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Chapter 74 – Girl and monster extermination – Part two

It all happens in a second.

Before we know it, the monster gets up, starts moving its stalks and leaves, and mows down everyone that’s jumping at it.

The earth magic the elves fired, the weapons the beast people were swinging, and even the gryphons and Scifo, they all get mowed down.

The mouth that was facing down all this time was actually open, and I can see a big tongue coming out of it.

It’s blue just like the rest of the mouth.

《Is my food still trying to jump at me》

A strange, uncomfortable voice echoes directly inside my head.

These words didn’t come from its mouth, it’s like the monster is using something else to direct words at us.

Is this what mister Sileva means when he says the monster can talk directly to our minds

This voice makes me tremble.

Food, it says.

This monster only sees the elves, beast people, and probably me too as food.

The people that were attacked are still laying on the ground.

It takes only a second for this scary monster to do something like this.

The monster is talking instead of continuing to attack the people it struck down.

I can tell that’s just how unconcerned it is.

The monster in front of us sees us as beings it can do anything with, and not even worthy of being called opponents.

What a terrifying monster.

《Did you believe you could defeat me by borrowing the strength of these beasts It seems you underestimate me.》

A voice echoes.

There is a calmness to it.

While it talks, the people that were attacked finally start to get up.

Mister Sileva glares at the monster.

“Our surprise attack failed, but we are not your food!!”

《If you are not food, what are you You are nothing but food, so why do you scream and shout》

The monster keeps talking about food.

Everyone knows that living beings need food to survive, and that includes me.

I see things like berries as food, and eat them.

This monster only sees us as food.

Just like how the animals we hunt fight back, we are fighting back against this monster that’s hunting us.

In a way, this monster is like us, but I want people that are important to me to be able to smile.

I want to help people I want to be friendly with, and I don’t want to lose anyone.

That’s why we have to defeat this monster, even if it is selfish in a way.


I will just have to put you in your place, and make you realize you are nothing but food.》

Says the monster, as it stretches its stalk towards mister Sileva, but mister Dongu, mister Oshashio and miss Sinorn stand in its way.

Mister Sileva can use magic, but he’s not very physically strong.

That’s a characteristic of his race, but if he gets caught by the monster, he probably won’t be able to put up a fight.

Before that happens, the three that stepped in front of him respond with their big swords.

They were mowed down earlier, but it’s not like their swords can’t cut the monster, it’s just that its body is too hard and it’s not easy to cut parts of it off.

I think the monster is too focused on trying to eat mister Sileva to go after the others, but it’s not like it can’t go after anyone else.

Just as I’m thinking that maybe something can be done while the monster isn’t paying attention, some people try to attack it from behind, but the monster answers so quickly, you’d think it has eyes in the back.

The monster in front of me sees us as food.

I’m sure it doesn’t want to destroy all of us.

If it did, I’m sure it would be trying to eat us all.

To this monster, mister Dongu and the others are barely even a hindrance, and it keeps stretching its stalk towards mister Sileva.

It tries to wrap its stalk around mister Sileva, but other people jump in to stop it.

The stalk stopped, but it’s not moving back either.

Is the monster playing I don’t know if plant monsters show emotion, but to me it looks like it’s making that sort of face.

Why If it’s after mister Sileva, why is it pretending it can’t catch him

And the gryphons and Scifo, who were mowed down earlier by the monster, are now flying, cautiously watching the monster.

Are they waiting for the right timing

Scifo can use fire magic, but his fire could spread to the spirit tree, so we decided not to use fire magic.

Meanwhile, someone manages to sever the giant stalk, and I hear people cheering.

This thick part of the monster that was cut rolls in our direction.

Everyone shouts in excitement and continues to attack the monster, but the gryphons and Scifo don’t take their eyes off the stalk.

This stalk keeps rolling towards us on its own.

Reimar flies towards the stalk and presses it down with her talons.

It keeps wriggling, trying to escape, and starts making a hole in the ground.

Is it after us Did the monster notice us even though we’re keeping our distance I look at the monster… And feel like our ‘eyes’ meet.

《It seems this girl has delicious magic energy.》

This scary voice echoes.

I look around, and it looks like Gaius and the others that are with me don’t hear it.

Gaius looks at me with concern on his face.

It’s talking to me, and telling me my magic energy is delicious.

I see… It talks to our minds directly, so it knew we’re here from the moment it started talking to us.

《I can ignore the others, if I can only eat you.》

Says the monster to me.

《Be eaten by me, and give me that exquisite magic energy.

I will not kill any more if you do so.

Says the monster with a terrifying low voice.

《Offer yourself to me quickly, if not…》

The monster wraps around mister Sileva, and starts dragging him closer.

《I will eat this one.》

The monster says.

—Chapter 74 – Girl and monster extermination – Part two

(The girl that is probably the miko is spoken to by the vicious monster.

It wants her to offer herself to it, and in response she…)


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