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Chapter 6 – Girl and an encounter





“Rema, Ruma, Rumiha, and Yuin are having fun singing.

They have fun singing, and I have fun watching them.

Incidentally, Reimar is the only one that changed color and became bigger.

I don’t know what brought on that change, but I feel like Ruma wished to become golden, but something inside the dream stopped it.

Why was that

When Reimar changed, she became stronger, and she seems happy about it.

Her husband isn’t so happy, because she became a better hunter than him.

Don’t give up mister Rurumar.

“Hihihiin (Do you want a ride Lerunda)”

“…I do.”

After singing with the little gryphons, I went out on a stroll with Scifo.

By the way, after I formed the contracts, the meaning of their words was transmitted to me somehow, so I’m not certain if the tone I’m hearing is the correct one, but since Reima changed, the tone she uses is communicated properly.

I don’t really get it.

Apparently I’m getting clothes.

When I asked the little gryphons who was bringing them, they only said it’s the beings that bring things.

I assume they have never seen them.

I honestly don’t really understand.

I’m just happy to be getting clothes, so I forgot to ask Reimar.

Scifo kicked the wind and ran.

Riding in the sky like this is fun, and the wind feels nice.

Traveling through the skies under the warm sun is something that was beyond my wildest dreams when I was in the village.

We are strolling near the gryphon nest.

Wason told me not to go very far when I told her I was going out.

I think I wasn’t attacked when I was brought to the nest because I’m probably the miko, but I also feel I was just lucky.

I wasn’t actually recognized as the miko, and I know nothing about its powers.

I’m not sure that no monsters will attack me, so I have to be careful.

I can’t assume all monsters are kind.


Riding on top of mister horse is fun, so I started humming.

I have a lot of fun singing now that everyone sings with me.

It wasn’t like that in the village, and when I sing in the nest, everyone is happy.


Scifo started singing with me, although something doesn’t seem quite right, like we are out of sync, but we are having fun, so it doesn’t matter.

That’s when we heard a noise, like something is moving.

I looked in that direction, thinking something might be there, and what I see is a boy as small as I.

I’m staring at the boy.

He has ears on top of his head, and a tail that a human like me doesn’t have.

They look bushy and fluffy, and I can’t take my eyes off them.

It’s my first time seeing one, but I think people like him are called beast people.

I jumped down from Scifo.

Scifo said “Hihin! (Lerunda!)”, but I’m very curious so I walked towards the black haired boy, who is completely still.

Why isn’t he moving

We are about the same height.


He looked frightened when I spoke to him.


“…Can I touch your ears and tail…”

“What! Wait, hold…”

I think it’s fine, so I touch his ears and tail to my heart’s content.

The gryphons and Scifo all feel good when I pet them like that, so I’m sure it will be the same for the boy.

Half-way through, he stopped trying to talk.

It’s my first time seeing a beast person, but his bushiness and fluffiness are nice, and he looks cute sitting there being pet.

“…I’m satisfied.”

In front of me sits the beast boy, saying something I can’t understand.

There are several different kinds of beast people, but those are wolf ears.

I don’t really get it, but it’s a different kind of fluffiness than the gryphons and Scifo.

“Hihihin… (Lerunda…)”

“…What is it Scifo”

“Hihin hihihihin.

(Those parts are very important to beast people.)”



(Only their mates can touch them.)”

“Eh, really”

—Girl and an encounter.

(The girl that is probably the miko fluffs the beast boy she just met.)


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