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Chapter 8 – Girl and the beast people – Part one

“I’m back.”

“Guruu! (Welcome back!)”

“Guruguruu (Who is that)”

Rema and Ruma welcomed me back to the nest.

After coming down from Scifo, I give them an “I’m back” petting.

Their fluffiness feels so good, and I’m petting them all over.


(You’re back).”

“I’m back Wason.”

I respond to Wason while hugging and petting the two little gryphons.

There is always one adult gryphon minding the little gryphons, and today, that is Wason.

The other two little gryphons are sleeping.

I hug Wason’s big body.

Her brown feathers are bushy, as a result of my brushing.

“Guruu, guruguruu (By the way, who is that boy frozen in place)”

Said Wason while looking at Gaius, who still hasn’t come down from Scifo.

He looks shocked, and that expression is really cute.

“…I forgot about him.”

I was so busy playing and saying hello to everyone, I completely forgot I brought him.

“Gaius… Can you come down”


“What’s wrong…”

Gaius is coming down from Scifo, still with a confused expression.

“…Why did you come to a gryphon nest”

“This… Is my home.”



After I was abandoned, I started living here.”

Gaius looks even more surprised.

Still, the gryphons are really amazing, being idolized as gods.

“…I see.”


They’re my family.”

To me, family isn’t the people connected to me by blood.

Even though we haven’t been together for long, the gryphons and Scifo are my family.

I never had a place that welcomed me back so warmly until I came here.

My parents and my sister never saw me as family.

I never had a place where I could say I’m home and get a warm response.

I never had a place so kind, where I could spend my time so peacefully.

It just felt natural to me to not have those things, but I have a place like that here, and that is why I feel like everyone here is my family.

“Guruguruguruguru! (Lerunda is like my little sister!)”

“Guru Guruguru (Eh Don’t you mean older sister)”


(I can only think of her as a little sister.)”


(I think she’s our older sister.)”

“Guru, guruguruguruu.

(Well, it doesn’t really make a difference.)”

“Guru! Guruguu.

(Yes! What matters is that we are family.)”

The brother and sister, Rema and Ruma are having a cute conversation.

I’m fine with either older or younger sister, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re family.

“… We should ask about your father.”

I smile at Gaius, who still has a dumbfounded expression, and tried asking Wason.

“Wason, this is Gaius.”

“Guruguruguru (A beast boy right)”


He says he got separated from his father.”


Guruguruguruu (Oh no.

Is his father one of the people that came here to make the delivery)”

“It looks like it.”


(Then he should be around the altar.)”




(It’s something the beast people made.

They bring us all sorts of things.)”

I see.

The beast people leave offerings in the altar, and the gryphons go get them.

Still, I had no idea there was an altar.


(They were walking around even after leaving the things there.)”

“Were they looking for Gaius”



“Can we call them here”

“Guruguruguruguruu, gururururu.

(There aren’t that many people there, so we’ll have Reimar and the others bring them here.)

Said Wason, and she let out a shrill cry.

This cry is used as a signal to call everyone.

Still, how sleepy are Rumiha and Yuin to still be sleeping after that

After we explained the situation to everyone, they set off to go get the beast people.

Gaius is still frozen in place, even after I told him that they are going to get his father.

Can I take this opportunity to touch his ears and tail He won’t even notice… I must look like a predator with its eyes on its prey.

Scifo said ‘hihihihin (don’t)’.

After a while, the beast people were brought here, but the gryphons were a bit rougher, and brought them using their claws.

I was thinking they were going to bring them on their backs, like they do with me, so I was surprised when they arrived.

The beast people look pale as they are dropped into the nest.

Girl and the beast people – Part one

(The girl that is probably the miko asks the gryphons to bring the beast people to the nest.)


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