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Chapter 64 – Girl and elves – part eight

The old elf is surprised by what I say, like he didn’t expect me to say something like that.

“Old elf, I think, it would be great for us, to get along with the elves.

If you want to sacrifice everyone… And it’s because of the monster… The problem will be solved, if we defeat the monster.”

Getting along is a lot better than hating each other.

We would become enemies if it really was hopeless, but the elves haven’t sacrificed them yet.

They talked about it, but I think there’s still time.

“On what basis… Are you saying that”

“None, but I believe, we can do it.

And we don’t know if we can’t, if we don’t try.”

I have no way of knowing if we really can take the monster down, but I believe.

I’m sure we can do anything if we join forces.

And if I just think we can’t do it and give up, I will survive without the people I want with me.

I don’t like that.

I have to convince the old elf.

The old elf will listen to what I have to say, because I can sense the spirit.

The old elf is silent, and I see something flickering beside him.

That’s the spirit isn’t it I can’t see it clearly, but I can feel it.

There’s definitely something there.


I think I see the spirit move, and then the old elf starts talking while shaking his head.

“I do not know why, but it seems my spirit wants to take your side.

The spirit has no strength left to talk to anyone besides me, but it is telling me to be your ally, and fight alongside you like you say.”

He says with a frustrated tone.

“… Perhaps there is something to you… For a spirit to be so interested in a mere human such as yourself.

In any case, I cannot ignore what the spirit says, and I reluctantly accept your proposal.”

The old elf says I’m ‘just a human’, and says the beast people are savages.

Can I get them to see us in a better light if I do my best Will the elves ever accept us

I don’t know, but thanks to the spirit’s words, everyone that came here with me won’t be sacrificed, so I’m happy.

I’m glad my words got through.

I’m relieved and lose the strength to stand up.

The old elf says he’s going to take me with him to see everyone, but he sighs when he sees I can’t stand up.

He takes me with him anyway, not by carrying me, but by using what I think is wind magic.

He recites a spell, and I start floating.

I can feel magic energy.

The old elf’s magic energy is kind, and feels nice.

Both the elves and mister Dongu and the others are surprised to see me with the old elf.

Miss Lan also arrives with elves, looking like she has no idea what’s going on, and hugs me, telling me she’s happy to see I’m alright.

I’m happy to see she’s alright too.

Mister Dongu looks at me and miss Lan, and demands an explanation from the old elf.

The old elf gives mister Dongu the same explanation he gave me.

The beast people and miss Lan are shocked to hear about the terrible plan to sacrifice them, but mister Dongu remains cool.

“If you are telling us this, is it safe to assume you gave up on that plan”

“Yes, exactly.

We… We were going to sacrifice you to spare ourselves, that is why we let you into this place.

But something unforeseen happened, this girl sensed the spirit.

I talked to this girl, and she proposed we defeat the monster together.”

This girl, this girl, the old elf doesn’t say my name.

I want to be called by my name, I think as I stand behind the old elf.

Everyone is perplexed, and the old elf continues.

“I rejected this idea, as I cannot imagine us fighting that monster and not losing, but my spirit… It has been a long time since my spirit whispered to me, but it says we should fight alongside this girl.

I cannot refuse what my spirit has said, and so I have decided we must fight together.

Fighting with us is also better than being sacrificed, correct”

Says the old elf, looking at mister Dongu, who looks my way.

I nod, and mister Dongu lets out a small sigh.

“Alright… I can’t forgive you for wanting to sacrifice us, but I don’t want to become your enemy over something that didn’t happen.”

He continues.

“…But in return, if we defeat said monster, I want you to stop treating us as ‘human’ and ‘beast person’ and recognize us as individuals.

We also want to officially stay here as your comrades.”

“…Very well.

If that monster can be defeated, that is.”

Says the old elf.

—Girl and elves – part eight

(The girl that is probably the miko, her friends, and the elves are going to attempt to defeat the monster.)


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