with the temple.

The knight, lady in waiting, and priest are all officially a part of the temple, and strongly believe that the miko should be taken there.

I think differently, so I have been trying to figure out what to do about it.

Will they actually completely ignore the miko’s wishes and take her with them regardless This is a very real possibility that I cannot ignore.

I think about this as we get on a carriage and cross the big bridge.

When we reach the other side of the river, we will be outside the territory of the kingdom of Fairytrof.

The priest puts forward the possibility that the miko is in the confederation, but if that was the case, it would surely affect the strife that has been plaguing it.

I highly doubt she is here.

Can I change their minds Can I get them to go inside the forest That is my number one priority, but we settled on going to the other side precisely because they were not easily convinced.

I still want to look for an opportunity to slip past them and go to the forest.

I am almost certain that the girl I saw in the divine message is there.

As we cross the bridge, I think about how respecting the miko’s wishes probably means that I will not be able to return to the temple.

That means leaving my friends, my family… Everything behind.

But… Even if I can never go back, I will act in a way that is respectful towards the being known as the miko.

When I do meet her, I will work for her, and do what I can for her.

…This is what I think, as I leave my country behind.

—The priest leaves the country

(The priest chooses to devote himself to the miko, even if it means never returning to the temple.)


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