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Chapter 59 – Girl and elves – part five

The wolf beast people didn’t have something like this medicinal herb garden, that this village takes care of.

They didn’t grow medicinal herbs, so we had to go outside to find them.

I’m sure Zeshihi, the healer lady, will be very happy once she sees this wonderful garden.

I haven’t seen her since we got here, but she’s probably in one of the elves’ homes.

I’m better than miss Lan at picking herbs from the garden, and I start teaching her how to do it.

She’s always the one teaching me things, so I’m very happy about getting to teach her something too.

She’s always taking care of me, so I’m very happy about doing something for her too.

We finish picking medicinal herbs like the elf girl said.

We finish a lot quicker than she expected, and she looks surprised, but still not friendly.

Afterwards, I ask if we can see the beast people, and she takes us to them.

I tell her she doesn’t have to come with us, she can just tell us where they are, but she refuses.

Maybe she doesn’t want to leave us alone.

We go see Gaius, mister Dongu, miss Shirushi, mister Oshashio, Minomi, Kayu, mister Nirushi, the other beast people, the gryphons and Scifo.

They all look well, but apparently they don’t know any of the elves’ names either.

I’m relieved to see them well, and that the elves are taking good care of them.

But why won’t they tell us their names

Gaius tells me he heard the elves saying words that sounded like names to each other.

At least now I know that it’s not like they just don’t have names.

They welcome us here, but show no sign of wanting to be friendly.

Why is that When I ask the gryphons about it, they say the elves told them they don’t want them to leave the village, and that the elves seem wary of them.

They also say that there is strange magic energy in the air here.

Strange magic energy…

Beast people don’t have a lot of magic energy, because their species doesn’t usually use magic.

Miss Lan can’t use magic either.

I think if anyone is going to feel this strange magic energy that the gryphons and Scifo speak of, it’s me, because I can use a little magic.

Elves are good with magic, so if I can discover what that strange magic energy is, maybe we’ll become closer.

When I return to the elf girl’s home with miss Lan, I start thinking about looking for this strange magic energy, but how do I even look for magic energy I say ‘hmm…’ as I realize the flaw in my thinking.


I use my magic energy, spread it around, and feel something weird.

Is something here

I want to know what this is, so I open the door, step outside, and see the place from where I sense that strange feeling is coming from.

The elf girl comes after me after I suddenly leave the house, but my focus is elsewhere.

I’m looking at the old elf.

The strange feeling is coming from next to him, no, his shoulder It’s like something there is distorting magic energy or something.

At the very least I can tell something is different.

My eyes start acting funny too, and I feel like I see something there.

As I look at him, our eyes meet.

Once he realizes it’s me, he says with a stern face…

“Little girl over there, come down.”

Is he calling me because I feel the strange magic energy But why does he look so serious

I don’t understand, but maybe I will once I listen to what he has to say.

Will he tell me why the elves don’t tell us their names I start thinking as I climb down like he said.

Miss Lan rushes out of the house to follow me.

The old elf says ‘I did not call that woman but…’ and miss Lan responds with ‘I can’t leave a child alone’.

The old elf accepts this and sighs.

As I follow him, I suddenly lose consciousness.

—Girl and elves – part five

(The girl that is probably the miko senses strange magic energy, and is called by the old elf.

What awaits her)


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