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Chapter 79 – A cat won’t give up

“Move it move it!”

I hear a voice, a human voice.

A human voice that most certainly isn’t treating us like ‘people’.

We very much appreciated our days in the beast people’s village.

Life in our village in the middle of the forest was fun, but those days were suddenly ended by human hands.

The humans attacked our village, and killed anyone that fought back.

Although I’m close to adulthood, I’m still a child among cat beast people, and I had never seen someone being killed before.

It was a big shock.

Those of us that were left, were captured.

Slavery was the fate that awaited us.

They put collars on our necks so we don’t defy them, and make us do physical labor.

My mother, my sisters, and other female beast people were taken somewhere else.

Where are they What are they doing to them

Looking around me, it seems that people don’t expect to ever escape this environment.

I hear people grumbling that they are going to end their lives here.

We weren’t the only ones to be captured and made into slaves, there are many other beast people and elves.

We were separated into small groups so we don’t start coordinating and plotting an escape.

I haven’t seen many people here that lived in that same cat beast people village.

Sometimes I see other beast people, and they all have that look in their eyes, like they’ve completely lost hope and given up.

When I see these people that have given up, and people that are much older than me, I think the natural conclusion is that there is no escape.

But… I don’t want my life to end like this.

Even if there is only a tiny chance of escape, that chance disappears once you give up.

I’m going to escape, and I’m going to save everyone from the village.

…Now that I think about it, I heard the humans talk about people that managed to evade them, so I guess not everyone from the village was enslaved.

Maybe some of the people that escaped will come to rescue us, but I don’t want them to.

I do want to run away, and I do want to be rescued, but if some people come here to try to take us away, they’ll just end up being captured too.

If we really can’t be rescued, I’d rather they just live freely.

Still, back when I lived in the village, I never had a chance to meet humans.

I heard about them, but it didn’t feel real.

But the adults I would hear back then were right, humans don’t even see us as people.

I don’t think this applies to all humans though, and I’ve even seen human slaves.

I don’t know how someone can enslave their own kind like that, but this makes me think that there are different kinds of humans.

Maybe that has to do with the fact that there are a lot more humans than other races, and their communities are bigger.

Having lots of people also causes a lot of conflict.

But what should I do to get away from here

The proper way is to find humans that look important, like the ones called nobles, who have a lot of something called money, and get them to like you.

But this country has this idea that enslaving anyone that isn’t human is just natural.

I’ve learned that from people that have been slaves here for a long time.

Even if you do manage to get released, you’ll just be enslaved again if you’re found.

But if a noble likes you, and you earn that thing called money, you might even be able to rescue others.

It’s either this, or something big has to happen that means you’re freed or have a chance to escape.

Can I get one of those important humans to like me It sounds very difficult.

But I won’t give up.

My mother and my sisters always told me my stubbornness was one of my qualities.

In order to escape, I’m going to be obedient, and keep my eyes open for an opportunity.

When the time comes, I’m getting out of here!

I don’t know how many people I can take with me when the time comes, but I’m not losing hope.

I make this decision alone.

I don’t think people around me share this determination, but even if no one’s with me, I won’t give up.

—A cat won’t give up

(One of the captured cat beast people is determined to escape from slavery.

No matter how much he’s told that it’s impossible, he won’t give up.)


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