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Chapter 80 – Spirit tree – Part one

“This is… The spirit tree.”

I look at the giant tree in front of me, and see it flickering.

I’ve never seen a tree so big.

The elves, including mister Sileva, let out a shout of joy after defeating the monster, and walk towards the spirit tree.

They start talking to the spirits, probably to call them.

But I can just barely see a half transparent being, and I can tell it’s shaking its head.

Why I can tell mister Sileva and the other elves look perplexed.

“…This spirit tree has no more strength.”

Says Freinet, the only spirit here with enough strength to speak.

This mystical looking tree has no more strength But it looks so strong and has such a different aura and sense of presence than the other trees.

I’m very surprised to hear Freinet say this.

“Lerunda, look closely.

Feel the magic energy.”

I do as Freinet says, and look at the spirit tree while trying to see its magic energy.

…It does look… Kind of weak It looks like the energy is going down to ground.

No, it’s connected to somewhere else.

I follow the path of the magic energy, and see it leads to the monster.

Does this mean…

“…That monster”


That monster… Negotiated with the elves, and ate sacrifices, but was secretly stealing magic energy through the ground.”

“W-what! Why did the spirits that formed contracts with us say nothing about this”

“The monster didn’t do this at first, in order for the elves to let their guard down.

After the spirits became too weak to talk, it started sapping energy very slowly, and over a long period of time.

This also served to power the monster, so it could easily deal with the elves.”

Says Freinet.

She grew in the spirit tree and flew out of it, so she knows its condition better than anyone else.

She says this in a very matter of fact way, but I, mister Sileva, and everyone else, can’t help but be shocked.

“So… The spirits…”

“Calm down.

The spirit tree is close to losing all of its power, but it doesn’t mean all the spirits inside it are gone.”

“But… How, if they do not even have a sheltering tree

Sheltering tree What’s that Can something be done even when the spirit tree can’t be saved I honestly don’t know anything about this, and when I look at miss Lan, she shakes her head, showing me that she doesn’t know either.

“…I know you don’t have a sheltering tree, but it might work out anyway.

No, I’m sure it will.”

Says Freinet.

What’s a sheltering tree Can something be done if we have one

I’m confused.

And why does she say that it will all work out when mister Sileva thinks it’s hopeless

“What do you, mean”

Freinet turns my way.

“If there was a sheltering tree, we could’ve gotten away from here.

If there was a sheltering tree from when the spirit tree is reborn, we spirits could’ve stayed there.

But this village had just lost its sheltering tree, so we couldn’t do anything, even though the monster was here.

But now Lerunda is here.”


I’m surprised to hear my name.

Everyone’s attention is on me.

Why did Freinet mention me

“Lerunda is very compatible with spirits, and has a lot of magic energy.

It’s thanks to the magic energy that she gave me that I was able to recover so much strength after flying out of the spirit tree.

She is also compatible with my wind magic, but that alone wouldn’t make me recover so much.

Lerunda has to also be compatible with the magic energy of spirits and the spirit tree.

That’s why I think Lerunda can probably interfere with the spirit tree, and do something about this situation.”

She says my magic energy is compatible with magic spirits, but I don’t get that feeling.

Hearing that all of a sudden just makes me confused.

Freinet looks my way, and smiles.

“Lerunda, I want you to save the spirit tree, and the spirits.”

I nod.

If there’s anything I can do to solve this problem, I’ll do it.

“Thank you Lerunda.

Come closer to the spirit tree…”

I do as Freinet says, and start walking.

When I reach the base of the spirit tree, Freinet says.

“Focus your magic energy as hard as you can.”

I reach out towards the spirit tree.

—Spirit tree – Part one

(The girl that is probably the miko faces the spirit tree, and agrees to do what the spirit contracted to her says.)


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