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Chapter 77 – Girl and monster extermination – Part five

Magic from Freinet and I.

I don’t know what it’s called or anything, but it’s wind magic.

It looks like it has more power than the monster can handle, and it cuts its body.

Part of the magic is eaten, but it’s still the most damage it suffered so far.

I feel magic energy leaving my body.

I might fall if I let go of Scifo, so I try my hardest to hang on.

“Lerunda, I think we have to destroy the parts that the monster is protecting.”

Says Freinet, who is floating next to me.

The parts that the monster is protecting I try attacking the monster, and see that it really does seem to be protecting part of its body.

It looks like it doesn’t care too much if its stalks get cut, but it’s trying not to let the wind reach the part that connects to its big mouth.

So I guess it doesn’t matter if we cut the stalks, what we have to destroy are the big mouth, the petals, and the connecting parts.

If we don’t, we can’t defeat it.

I have to aim at those, and tell everyone to do the same.

“Everyone! Don’t attack, the stalks! Attack, the rest!”

I yell, and the monster’s mouth turns my way.

When I started using wind magic, it started trying harder to catch me, and now it’s even worse.

Did I rattle the monster

I’m actually feeling relieved.

That monster doesn’t see me as just food anymore, it actually sees me as something that can threaten it.

Everyone starts moving towards the other parts of the monster, and it seems the monster’s lack of concern is disappearing.

It looked like it was holding back before, so as not to kill anyone, but now the beast people and elves that get blown away by attacks stay down.

It’s also swatting away the gryphons when they jump towards it to attack, but it doesn’t seem like they’re badly hurt.

I’m scared.

We’re slowly cornering it, but it won’t mean anything if everyone dies.

I want to win alongside everyone.


“Lerunda, let’s target it with wind magic.”

Says Freinet, but I shake my head.

“…I want, to heal.”

I say, and focus my magic energy.

I think forming a contract and using wind magic made me spend a lot of magic energy.

When I collapsed before, I was told not to push myself too hard, but I don’t want everyone to die.

Freinet looks at me like she’s thinking there’s no use arguing about it, and grabs my hand.

I can feel something warm inside me.

Is Freinet giving me magic energy

“If you’re going to use magic, use this.

At this rate you’re going to collapse.”

“Thank you.”

I receive magic energy from Freinet, and wish with all my heart that everyone down there that was hit, has fallen, and is hurt, is healed.

I don’t want them to die.

I want to win alongside them.

And then, magic energy leaves me again.

Almost all the magic energy that Freinet gave me is gone.

I start shining, and the light reaches the people that are bleeding and have collapsed.

I stop attacking, and only wish.

This wish turns into magic energy, and creates holy magic, probably with Freinet’s help.

Mister Dongu is in rough shape, but is still attacking.

I wish for him to be healed, and his wounds start disappearing.

So that’s how my power can help people.

I wish more.

I start thinking that I should’ve done this from the start, but I probably couldn’t without Freinet’s help.

Everyone is being healed, and the monster is slowly losing ground.

Too many people are attacking the monster, and it can’t deal with all of them.

The cuts from our wind magic are still there too.

Its regeneration can’t keep up.

And then, the end of the monster approaches.

The blue part of its mouth is damaged, and the part that connects it to the stalks has a cut.

Mister Dongu and mister Sileva deliver the final blow.

Mister Dongu’s sword slashes the monster’s mouth, and mister Sileva uses his full power to strike the monster with magic.

It’s over.

Everyone was hit by the monster, but thanks to the magic from Freinet and I, they’re mostly healed.

I’m still in the sky with Scifo as I watch the monster collapse.

I feel my strength fading, and lay down on top of Scifo.

As the monster collapses, it says…

《How dare mere food like you… But your dear spirit tree…》

What about the spirit tree

The monster breathes its last breath before completing the sentence.

I look towards the spirit tree.

—Girl and monster extermination – Part five

(The girl that is probably the miko uses magic.

The monster is dead, and the spirit tree stands before her.)


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