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Chapter 69 – Girl and the path to defeating a monster – part three

We decide to join the elves in confronting the monster that has been demanding sacrifices from them.

It’s the day after we all talked.

I think I need to know more about this monster we have to defeat, so I ask a lot of questions to Wetani, the elf girl that has been taking care of miss Lan and I.

Mister Sileva says we were separated and put under various elves’ care to make it easier for them to keep an eye on us, but it’s also because they don’t have a house big enough for all of us.

He also says that since this village is in the forest itself and not in a space clear of trees, monsters appear from time to time, but that hasn’t happened since we arrived.

He says it’s strange, but is it actually because I’m here

“Can we really take it easy like this There’s a monster out there wanting sacrifices…”

“That will not be a problem.

That monster only demands a sacrifice once a year, and it will be a while longer until the time comes.

I just hope… We can do something before then.”

It demands a sacrifice every year.

It’s an intelligent monster that threatens the spirit tree that is so important to the elves in order to make them offer sacrifices.

I have a bad feeling about this for some reason.

Why does it only demand a sacrifice once a year The elves can’t do anything about it, so the monster can just eat them all if it wants, or demand more sacrifices.

It’s like it’s taking its time… Planning something.

A cold sweat runs down my spine.

I have a really bad feeling.

Wetani says we still have time until it demands a sacrifice again, so there’s no rush, but is that really true

Now that I think about it, since they only offer one sacrifice every year, does that mean they were planning to sacrifice one of us every year while trying to make sure we didn’t notice

I have a lot of questions.

What is that monster thinking

The monsters that formed a contract with me are all very kind.

They’re my family, and I love them, but this monster is different.

I wish I could get along with everyone, even that monster, but it eats elves and spirits, and it’s sitting in the spirit tree that is so important to elves.

We… Have to take it down.

Deep down, I’ll always wish we could coexist and get along, but I don’t think we can with this monster.

“I see.”

That’s all I can say to miss Wetani.

A lot of things run through my head, but I’m not sure of anything, so I can’t say them.

I’ll talk to miss Lan later.

Miss Lan went out to talk to mister Dongu, so I’ll have to wait for her to get back.

I go see Gaius and the other kids.

The beast boys Ilkesai and Luceno have settled down quite a bit since mister Athos passed away.

When we first met, my hair was very long and they would pull it, but we started getting along after that.

When mister Athos passed away, Gaius and I thought about a lot of things, and made a vow, but I think everyone else had a lot to think about too.

They also heard about the monster, and how we have to defeat it.

Mister Athos passing away was a big shock to everyone.

It’s no surprise, because it was a big shock to me, and I spent a lot less time with him than they did.

And now we have to defeat a monster.

I’m worried, and so is everyone else.

“Are you… Going to take part in defeating the monster too, Lerunda”

“…I want to.”

I said I should fight with the monsters, and the gryphons and Scifo say they want to fight with me too.

People say I shouldn’t, but I can’t just sit back and watch.

“Then I want to take part too!!”

“I don’t want everyone I know to disappear all of a sudden.”

Say Ilkesai and Luceno.

Everyone wants to fight together, just like I do.

I made a vow with Gaius because I don’t want to lose someone important like mister Athos again, but I’m sure all the other kids in the village feel the same way.

“…Let’s go tell, mister Dongu.”

I don’t know if we can take part, but what I do know is that we definitely want to.

And… What if they lose even though I said I’m sure it can be done What if everyone’s gone

Worst case scenario, everyone that fights the monster dies.

If that happens, the people that were left behind survive, but will be unable to do anything, and will eventually be gone too.

I don’t like that.

I have to do whatever I can.

Everyone here feels the same way.

It doesn’t matter if we’re adults or not, none of us want to lose people that are important to us.

We go tell mister Dongu that we really want to take part in fighting the monster.

We don’t want to sit back and do nothing.

—Girl and the path to defeating a monster – part three

(The girl that is probably the miko thinks a lot about the monster that must be defeated, and has a bad omen.

After talking with the young beast people, she realizes once again how much she wants to take part in the fight.)


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