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Chapter 56 – Princess and a meeting

I, Ninaev Fairy, a princess of the kingdom of Fairytrof, am doing my best to find allies in the remote region known as Ananaro.

I think I am slowly gaining more allies, but is that really the case I honestly do not know.

That is my intention, but I cannot tell for sure if I am succeeding.

After all, who knows if people that side with me will do so forever Many get close because of my status as a princess, but I have no value outside of that.

Could I do more if I was stronger Did they manage to admonish the miko There are still disasters happening in this country.

I honestly think that if no one talked back to her and she was leading a fun life, these disasters would not be happening.

The fact that they are, tells me that someone has appeared who can admonish her.

Still, I have not heard of such a thing happening in the royal capital, so I do not fully understand what is happening.

If only the miko was not so selfish, and just a little more reasonable…

What is going to happen to this country…

I think our relations with the kingdom of Migha are getting worse.

I have heard from the feudal lord of this land that they have been seeing more soldiers from the kingdom of Migha.

It seems they were seen in the same forest where soldiers from the kingdom of Fairytrof usually roam, so the townspeople are worried.

I also am very anxious about what’s to come.

In the middle of all of this, I receive a letter from my father.

In it, it is written that there are rumors of a prince from the kingdom of Migha staying in a border town.

It also says I should get in contact with him if I have the chance.

There are those among the higher-ups of my country that wish for a war with the kingdom of Migha, but my father is not one of them.

He knows the miko is a very important being, and he’s worried about what might happen if something were to happen to her.

He is trying not to displease her, but he also does not seem to want to start wars with other countries just because he has the miko.

If I can communicate with that prince, it could help us avoid a war with the kingdom of Migha… Or at least that is what I hope.

I have no idea if this prince will even meet with me in the first place.

Well, if he was sent to a remote region like this, it must mean he is not very important.

I send a letter, and receive a response much quicker than I expected.

It seems the prince is also concerned about something, and we decide to meet in a village very close to the border, both accompanied by an escort.

Some say it is too dangerous and oppose this, but I think it is good to create a connection with the kingdom of Migha.

I am honestly surprised the prince agreed to meet with me.

We decide to talk in the home of the village chief.

I meet the seventh prince, Hicked Migha.

Since he is the seventh prince, he is in the same position as I, the fifth princess.

We are both seen as disposable as far as our countries are concerned.

People who are born early like the first prince and princess are connected with each other.

I know who the crown prince of Migha is.

I have seen his portrait, and he has even visited the royal castle of Fairytrof on occasion, to start diplomatic relations between our countries.

The crown prince and the first princess of Fairytrof are also known in the kingdom of Migha, but just like I am not known in Migha, their seventh prince is not known in my country.

When I see things from this perspective, I realize that myself and the prince are not so different, although he is two years older than me.

The first thing I notice about prince Hicked is the sadness in his eyes, even though he is only twelve years old.

Someone born into royalty has a different upbringing than the average child and a better life, but as royalty there are also many duties to perform, and many experiences to go through.

I think this is why his eyes are so cold.

He looks like a doll, with his beautiful silver hair, but especially because of his cold, sad expression.

Prince Hicked starts off by apologizing about the ruckus in the forest.

He then tells me his king also has no intention of going to war with the kingdom of Fairytrof.

I think he is going out of his way to tell me this because our country has custody of the miko.

The miko is a being loved by god, and normally no one would want to displease and make an enemy out of her.

Still, I have the feeling that prince Hicked wants to say something else.

Is he afraid to say what is on his mind due to the presence of the guards around him I am very curious about what concerns him so much.

As we leave the village chief’s home, he tells me he hopes we can see each other again, while putting out his hand.

I see he wants a handshake, and also put out my hand, but as we shake hands, I feel him leaving a piece of paper in my hand.

I hide it while making sure my expression remains unchanged, so as not to let the guards realize what he did.

And with that, our meeting is over.

I return to my room, and look at the piece of paper.

On it, there is only one phrase, but this phrase is enough to shock me.

The prince wrote, ‘Are you sure the miko in your country is the real miko’

—Princess and a meeting

(The princess meets a prince who had an encounter with the girl that is probably the miko, and is faced with a question.)


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