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Chapter 84 – Girl and a discussion – Part two

It gets quiet for a second, after mister Dongu finishes speaking.

Gaius and I think it would be great if we could all make our wish come true together.

It would be wonderful if everyone wished for the same thing.

I look around me, at everyone’s faces.

One person speaks.

“I… Want that too.”

Other people raise their voices.

“I think it’s wonderful.”

“Me too.”

“If we could create such a place…”


Me too.”

“As do I… If we can make such a place.”

Everyone raises their voices, but not one says it will be impossible, which I think is incredible.

I’m happy they all want the same thing we do.

Mister Dongu looks satisfied and smiles.

Then he continues.

“Then we will create a place where we can be at peace, but first, we need to find a place to live.

A place where the spirit tree can grow, and we can easily settle.”

We will make it.

We will create a place where we can be at peace.

A place where the spirit tree can grow, and it’s easy for us to live.

It’s going to be difficult to look for it and hard to find, but I still want to.

Everyone agrees with mister Dongu.

Everyone believes, and no one says it can’t be done.

I think it’s incredible.

“First, we need to look for the right place and defend it, so we don’t have to lose anyone else and we can live in peace.

It will be a difficult journey, but we must persevere if we are going to accomplish our goal.”

Says mister Dongu.

Our objective.

The vow I made with Gaius, our dream, has become everyone’s dream and vow.

Maybe not wanting to lose anyone is naive, maybe it’s too difficult, but we can’t do anything if we don’t try.

Even if others say it can’t be done and it’s impossible, we will keep believing.



“There may be times when we need to borrow your power as a possible miko, but don’t over-do it, like when you used too much strength and collapsed.

We will do our best too, so don’t go too far.”

“Yes… I’ll try, my best.”

Everyone is so nice.

Since I’m probably the miko, they could use that for their own gain.

I think people can’t harm me because I’m probably the miko, so they could even use me as a shield, but they don’t.

Everyone is so nice, it fills my heart with warmth.

“There’s something I want to ask your spirit… Freinet.”

Says mister Dongu as he looks at Freinet.

The elves turn their eyes towards mister Dongu, probably because he addressed Freinet so casually.

To them, spirits are very special beings.

Freinet looks at them as if she’s thinking ‘good grief…’.

“What is it”

“What kind of place would be better suited for the spirit tree”

“Somewhere with a good flow of magic energy and nice water.

Well, it will tell us if we ask.”

“Alright then.”

We are discussing our problems one by one.

“Now, where should we head to next”

“Well… I think for now, we should head south.”

Says miss Lan.



I think it would be for the best if we stayed away from the kingdoms of Fairytrof and Migha, since they know about the miko.

There is a good chance that the kingdom of Fairytrof has noticed that they have a false miko, and will come after Lerunda.

I think our best option is to go further south, and away from them.

Maybe their reach extends that far, but I think we should be somewhere they can’t reach us, not only for Lerunda, but for you elves and beast people as well.

If we can indeed create a place where we can live in peace, we can put roads together, and maybe even connect with human made roads.

But before that, we need to live in hiding.”

We need to get away, because the humans may come after me, or after the elves and beast people to enslave them.

We need to get far away from the countries of humans.

“I see.

Then… We should try heading south.”

We still don’t have a clear picture of where we should go, but for now, we go south.

—Girl and a discussion – Part two

(The girl that is probably the miko is happy to see everyone shares her dream, and her group decides to head south.)


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