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Chapter 70 – Girl and the path to defeating a monster – part four

We want to fight together.

It doesn’t matter if we’re kids or adults, we just don’t want to lose people important to us.

Both mister Sileva and mister Dongu look serious.

I honestly don’t know how much kids like us can do, but I’m sure it will be more than nothing.

There has to be something we can do to help, and I’m sure it’s better than just waiting.

They look serious, but they see how much we want to help, and tell us it can’t be helped.

They’ll let us join them, but also tell us we can’t get close to the monster.

“You can help us without fighting directly.

Leave attacking the monster to us adults.”

Says mister Dongu.

I didn’t think about that possibility, all I was thinking about was fighting directly.

But he’s right, we can participate in the fight if we help from the sidelines.

I don’t know what I can do, but there has to be something.

“What about attacking, from the outside”

“It’s a plant type monster, so it would be best to burn it, but if we shoot fire from the outside…”

“It would spread to the spirit tree!!”

Burning the plant would be the most effective way to attack, but it would also put the forest on fire, including the elves’ dear spirit tree.

If they didn’t care so much about the spirit tree and the forest as a whole, they could just set fire to it and be done with it, but the elves have been suffering all this time because they can’t do that.

“Every monster has a weak point.

Do you know that monster’s weak point”

“No, we don’t.

We wouldn’t have so much trouble if we did.”

They don’t know its weak point.

I wonder what weak point a plant monster could have.

All I can think of is fire.

We need to set the right conditions to defeat this monster.

Mister Sileva and mister Dongu say they are going to have to talk more about this.

I start thinking about what we can do that we all know how to, and it occurs to me that if we’re fighting a monster, we need to be ready to heal injured people.

Now the kids, including me, and elves are mixing herbs.

I know I have holy magic aptitude, but I don’t know how to use it properly.

I’m sure it would be helpful if I could, but no one here in the elven village can use it.

I learned about magic from grandma, but I still don’t have that feeling that I can do it.

I’m really starting to see that holy magic is special.

After making a vow with Gaius, I told myself I would do anything I can to help, but it’s not as easy as I’d like.

I wish I was stronger and could defeat the monster with no problem, but that’s just not possible.

I haven’t told anyone except Gaius and miss Lan that I’m probably the miko.

I don’t think that monster is going to hurt me even if I stand right in front of it, so I could stand in front of it while we fight.

But even if I don’t get hurt, the same can’t be said about everyone else.

Should I tell mister Dongu I’m probably the miko before we fight

A being like the miko appearing is having a lot of consequences, like mister Nirushi’s village being in trouble, and mister Athos passing away… The miko’s power to influence things is really big.

It’s said that the miko will bring happiness, but from what point of view The country where the miko is Does that mean that people that see that country as an enemy will be unhappy

This is what I think about while I mix.

Even if things look happy and prosperous from one side, that doesn’t mean things look good at all from another side.

It’s difficult.

I go talk to mister Dongu with miss Lan.

I think I should tell him before we fight the monster.

And then, I tell mister Dongu I’m probably the miko.

—Girl and the path to defeating a monster – part four

(The girl that is probably the miko declares that she and the other children want to fight alongside everyone else, and decides to tell she is probably the miko.

What kind of effect will it have on the fight with the monster)


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